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10 Most Expensive Digimon Cards of 2024

Valuable Digimon Cards

It’s time to Digivolve your wallet, as we take a look at the most expensive Digimon cards!

Though many gamers still deride it as a Pokemon clone, Digimon, short for Digital Monsters, just as Pokemon was initially short for Pocket Monsters, has endured for almost as long as Nintendo’s powerhouse franchise.

If you are one of these naysayers, you probably don’t even realise that Digimon wasn’t even created as a video game or an anime; at least not initially. 

Creators Bandai first brought Digimon to market as a more ‘masculine’ alternative to their Tamagotchi virtual pet range. 

The first Digimon video game and anime adaptation weren’t even released until 1999!

The Digimon Collectible Card Game was first released in 1997, however. 

Since then, and, in stark contrast to games such as Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering, numerous different versions of the game have been released, with different mechanics and card backs.

The latest incarnation of the game was released in 2020, but even though it’s a very recent addition to the crowded tabletop card game market, the Digimon name has already secured it a place at the table!

Also, despite being a more recent design and release, there’s a surprising number of Digimon cards that can sell for ridiculously high amounts.

We’ve taken a look at the current listings on TCG Player to find the priciest Digimon cards that are currently available, and have used their current average selling prices to put together this list.

Which are the ones that cost the most, though?

Let’s find out, as we check out the most expensive Digimon cards!

1. Emperor Greymon (Ultimate Cup 2024) – Across Time ($650)

Digimon Emperor Greymon BT12-017

In the top spot of the most expensive Digimon cards list is this Emperor Greymon card, showcasing a very fearsome looking mech, wielding a sword that could scarcely be any more in your face, with a wall of fire behind it.

This particular variant of the Emperor Greymon card, from the Across Time set, is one that has the Digimon Ultimate Cup stamp; it was a prize card for the winners at the tournament.

As such, it’s highly sought after and pretty rare, which goes some way to explaining why it commands a current average price of $650!

If you’re not able to find or justify the cost of this particular variant of the card, however, numerous other variants do exist, and you could nab yourself an Emperor Greymon, that has the exact same text and abilities as this one, for just a few dollars!

2. Gallantmon (Gen Con 2022) – Digital Hazard ($540)

Digimon Gallantmon EX2-011

Another card with beautiful art of a pretty deadly looking, metal Digimon, this Gallantmon card is a Promo variant from gaming convention, Gen Con.

Available at the 2022 Gen Con event, this variant currently sells for a massive $540.

As with most cards on this list, you can get hold of this particular Gallantmon with different art and the exact same mechanics, so if you want to use it in your Digimon deck, it’s likely wiser to get hold of a cheaper variant, which should only set you back a few dollars at most.

It’s a really useful card too, with two different bonuses that may apply on your turn; the first one is automatic, giving you +2000 DP on your turn, but the second requires you to have a red Tamer in play to add 2000 DP to the maximum you can choose with DP-focused deletion effects.

Lastly, it can instantly delete opposing Digimon when you attack; you can choose any number of your opponent’s Digimon, whose total adds up to 6000 or less DP, and delete them.

Pair that with a red Tamer and you can raise that 6000 DP maximum to 8000 DP!

So you can clearly see why this is a popular card to use in game, even if it does have a very high play cost of 12.

3. Omnimon (Alternate Art) – Digital Diamond ($407)

Omnimon Alternate Art BT1-084

Now of course, we here at Card Gamer, being such voracious card collectors and players, know that people buy certain cards for very different reasons.

Artwork is common for collectors of course, and even though art is subjective, we think you’ll agree that this brilliantly minimalist Omnimon card is gorgeous; as an alternate art variant, it’s also much harder to find than the standard variant.

Helpfully, it’s also a great card too, if you tend towards wanting to actually play Digimon!

So of course, both of those factors explain why this card currently commands an average price of around $407.

4. Metal Garurumon Ace (Alternate Art) – Starter Deck 16 ($317)

Digimon Metal Garurumon Alt Art ST16-12 SR

You might be thinking that it’s strange to see a card from a Starter Deck in the list of the most expensive Digimon cards, but there’s a very good reason for that.

While the standard Metal Garurumon Ace card is found in Wolf of Friendship Starter Deck, there’s a 1 in 72 chance that you’ll find this alternate art variant instead.

Given how rare a 1 in 72 chance is (trust us, we know from trying to find Enchanted cards in Disney Lorcana!), you can understand why this particular card sells for an average of $317!

It’s also worth noting that this particular Digimon is an Ace card; this is a new type of card that was introduced as of the 15th and 16th starter decks, the latter of which is where you may be lucky enough to find this card!

5. WereGarurumon Ace (Special Rare) – Exceed Apocalypse ($303)

WereGarurumon Ace ST15-026

So here we are with another Ace card, immediately after the last one!

The WereGarurumon Ace card is a Special Rare from the Exceed Apocalypse set.

Its art style is somewhat unique, eschewing both the dynamic near-realism or the minimalist aesthetic that all of the previous cards have had.

Instead, there’s a vibrant, stylised, almost graffiti style quality to this card’s illustraction that really makes it stand out.

Given its rarity and unique aesthetic, its no wonder that this card currently commands prices of around $303 on average.

That’s without even going into what the WereGarurumon can actually do in-game, with its impressive list of abilities!

6. Angewomon Ace (Special Rare) – Exceed Apocalypse ($290)

AngeWoman Ace BT15-038

Here we are with the third Ace card on our list, and another card from the Exceed Apocalypse set too.

Angewomon is an Archangel Digimon that, as you can see, takes the form of a woman.

These Archangel Digimon are seen as Goddesses in the digital world, and it’s not hard to see why this card, with its phenomenal art, is so highly prized among collectors.

As a Special Rare, it’s not an easy card to find either, so that also contributes to its high average value of $290!

7. Gallantmon (2023 Regionals Champion) – Across Time ($275)

Gallantmon BT12-018

Here we have not only another Gallantmon card, where it looks much more clearly like a noble knight than on the previous card, but also another prize card too!

This time, the card in question was a prize card for the Champion at the 2023 Digimon Regionals Events. Naturally, given that these cards were prizes for placing at the very top of the Regionals, they’re not exactly common!

So the price of $275 for this card, from the Across Time expansion, is certainly not surprising at all.

Given that it’s a differrent card from the previous Gallantmon, it’s also got its own appeal in terms of its in-game mechanics.

If you’re a rich enough fan of this particular Digimon, why not buy all of the Gallantmon cards from this list?

That’s right, there’s more to come, as you’ll soon see!

8. Gallantmon (Ultimate Cup) – Across Time ($258)

Gallantmon Ultimate Cup BT12-018

You’ll notice something special about this Gallantmon if you look closely; it’s the exact same Digimon as the previous entry, in terms of its stats and abilities.

This card from the Across Time set is another that was given out as a prize card; in this instance, it was for the Digimon Ultimate Cup.

It’s ever so slightly cheaper than the previous version, with this Ultimate Cup card’s value sitting at an average of $258 at the time of writing.

9. Dorugamon (2022 Championship Regional) – Next Adventure ($252)

Dorugamon BT7-062

Another prize card takes the spot here, but it’s a Digimon that we haven’t seen before on this list: Dorugamon.

Within the Digimon saga’s lore, Dorugamon, a Beast Dragon, is a carrier of the X-Antibody.

This is an antibody that makes Digimon immune to the X-Program, which itself was designed to eliminate Digimon that had overpopulated the digital world.

The X-Antibody does feature in the Dorugamon card’s abilities too, making this a nicely thematic card.

Given to the Champions of 2022 Regional tournaments, this is another rare card that sells for an impressively high value, with the current average price being $252!

10. Rapidmon (Gold) – Double Typhoon Advanced Deck Set ($236)

Rapidmon ST17-06

Finally, in last place there’s another chase variant from a starter deck; in this case, it’s the Gold version of Rapidmon from the Double Typhoon Advanced Deck.

Rapidmon is a Cyborg Digimon; that is, part organic, part robotic.

It’s shown here on a striking gold background, with a dynamic illustration; it’s a genuinely impressive card even just from an aesthetic point of view.

So given that this is another rare card, despite the fact that it can be found (albeit not often!) in Starter Decks, its current average value of $236 is to be expected!

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