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Iono Premium Tournament Collection Releasing in April

Iono Premium Collection

Premium Tournament Collections aren’t a new thing in the Pokemon TCG; we’ve seen them before, most recently for Cyrus and Klara in 2023.

However, the new Iono Premium Tournament Collection will be the first of these box sets to be released for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Iono Premium Tournament Collection

Just announced by The Pokemon Company, the Iono Premium Tournament Collection will be heading to retail and online stores in April.

So, what will you find inside the Iono Premium Tournament Collection’s box?

It contains six Pokemon booster packs; though which ones it’ll feature are not confirmed, it is likely to be a mix of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet set boosters, including packs from Temporal Forces.

Iono Deck Box and Sleeves

Inside the themed box, you’ll also discover 65 card sleeves which feature Iono, along with a plastic deck box, using the same colours and artwork as the sleeves.

Other accessories include a metallic pink and black coin, which will also feature an image of Iono, 2 condition tokens (one for Burn and one for Poison), plus six very brightly coloure, pink damage dice.

Finally, perhaps the most exciting part of the package are the Iono Supporter cards.

You’ll get three standard art Iono Supporter cards with a foil treatment, plus one full art, foil treated Iono Supporter card.

The latter is going to be of particular interest to collectors, as Iono full art cards tend to sell for pretty high values on the secondary market!

So, what’s so special about Iono?

Iono Supporter Card - Full Art

Her ability makes each player shuffle their hand, then put it on the bottom of their deck. Each player then draws a card for each of their remaining Prize cards.

This can be fantastic if you’re behind in a game and your opponent still has a full hand of cards, or even if you’re ahead and you think your opponent is preparing something devastating in their hand!

Either way, if you time it right, the Iono Supporter card can reverse the trajectory of a game in one fell swoop!

Given the unsurprising popularity of the Iono Supporter card, it’s great to see an entire box themed around it, as well as a functional play set of cards being included with it.

You can check out the rest of the 2024 release schedule for Pokemon in our Upcoming Pokemon TCG Sets guide.

The Iono Premium Tournament Collection is due to launch on the 5th of April 2024, for $39.99/£39.99.

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