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All Pokemon Energy Types Explained

It’s time to charge up your Pokemon – so go grab your preferred cards, as we get all Pokemon Energy types explained!

If you’re coming into the Pokemon Trading Card Game (or TCG) from the Pokemon video games, it may surprise you that Pokemon types and their attacks don’t quite match up with those featured in the digital titles.

In the TCG, there are ten different types of Basic Energy cards – and an awful lot of Special Energy cards too.

In fact, there have been more than 80 Special Energy cards overall – most of which have long rotated out of legality for Tournaments, so you’re very unlikely to see them.

Most sets will feature a Special Energy type or two, however – so we’ll cover Special Energy in its own category below.

So without further ado: let’s carry on with getting all Pokemon Energy types explained!

1. Darkness Energy

Darkness Energy Pokemon

Interestingly, Darkness Energy was originally a Special Energy type when it was first introduced, way back in the Neo Genesis set – which was released in the year 2000.

Darkness Energy became a Basic Energy card in 2006; its Pokemon are plucked from the Dark and Poison types of Pokemon in the video game.

It’s also – in our opinion – one of the very best types in the TCG.

Darkness type Pokemon often have powerful abilities and can have some devastatingly high attack damage too.

They are, however, weak to Fighting type Pokemon – though, in my experience of both casual and tournament play, Fighting types are fielded more rarely than other Pokemon (admittedly, that doesn’t seem to be the case in general, however!).

Which makes Darkness an obvious choice; unless you know of a local player in your Pokemon TCG community who favours Fighting Pokemon, you’re often going to have a great chance of playing competitively with Darkness Energy powering your Pokemon!

2. Fairy Energy

Fairy Energy - Pokemon

As covered briefly above, Fairy Energy was introduced in 2013 – alongside the Fairy type that was brought into the video game the same year, via Pokemon X and Y – yet was rotated out of play in 2020.

Despite this, there’s nothing stopping you from using your Fairy type Pokemon and Energy cards in casual play of course!

Even when Fairy Energy and types were legal in the TCG, they often felt pretty uncommon to see; Pokemon that used to be assigned to the Fairy type are now most commonly either Colorless or Psychic type in new sets.

3. Fighting Energy

Fighting Energy Pokemon

One of the original Energy types that were introduced in the very first Pokemon sets, Fighting Energy covers the Fighting, Ground and Rock type Pokemon from the video games.

Though – at least in my experience – Fighting types don’t seem to get much play outside of sealed/draft events, there’s (fittingly!) a lot of heavy hitters with this type. 

It is one of the most popular types in the game, however – despite the fact that I rarely encounter decks built around the Fighting type personally!

That’s likely because Fighting type Pokemon are among the strongest in the game, in terms of straightforward damage dealt.

There’s often a little time investment needed to get your Fighting type Pokemon up and running – but if you can weather the early game, you’ll likely be rewarded with some dominant and hard hitting Pokemon if you’re using Fighting types! 

4. Fire Energy

Fire Energy Pokemon

Yes, we know we just said that Fighting types were very hard hitting.

Yet Fire Energy type Pokemon are also known for having some of the most powerful attacks in the game – though this can sometimes come at a price, with Energy cards often lost when using the more devastating attacks that Fire type Pokemon have.

Weakness to Water can also prove problematic, especially given how widely used Water type Pokemon can be.

Just think about the iconic creatures that Fire has though – Charizard being chief among them. 

It’s no wonder that Fire type Pokemon remain some of the most popular and widely used to this day!

5. Grass Energy

Grass Energy Pokemon

Another staple of the Pokemon franchise, when Grass Energy types come to mind, it’s hard not to immediately think of Pokemon such as Bulbasaur and its evolutions – among many, many other classic pocket monsters.

Covering the Grass, Bug and Poison type Pokemon from the video game, the TCG’s Grass type Pokemon tend to be great at hitting opponents with special conditions, rather than outright massive damage.

They’re also typically strong against Water and Fighting type Pokemon – so with the former being a very popular type to use in the TCG, Grass can also find itself being pretty useful in most situations!

6. Lightning Energy

Lightning Energy Pokemon

It’s slightly odd that the TCG has a Lightning Energy type, when it’s simply analogous to the video game’s Electric Energy type; why isn’t it just called Electric?

Unlike Grass and Fighting, for example, it doesn’t even cover multiple types of video game Pokemon!

Still, that aside: Lightning Energy tends to power some excellent Pokemon, but they do have Weakness to Fighting type Pokemon – which can make them struggle if your local community utilises Fighting types in their decks.

7. Metal Energy

Metal Energy Pokemon

Just like Darkness Energy, Metal Energy was originally a Special Energy type, but became a Basic Energy as far back as 2006.

Just like Lightning Energy, it’s a little odd that Metal Energy is so-called, as it only covers one type from the video games: Steel type Pokemon.

Metal tends to be one of the weakest types overall in the TCG, thanks to Weaknesses to more popular Energy types and a selection of Pokemon that’s variable in quality at best.

Yet it’s persisted and survived, unlike the Fairy Pokemon – which has to count for something, right?

Plus, in more recent sets, Metal has seen a few decent Pokemon – so maybe soon it’ll be Metal’s time to, um, shine? 

8. Psychic Energy

Psychic Energy Pokemon

My personal favourite – especially as I’ve used and fine tuned a not-at-all tournament legal Deoxys deck with Nidoking and Nidoqueen support, which is on its latest iteration after having first been built close to twenty years ago – of all the basic Energy types is Psychic Energy.

Psychic Energy encompasses several types from the video games: Psychic, Ghost, Poison and – now that the specific type has been unceremoniously removed – Fairy too.

The Psychic type is known for having some of the most powerful Pokemon in the game, with iconic creatures such as Mew and Mewtwo immediately coming to mind.

It’s also rarely weak to other types, but if you come up against another Psychic Pokemon you can sometimes be in trouble, as I’ve found with my Nidoran family.

Psychic Energy type Pokemon are known for being able to spread damage beyond the current opposing Active Pokemon – making them incredibly effective if your opponent is relying on one big hitter with several weaker Pokemon on their bench!

9. Water Energy

Water Energy Pokemon

The last (at least alphabetically – it’s last but definitely not least!) Basic Energy type in the Pokemon TCG is Water Energy.

Undoubtedly one of the strongest and most well represented Energy types in the Pokemon TCG, Water Energy.

Representing Water and Ice Pokemon from the video game, the TCG’s Water Energy type is a serious powerhouse that most players agree is the best type in the card game.

A weakness against Fire is a major drawback, but in all other areas Water truly excels.

Support cards, low Energy cost for attacks, great abilities – Water seems to have it all!

What Are All of the Basic Energy Types?

All Pokemon have a type shown in the top right of their card. 

Their attacks will be powered by either one or more Basic Energy types or Colorless Energy; if it’s Colorless, it means that you can use any type of Energy to pay.

Some Pokemon have the Colorless type, though their attacks aren’t always entirely Colorless themselves.

There’s also Dragon type Pokemon; this isn’t a Basic Energy – instead, Dragon Pokemon attacks are powered by at least two different types of Energy (Water and Fighting, for example).

The Basic Energy types – in alphabetical order – are: Darkness, Fairy, Fighting, Fire, Grass, Lightning, Metal, Psychic and Water Energy.

Fairy was introduced as an Energy type in 2013 and is the only one that’s ever been removed from the game – Fairy Energy and associated Pokemon were discontinued in 2020!

What Are All Of The Basic Pokemon Energy Types?

 So – with all of the basics (pun not intended!) covered, let’s take a look at each of the types in more detail, in alphabetical order. Note that, although Colorless is a Pokemon type, we’ve actually covered it a little more in our Special Energy section, as Colorless Energy has never been a Basic Energy card.

What Special Energy Cards Are There In The Pokemon TCG?

Special Energy Pokemon

There are now close to 90 different Special Energy cards – a phenomenal number, but hardly unsurprising given that new Special Energy cards appear in many sets; as the Pokemon Trading Card game is now 25 years old, you can see how this number has risen so dramatically!

Though Colorless could technically be seen to be a Basic Energy – and it is, after all, a Pokemon type in and of itself (representing the video game’s Normal, Flying and Dragon type Pokemon) – there are only Special Colorless Energy cards, not Basic.

Note that there’s such a huge variety of Special Energy cards here for a reason: not only do they provide the Energy type (or types!) stated, but they usually also have some kind of unique and useful ability too.

For example: Treasure Energy, which can be immediately attached to a Pokemon to provide one Colorless Energy if it’s a Prize Card that you’ve just taken.

Or what about Horror Energy – which provides Psychic Energy but also damages an attacking Pokemon too!

As well as providing one Colorless Energy, V Guard Energy even enables Pokemon to reduce incoming damage from V Pokemon – which are hugely prevalent and popular to use in the TCG these days. 

Naturally, there are far too many of these varied and often interesting abilities to cover here – but there’s likely an Energy card for just about any situation you may need it for!

if you like Pokemon cards, check our Pokemon Card Back Designs article to see all of the diffferences!

Full List of Special Energy Cards (In Alphabetical Order)

Card NameEnergy ProvidedFirst Set Appearance
Aqua EnergyTwo Water, One Darkness or One Water, One Darkness EnergyEX Team Magma vs Team Aqua
Aromatic EnergyOne Grass EnergyVivid Voltage
Aurora EnergyOne of Any Basic EnergySword & Shield
Beast EnergyOne Colorless or One of Any Basic EnergyForbidden Light
Blend EnergyOne Colorless, One Grass, One Fire, One Psychic or One Darkness EnergyDragons Exalted
Blend EnergyOne Colorless, One Water, One Lightning, One Fighting or One Metal EnergyDragons Exalted
Boost EnergyThree Colorless EnergyAquapolis
Bounce EnergyTwo Colorless EnergySkyridge
Burning EnergyOne Fire EnergyBREAKthrough
Call EnergyOne Colorless EnergyMajestic Dawn
Capture EnergyOne Colorless EnergyRebel Clash
Coating EnergyOne Metal EnergyVivid Voltage
Counter EnergyOne Colorless or Two of Any Basic EnergyCrimson Invasion
Crystal EnergyOne Colorless or Any One Basic EnergyAquapolis
Cyclone EnergyOne Colorless EnergySkyridge
Dangerous EnergyOne Darkness EnergyAncient Origins
Dark Metal EnergyOne Darkness or One Metal EnergyEX Team Rocket Returns
Darkness EnergyOne Darkness EnergyNeo Genesis
Double Aqua EnergyTwo Water EnergyDouble Crisis
Double Colorless EnergyTwo Colorless EnergyBase Set
Double Dragon EnergyTwo of Any Basic EnergyRoaring Skies
Double Magma EnergyTwo Fighting EnergyDouble Crisis
Double Rainbow EnergyTwo of Any Basic EnergyEX Team Magma vs Team Aqua
Double Turbo EnergyTwo Colorless EnergyBrilliant Stars
Draw EnergyOne Colorless EnergyCosmic Eclipse
Flash EnergyOne Lightning EnergyAncient Origins
Full Heal EnergyOne Colorless EnergyTeam Rocket
Fusion Strike EnergyOne of Any Basic EnergyFusion Strike
Gift EnergyOne Colorless EnergyLost Origin
Heal EnergyOne Colorless EnergyEX Deoxys
Health EnergyOne Colorless EnergyMajestic Dawn
Heat EnergyOne Fire EnergyDarkness Ablaze
Herbal EnergyOne Grass EnergyFurious Fists
Hiding EnergyOne Darkness EnergyDarkness Ablaze
Holon Energy FFOne Colorless EnergyEX Delta Species
Holon Energy GLOne Colorless EnergyEX Delta Species
Holon Energy WPOne Colorless EnergyEX Delta Species
Horror EnergyOne Psychic EnergyRebel Clash
Impact EnergyOne of Any Basic EnergyChilling Reign
Jet EnergyOne Colorless EnergyPaldea Evolved
Lucky EnergyOne Colorless EnergyChilling Reign
Luminous EnergyOne Colorless or Any One Basic EnergyPaldea Evolved
Magma EnergyTwo Fighting, Two Darkness or One Fighting, One Darkness EnergyEX Team Magma vs Team Aqua
Memory EnergyOne Colorless EnergyLost Thunder
Metal EnergyOne Metal EnergyNeo Genesis
Miracle EnergyTwo of Any Basic EnergyNeo Destiny
Multi EnergyOne Colorless EnergyEX Sandstorm
Mystery EnergyOne Psychic EnergyPhantom Forces
Plasma EnergyOne Colorless EnergyPlasma Storm
Potion EnergyOne Colorless EnergyTeam Rocket
Powerful EnergyOne Colorless EnergyDarkness Ablaze
Prism EnergyOne Colorless or Any One Basic EnergyNext Destinies
R EnergyTwo Darkness EnergyEX Team Rocket Returns
Rainbow EnergyOne Colorless or Any One Basic EnergyTeam Rocket
Rapid Strike EnergyTwo Water, Two Fighting or One Water and One Fighting EnergyBattle Styles
React EnergyOne Colorless EnergyEX Legend Maker
Recover EnergyOne Colorless EnergyMajestic Dawn
Recycle EnergyOne Colorless EnergyNeo Genesis
Regenerative EnergyOne Colorless EnergySilver Tempest
Rescue EnergyOne Colorless EnergyTriumphant
Retro EnergyOne Colorless EnergySkyridge
Reversal EnergyOne Colorless or Three of Any Basic EnergyPaldea Evolved
Scramble EnergyOne Colorless or Three of Any Basic EnergyEX Deoxys
Shield EnergyOne Metal EnergyPrimal Clash
Single Strike EnergyOne Fighting or One Darkness EnergyBattle Styles
SP EnergyOne Colorless or Any One Basic EnergyRising Rivals
Speed EnergyOne Lightning EnergyRebel Clash
Spiral EnergyOne of Any Basic EnergyChilling Reign
Splash EnergyOne Water EnergyBREAKpoint
Stone EnergyOne Fighting EnergyVivid Voltage
Strong EnergyOne Fighting EnergyFurious Fists
Super Boost EnergyOne Colorless, One of Any Basic or Four of Any Basic EnergyUltra Prism
Therapeutic EnergyOne Colorless EnergyPaldea Evolved
Treasure EnergyOne Colorless EnergyEvolving Skies
Triple Acceleration EnergyThree Colorless EnergyUnbroken Bonds
Twin EnergyOne or Two Colorless EnergyRebel Clash
Unit EnergyOne Colorless, Grass, Fire or Water EnergyUltra Prism
Unit EnergyOne Colorless, Lightning, Psychic or Metal EnergyUltra Prism
Unit EnergyOne Colorless, Fighting, Darkness or Fairy EnergyForbidden Light
Upper EnergyOne or Two Colorless EnergyRising Rivals
V Guard EnergyOne Colorless EnergySilver Tempest
Warp EnergyOne Colorless EnergyAquapolis
Wash EnergyOne Water EnergyVivid Voltage
Weakness Guard EnergyOne Colorless EnergyUnified Minds
Wonder EnergyOne Fairy EnergyPrimal Clash
δ Rainbow EnergyOne Colorless or Any One Basic EnergyEX Holon Phantoms

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