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Upcoming Flesh And Blood Sets In 2024

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Choose your hero, grab their equipment and head out into the world of Rathe – as we check out the upcoming Flesh and Blood sets!

Though trading card game Flesh and Blood was only launched in 2019, in that short time it’s managed to grow significantly – and hold its own against often strong competition in the TCG market.  

It’s even more impressive when you consider that dozens of games have come and gone over the years, after struggling to make a mark against games such as Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh.

Flesh and Blood’s unique trick is to zero in on a single battle between Heroes. 

Instead of characters summoning other creatures to do their bidding, players will instead be chaining together attacks using their Hero’s own weapons, equipment and skills – while the other player defends themselves by reacting to the onslaught.

It makes for a tense, clever back and forth that plays out like a cinematic fight scene – where clever card play and timely decisions are rewarded; luck of the draw being minimised as much as possible.

There’ve been numerous sets released for Flesh and Blood since 2019 (check out our Flesh and Blood Booster Boxes article for a closer look at these), but which ones are on the horizon?

Let’s take a look, as we check out the upcoming Flesh and Blood sets!

Rosetta (September 20th, 2024)

Flesh and Blood Rosetta Logo

The next booster set to be released for Flesh and Blood is Rosetta, which launches on September 20th. Pre-release events are taking place between September 13th-16th. So what can we expect from this set?

Flesh and Blood Full Art Marvel Rosetta Cards

Rosetta sees the return of the Elemental talent, along with an entirely new two class and two talent structure. Among the new selection of cards in the set, there are a further 24 Full Art Marvel cards that are sure to become highly sought after.

Interestingly, Rosetta is the first ever Flesh and Blood set that features all Arcane classes, with the introduction of two new Wizard Heroes, as well as two new Runeblade Heroes, to the game.

Flesh and Blood Rosetta Cards

The Elemental feel of the set is woven deeply into its aesthetic, with a beautifully nature infused look to the cards, as you can see from the above examples. With Flesh and Blood always having a strong focus on spectacular art and often taking the set into visually uncharted waters with each set, from gloomy, goth-tinged darkness, to beautifully colourful carnival themes and heavy hitting fantasy, it’s another area that the game truly excels in, and the Rosetta set is definitely shaping up to be another great example of this!

Will There Be Any More Flesh And Blood Products Released This Year?

FAB TCG Heavy Hitters Booster Box

At present, nothing further has been announced.

Plenty of tournaments and regular organised play events are on the cards (if you pardon the pun!), however, and we’ve already seen Bright Lights releasing at the end of 2023.

Heavy Hitters, along with its own Blitz Decks, arrived in February 2024 too.

March 2024 also heralded the arrival of a new Armory Kit; we’re sure to see more products of this nature hitting local game stores!

What Are Armory Kits In Flesh And Blood?

FAB TCG Armory Kit 12

If you’re not familiar with Armory Kits, we’ll give you a quick rundown of what they are.

Armory Kits are available, completely free of charge, to local game stores who hold Flesh and Blood events in-store.

They include prize and promo cards, along with posters and even play mats.

Legend Story Studios provide a play mat to be awarded to a ‘People’s Champion’; that is – in their words – ‘someone who is bringing positive energy to the FAB community in their local game store’.

These kits are also used to track player experience points – which then unlock prestige and, potentially, can lead to invites to Flesh and Blood organised play tournaments too!

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