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10 Most Expensive Blue-Eyes White Dragon Cards In 2024

most valuable blue eyes white dragon cards

Blue-Eyes White Dragon is one of the most famous cards in Yu-Gi-Oh, largely thanks to the fact that it was one of the main cards used by antagonist Kaiba in the original Yu-Gi-Oh anime, for the entire run of the show.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon is also the main card featured in the very first Yu-Gi-Oh set ever printed, Legend of Blue-Eyes, and is arguably the most iconic card in Yu-Gi-Oh history. Due to this, there are a lot of printings of the card, and a lot of them are extremely expensive, as we’ll explore.

We took a look at TCG Player to find the current average selling prices for Blue-Eyes White Dragon cards; note that we’ve stuck to English language cards, with Promo cards and cards from specific booster sets as our focus.

So without further ado, let’s summon our favourite Monster and check out the most expensive Blue-Eyes White Dragon cards!

1. Blue-Eyes White Dragon -Dark Duel Stories, Prismatic Secret Rare ($2000)

Dark Duel Stories Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Though this may look like a standard Blue-Eyes White Dragon card, with its usual 3000 Attack and 2500 Defense, this variant was only found as a promo card in Game Boy Color game Dark Duel Stories. There were six cards to collect overall, with just one included per purchased game, so it would have been very costly at the time of the English language release, back in 2002, to get the entire set!

Still, that’s nothing compared to what it’ll cost you to collect the set now, with the Blue-Eyes White Dragon card alone selling for around $2,000 on average!

The card’s value speaks volumes about the nostalgia around the earliest Yu-Gi-Oh cards, the first Western Game Boy titles that adapted the game and, of course, the eternal popularity that Blue-Eyes White Dragon in particular enjoys among Yu-Gi-Oh fans!

2. Blue-Eyes White Dragon – Magnificent Mavens, Ultra Pharaoh’s Rare ($500)

Blue-Eyes White Dragon Magnificent Mavens

Despite the relatively recent release of the Magnificent Mavens set (it came out in late 2022), this Blue-Eyes White Dragon has flown past many older versions of the card to land at number 2 on our list of the most expensive Blue-Eyes White Dragon cards!

This specific version of Blue-Eyes White Dragon is an Ultra Rare with the Pharaoh’s Rare treatment; what that means is that you can expect beautiful gold lettering in the card’s name, a holofoil card image and (here’s what distinguishes a Pharaoh’s Rare from a ‘normal’ Ultra Rare) hieroglyphs on the foiling too.

When we first compiled our list of the most expensive Blue-Eyes White Dragon cards, this Pharaoh’s Rare variant was selling for around $200, but demand has clearly been high amongst Yu-Gi-Oh fans, because it’s now sitting at an average selling price of $500!

3. Blue-Eyes White Dragon – 25th Anniversary Ultimate Kaiba Set, Secret Rare ($290)

Blue-Eyes White Dragon Ultimate Kaiba Set

The 25th Anniversary Ultimate Kaiba Set was a very special release; it’s that very set that this variant of Blue-Eyes White Dragon hails from. So, what exactly is the Ultimate Kaiba Set?

The Ultimate Kaiba Set was a special order product, which was only available to fans who pre-ordered it. An aluminium case, it was designed to replicate the case used by Kaiba in the Yu-Gi-Oh anime, to store his most powerful and precious cards. The case itself was packaged with reprints of cards from his collection, as well as cards that hadn’t appeared in the actual Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game (TCG) before!

Interestingly, though the case was sold for a pretty eye-watering price, at $399.99, this particular Blue-Eyes White Dragon currently has an average selling price of around $290, so it’s very likely that selling just a few cards from those included in the set will see you breaking even at worst, or your investment seriously paying off at best!

Given what the next card in the list is, the latter option is likely to be the outcome; especially if you don’t mind parting with a couple of Blue-Eyes White Dragon cards.

4. Blue-Eyes White Dragon – 25th Anniversary Ultimate Kaiba Set, Quarter Century Secret Rare ($235)

Blue-Eyes White Dragon Ultimate Kaiba Set Quarter Century Secret Rare

So here’s another card from the Ultimate Kaiba set; combining this with the previous card in the list will nab you more than the original value of the entire set, as this variant of Blue-Eyes White Dragon is currently selling for an average price of $235!

This card is a Quarter Century Secret Rare, a special card rarity that was produced to celebrate the first 25 years of Yu-Gi-Oh. These are easily identified in a number of ways, with a holographic, slightly tinted gold card name, a ‘Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Game 25th Quarter Century’ logo in the card’s text box, and a foil treatment over the whole card.

Quarter Century Secret Rare cards tend to be the most highly sought after cards in more recent sets, given that they tend to be very scarce. This Blue Eyes-White Dragon Quarter Century Secret Rare was included in every Ultimate Kaiba Set, however; so if you were fortunate enough to get your hands on one of those sets, you were guaranteed to get one.

Given that this specific variant was only available in the Ultimate Kaiba set, it’s now a highly sought after card for collectors.

5. Blue-Eyes White Dragon – Magnificent Mavens, Secret Pharaoh’s Rare ($177)

Blue-Eyes White Dragon Magnificent Mavens 2

Though we’ve already seen a version of Blue-Eyes White Dragon from the Magnificent Mavens set, this Secret Pharaoh’s Rare variant from the same set is also quite costly, with an average selling price of $177.

Considering once more that Magnificent Mavens is so recent, having only released in late 2022, it’s perhaps surprising that we have more than one Blue-Eyes White Dragon from this specific set; however, it’s a testament to just how popular Blue-Eyes White Dragon is, as well as how desirable the various foil treatments are.

6. Blue-Eyes White Dragon – Ghosts From the Past: The 2nd Haunting, Ghost Rare ($165)

Blue-Eyes White Dragon Ghost Rare

Even though the first Ghosts From The Past set was fairly uninteresting, full of reprints that fans weren’t exactly scrambling for, the second set fared better, if only for including this amazing Blue-Eyes White Dragon card.

It’s a Ghost Rare card, which is a special treatment that has a slight split to two layers of the Monster it features, making it appear almost three dimensional. A striking, muted colour palette also makes these variants stand out from other Yu-Gi-Oh cards; they’re clearly very valuable to collectors, as this particular card sells for around $165 on average.

7. Blue-Eyes White Dragon – Shonen Jump Magazine Promo, Ultra Rare ($130)

Blue-Eyes White Dragon Shonen Jump Promo Card

Given that Yu-Gi-Oh began life as a Manga serial in the pages of Shonen Jump, it’s fitting that they bundle the magazine with Yu-Gi-Oh cards on a semi-regular basis.

This particular Blue-Eyes White Dragon card is from the Spring 2016 packs; this was a reprint of a set that was released two years prior.

The artwork on this card hasn’t appeared on another Blue-Eyes White Dragon printing since then. That means that this is your only chance to get your hands on this specific version of the card, and you’ll have to spend around $130 if you actually want it!

It’s worth it though, since it’s one of the most beautiful cards in Yu-Gi-Oh; though art is subjective, in our opinion this is the most beautiful Blue-Eyes White Dragon card in existence. 

8. Blue-Eyes White Dragon – Anniversary Pack, Ultra Rare ($90)

Blue-Eyes White Dragon Anniversary Pack

Kazuki Takahashi is a beloved figure in the Yu-Gi-Oh community for multiple reasons, not least due to the fact that it’s his artwork behind all of the most iconic designs in Yu-Gi-Oh history. This specific printing of Blue-Eyes White Dragon in an anniversary pack is one of only a few variants of this art that exist in the game; its current average selling price is $90.

Though it’s certainly not cheap for a single card, given how unique it is and its lower price compared to other cards on this list, if you want a card that is unique in more ways than one, you could do much worse than this! 

9. Blue-Eyes White Dragon – Shonen Jump Magazine Promo, Ultra Rare ($77)

Blue-Eyes White Dragon Shonen Jump Promo Card 2

Another promo card that was packaged with Shonen Jump magazine, this particular Blue-Eyes White Dragon was released in 2014. Though it’s broadly similar to the previous Shonen Jump card we showcased here (and of course, it is a Blue-Eyes White Dragon after all!), it’s a darker version of the artwork on the prior card.

Given that these promos would have been reasonably widely available, it might surprise you that it holds such value. The thing is, it’s often the case that Shonen Jump fans who got hold of these cards may not have kept them in very good condition, or kept them at all, and given their unique art in comparison to other Blue-Eyes White Dragon cards, a current average price of $77 doesn’t seem outlandish!

10. Blue-Eyes White Dragon – Legend Of Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Ultra Rare ($69)

Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon Ultra Rare

While Legend of Blue-Eyes was the first set in Yu-Gi-Oh history, and as such has its fair share of expensive cards, the set has also been reprinted multiple times due to the historical value that the set holds.

As new booster boxes of Legend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon often find their way back to store shelves, the value of these particular versions can fluctuate.

Despite that, the unlimited Ultra Rare variant is currently listed at a very respectable $60 as a current average selling price; given the iconic, classic nature of this version, it’s a great way to end the list of the most expensive Blue-Eyes White Dragon cards!

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