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10 Most Valuable Disney Lorcana: Ursula’s Return Cards

Most Valuable Ursula's Return Cards

It’s time to head back to the sea, as we check out the most valuable cards from Disney Lorcana’s fourth set, Ursula’s Return!

Since launching in 2023, Disney Lorcana has taken the Trading Card Game (TCG) world by storm, being an undeniably massive commercial success, as well as being critically well received. Many cards from each of the sets have also become hugely sought after among collectors, with the latest set, Ursula’s Return, being no different in that regard.

Cards are already reaching hundreds of dollars in value in some cases, but which ones are fetching the highest prices?

We took at look at the current average sale prices for Disney Lorcana: Ursula’s Return cards on TCG Player to find out which ones the Lorcana Illumineers can’t wait to get their inky hands on.

So let’s take a look at the most valuable cards in Disney Lorcana: Ursula’s Return!

1. Ariel, Sonic Warrior – Enchanted ($400)

Ursula's Return Ariel 220/224

By far the most highly sought after cards in any Disney Lorcana set are the cards at Enchanted Rare level. Each Enchanted Rare card feels incredibly special, and they’re very exciting to pull from a booster! They have a full, alternate art illustration of what can also be found as a ‘standard’ card in their respective set, along with a textured, spectacular foil treatment that makes them look (and feel!) amazing.

There’s also the fact that the distribution for Enchanted cards is roughly 1 in every 72 booster packs, so finding one in a booster is definitely a rare occurrence, even if you’re buying full, 24 pack booster boxes. Of course, that means you’ll only find one Enchanted card in every three boxes, if you’re lucky! So it’s no surprise that the number one spot features an Enchanted card, as do all of the other entries on this list!

Ariel, Sonic Warrior is a fitting entry for the top of this list too, given that Ursula’s Return features Ariel’s nemesis, Ursula the Sea Witch, as a big part of its story. But in terms of the card itself, what’s so special about it in-game?

Well, Ariel, Sonic Warrior is a Floodborn character, who costs 6 Ink to play. That is, unless you play her on top of another Ariel you already have in play; using the Shift ability, you can reduce her cost to 4 Ink instead! Ariel has 3 Strength, an impressive 8 Willpower, and 2 Lore when Questing too.

Her ability allows you to deal 3 Willpower damage to a chosen character, for the cost of 2 Ink, any time you sing a Song. This makes her a pretty formidable card to have in play; it’s no wonder this Enchanted version of Ariel is currently commanding the very high, average selling price of around $400! Note that if you really want to get hold of Ariel, Sonic Warrior for your deck, the standard, Ultra Rare card is selling for just $3, so you don’t have to break the bank unless you really must have the more spectacular version of the card!

2. Cinderella, Melody Weaver – Enchanted ($352)

Ursula's Return Cinderella 205/204

It’s also worth noting that Enchanted Rare cards have a numbering system that makes them ‘Secret Rare’ cards. A Secret Rare card, in any game (not just Lorcana!), is one that has a number which goes beyond the ‘official’ number of cards in a set. The number of unique cards in Ursula’s Return is 204, but Enchanted cards, as they’re alternate art variants of other cards in the set, have numbers that start at 205! So, for example, this Cinderella, Melody Weaver card is 205 of 204; the previous Ariel, Sonic Warrior card on this list is 220 of 204.

Cinderella, Melody Weaver is a 5 Ink cost, Dreamborn card. As it isn’t Floodborn, there’s no way of reducing the Ink cost of the card using Shift in game. However, Cinderella really justifies a high cost, with an ability that sees her counting as a 9 Ink character when singing Songs, as well as a bonus that sees her adding 1 Lore to every other Princess character when she does sing on a turn!

Though her stats aren’t the best overall, with 1 Strength, 5 Willpower and 2 Lore, her ablitiies linked to Singing and Lore bonuses that can increase the effectiveness of other characters in play really make this a strong combo card.

So its average selling price of $352 is understandable, but just like any other card on this list, if you’re not aiming for the fanciest version of Cinderella, Melody Weaver, the non-Enchanted variant is available for a much more reasonable average price of $6!

3. Ursula, Sea Witch Queen – Enchanted ($333)

Ursula's Return Ursula 208/204

So, the star of the set finally makes an appearance, with Ursula herself turning up on a rather lovely Enchanted card! Another Floodborn card, Ursula’s Shift ability reduces her Ink cost from 7 to 5, which is pretty handy if you have another Ursula in play already.

She also has decent stats, with 4 Strength, 7 Willpower and an excellent 3 Lore for Questing. Whenever she Quests, she can exert another character, but she can also stop characters from exerting, to prevent them from singing songs too!

This Amethyst card (check out our guide to Lorcana Ink Types for more details!) is currently selling for an average price of $333, and even its non-Enchanted variant has a value of around $27, proving that Ursula really is the star of her own Lorcana set!

4. Minnie Mouse, Musketeer Champion – Enchanted ($317)

Ursula's Return Minnie 206/204

Nothing demonstrates the allure of the rare, beautiful alternate art Enchanted cards better than Minnie Mouse, Musketeer Champion. Though the Enchanted variant of Minnie Mouse, Musketeer Champion sells for an average of $317, you can buy its standard version for an average of just $0.52, even though it’s a Super Rare card!

As a card with the Bodyguard keyword, Minnie Mouse may enter play exerted, and must be the target of your opponent’s Challenge (or another character you have exerted with the Bodyguard keyword!). So she’s able to divert attention from other, potentially more useful characters you may have already sent on Quests, for example.

She has an ability which triggers when she’s played too; she allows you to banish an opposing character with a Strength of 5+ as soon as she comes into play!With only 1 Strength, but 5 Willpower and 2 Lore, she’s not the best character; however, Minnie Mouse, Musketeer Champion’s popularity and value as an Enchanted card is definitely warranted!

5. Anna, True-Hearted – Enchanted ($302)

Ursula's Return Anna 217/204

It’s fair to say that 2013 animated movie Frozen was a bit of a cultural phenomenon, to say the least. Its popularity brought new, empowering Disney Princesses Anna and Elsa to the fore. They’re both hugely popular characters even now, more than a decade after the first film was released. So of course it’s no surprise to see one of the sisters turn up on the most valuable cards from Ursula’s Return; though at first glance Anna looks like a fairly mediocre character card, her ability truly makes her shine.

With Anna we have a 4 Ink cost, Dreamborn Sapphire card; her stats, as mentioned, aren’t all that special. She has 2 Strength, 4 Willpower and 2 points of Lore too. However, when she Quests, other Hero characters on your side get an extra point of Lore each on the same turn, which really gives Anna an edge! The price for the Enchanted variant of Anna, True-Hearted is currently $302, but with an average cost of $0.47 for her Ultra Rare card, she is very likely to find her way into plenty of Sapphire decks!

6. Diablo, Devoted Herald – Enchanted ($298)

Ursula's Return Diablo 211/204

You may be forgiven for not recognising Diablo at all; though he’s an antagonist in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, he’s just a raven, assistant to the much more memorable Maleficent. However, here he’s transformed, thanks to this card featuring his Floodborn incarnation. With it being Floodborn, of course that means he has the Shift keyword too, which reduces his Ink cost from 3, to instead just requiring you to discard an action card from your hand to get him into play!

Diablo’s stats aren’t particularly high, with 2 each of Strength and Willpower, plus just 1 point of Lore. However, Diablo’s effectiveness lies in his keywords and abilities. Along with Shift, Diablo has the Evasive keyword, which means that he can be challenged only if the opposing character has the same keyword.

The real excellence of this card lies in the ability which allows you to draw a card every time your opponent does, as long as Diablo is exerted. Considering that Lorcana can sometimes suffer from players not having enough cards to do anything with on a turn to turn basis, that ability is likely to be incredibly useful.

Which of course is reflected in the value of the card; not only does the Enchanted variant currently sell for around $298, but even the Ultra Rare version of the card is proving highly sought after, and is selling for an average of $48!

7. Goofy, Super Goof – Enchanted ($234)

Ursula's Return Goofy 214/204

One thing Lorcana has done very well, since the very first set, is to breathe new life into characters that have either felt stagnant for decades, or just weren’t that popular in the first place. Could we level that accusation at Goofy? Perhaps his last moment of cultural relevance was back in the 90s, with TV series Goof Troop (and its accompanying SNES title, which was, somewhat improbably, the brainchild of Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami!).

Yet here we have a modern, superhero incarnation of Goofy, which is currently commanding prices of around $234! Super Goof has the Rush keyword, meaning it can challenge on the turn it’s played. This Ruby card has an Ink cost of 4, making it pretty easy to get into play too. His stats aren’t great (certainly not befitting of a super hero!), however, with an unremarkable 2 Strength, 4 Willpower and just 1 Lore.

That said, Super Goof’s ability, which sees him scoring 2 Lore every time he challenges another character, is worth its weight in gold. Its not even an expensive card to get into your collection as a Super Rare card either, currently costing under $5!

8. Second Star To The Right – Enchanted ($225)

Ursula's Return Second Star 210/204

Now this is really interesting; an Enchanted card that isn’t a character! Instead, this Action/Song card takes advantage of the new Sing Together mechanic, which is brand new for Ursula’s Return, and built for the co-op play that takes centre stage in the Illumineer’s Quest: Deep Trouble expansion set.

Deep Trouble introduces not just co-op play to Disney Lorcana, but solo play too, as players, either alone or in a group, take on the Sea Witch herself! However, back to the card at hand; Second Star To The Right is a card that features a famous quote from Peter Pan as its title, as well as an illustration that shows the Darling kids magically flying alongside the story’s titular hero.

Though it has a jaw-dropping Ink cost of 10, the Sing Together keyword ability allows any number of players to contribute to paying for it to come into play, and it allows a target player to draw 5 more cards. Though the Enchanted variant has an average cost of $225, the Rare version can be bought for less than $1!

9. The Queen, Diviner – Enchanted ($220)

Ursula's Return The Queen 218/204

Back to the usual character cards, here we have the evil Queen from Snow White; the first ever Disney movie villain! A Dreamborn Sapphire card, The Queen costs just 3 Ink to play, with 3 Strength, 3 Willpower and 1 point of Lore. She also has an ability which, for the cost of exerting The Queen, allows you to look at the top 4 cards of your deck and put an item card you find there in your hand, or ppay it immediately for free if it has an Ink cost of 3 or less.

Despite average stats, The Queen herself has a reasonable Ink cost and her ability is another which allows players to manipulate their deck to speed up their card draw and get items into play quickly! The Enchanted variant is the one to watch, cost-wise; it currently sells for an average of $220. Yet even in standard form, The Queen is a Legendary card; so its rarity level sits just under Enchanted, and as such, it commands a current average price of close to $9!

10. Jasmine, Desert Warrior – Enchanted ($207)

Ursula's Return Jasmine 212/204

Princess Jasmine appears in the final slot on this list, with an Emerald Dreamborn card on which she’s reimagined as a more action oriented character than she was when appearing alongside the titular character in Aladdin. An Ink cost of 5 allows you to get Jasmine into play, with 3 Strength, 3 Willpower and 2 points of Lore.

She even has a bit of a built in defence mechanism; if an opponent challenges her, they (and any other opponents in the game, if you’re playing Lorcana with more than the standard 2 players) must discard a card! With a current cost of $207, this gorgeous Enchanted card, with its ethereal artwork of the Princess, is clearly being sought because of its aesthetics, as the Rare variant of the card sells for just $0.43 on average right now.

As you can see, Disney Lorcana continues to cause a great deal of excitement, for good reason, among collectors, players and Disney fans in general; it’s a solid game, and only getting stronger with additions such as the Illumineer’s Quest Solo and Co-Op modes. Lorcana has shaken up the TCG sector and continues to innovate, which is great news for Card Gamers of all ages, as it’s forcing longer lasting titles such as Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh to up their game even more.

It’s arguably never been a better time to be a TCG player, and Ravensburger continue to make it as vibrant a sector as it has ever been with their new Lorcana sets!

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