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Beautiful Handmade Dragon Dice Box Now Funding On Kickstarter

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Though we’re primarily here to cover card games (I mean, it’s right there in the name!), as we’ve seen in articles such as our best dice for MTG list, even us TCG, CCG and LCG players can often find uses for various types of polyhedral dice.

Which leads us nicely into looking at these spectacular, hand made dice holders!

Luxury tabletop accessories company Mythical Vault are currently seeking backers for their range of hand made, premium dice holders, having launched the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter on the 30th of May.

The Mythical Dice Box – Dragon Horde Collection is a set of three dice holders, each with a clay moulded dragon (atop its pile of loot!) adorning the lid of the box. 

They’re built with high quality wood, from materials including white oak, hard maple and black walnut. 

Inside, you’ll find seven padded, faux-leather dice pockets to protect your set of dice.

Mythical Vault Dragon Dice Box

Mythic Vault were kind enough to send us a prototype box to check out – and we were very impressed with its quality, thoughtful design and gorgeous aesthetics.

We were able to take a close look at the prototype of the golden dragon version – named Amena (incidentally, the creator of the boxes – Tareg Al-Zamel – told me that the dragon names were a very personal and important aspect of the project) – who, like the dragons on the other boxes, is sculpted from clay, on top of a pile of coins. We all know that dragons like to hoard their loot, right?

The dragons themselves are gorgeous; there’s a great attention to detail to their design, with plenty of intricately sculpted features.

Dragon Dice Box - Bottom

The bottom of the lower section is made of a cork-like material, adorned with the intricate Mythical Vault logo.

Strong magnets hold the two piece box in place very securely – and the faux leather pockets inside are impressively well padded; everything about these boxes is drenched in quality and craftsmanship.

They’re wonderfully functional, but also beautiful display pieces; they can easily be displayed as ornamental objets d’art.

Dragon Dice Box - Interior

It’s clear that a lot of thought and passion has gone into the creation of these superb dice holders, which will hold one set of polyhedral dice – with enough room per pocket for a reasonably sized dice set.

Along with the three main variant colours of the box – with gold, silver and copper versions on offer, named Amena, Frida and Molly respectively – the Kickstarter campaign also allows backers to pledge for an unpainted version of the dragon, which they can, of course, paint themselves in any style or colour scheme they wish.

The Mythical Dice Box – Dragon Horde Collection Kickstarter campaign is currently live; if you’d like to back the campaign for your very own dice holder, you can do so on the campaign’s Kickstarter page.

Mythical Vault – via their Instagram page – have teased that they intend to create further collections to complement the Dragon Horde dice boxes; if this first Kickstarter campaign is a success, we’ll no doubt see further fantasy creatures adorning these beautifully made, luxury dice boxes in the future!

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