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New Booster Pack Type Announced for Magic: The Gathering

mtg play bosters

When Magic: The Gathering – or MTG – launched in 1993, buying a booster pack was a much simpler affair than it is these days.

Players would simply buy a booster pack containing extra cards – and that was that.

Then, as the game itself evolved – with different formats beyond the standard way to play MTG – so too did the humble booster adapt and split into different forms, giving players different options to support their choice of play or, in some cases, just their desire to collect Magic: The Gathering cards.

There’ve been a huge variety of different types of booster pack over the years, but right now, there are four different types of booster.

What Types Of Booster Packs Are Available At The Moment?

magic the gathering booster pack types

Currently, all main sets for Magic: The Gathering are released with numerous different booster pack types available: Set Boosters, Draft Boosters, Jumpstart Boosters and Collector Boosters.

It’s confusing and potentially alienating, especially for new players. 

Even lapsed players who  want to get back into MTG may be confused by the different types of booster pack, not to mention the intended use for each one.

Given how difficult the world of boosters is to navigate if you’re new to MTG, or only familiar with older sets, we here at Card Gamer put together a handy guide to Magic: The Gathering Booster Pack types.

Even MTG Head Designer Mark Rosewater has admitted to having confused booster pack types in a recent post, saying “I personally, on multiple occasions, have opened a booster to play Limited, only to realise I was accidentally opening a Set Booster.”

So it’s perhaps no surprise that Wizards of the Coast (WotC), the publishers of Magic: The Gathering, have been working to reduce not only this confusion, but the problems it causes for retailers in dealing with the different types of booster pack.

Rosewater himself has presented the solution, with big changes incoming regarding Set and Draft Boosters.

What Is Happening To Set Boosters and Draft Boosters?

MTG Set and Draft Boosters

Though Rosewater goes into great detail on the WotC website (see ‘What Are Play Boosters?’), essentially, Set Boosters and Draft Boosters are being replaced by an entirely new type of booster pack, named ‘Play Boosters’.

So, as of 2024, Set and Draft Boosters will be no more.

It’ll be goodbye Set and Draft Boosters – and hello to Play Boosters!

What Are Play Boosters?

Put simply, Play Boosters solve the issue of having both Set and Draft Boosters on sale.

With Set Boosters providing a way for players to find multiple foils and also, potentially, other fancy reprints or special cards, WotC wanted to retain the fun of opening those.

They also sought to provide card distribution that allowed for players to use a booster pack to play with in sealed event formats – which you can read up on, in greater detail, in our How to Draft in Magic: The Gathering article.

So the Play Booster does both. 

It has the thrill of opening a pack that contains multiple rares and special cards, but can also be used to play draft or other limited format games.

What Is Inside A Play Booster?

MTG Play Booster Contents
Image Credit: Wizards of the Coast

As you can see from the image above, you’ll get:

  • At least 6 Common cards
  • Either a further common or a card from ‘The List’ (a ‘Special Guest’ card or reprint of a classic card, which will vary depending on the set)
  • Three Uncommon cards
  • One Rare or Mythic Rare card (with Mythic Rare appearing in 1 in 7 packs)
  • A basic or common land (with a 1 in 5 chance of being foil)
  • A non-foil ‘wild card’ – which can be any rarity of card from the set or a ‘Booster Fun’ variant
  • Another wild card – this time guaranteed to be foil
  • A non-playable card – either a token, art card or play aid card

When Will Play Boosters Be Launched?

Murders At Karlov Manor - MTG
Image Credit: Lie Setiawan/Wizards of the Coast

The first set to feature Play Boosters will be Murders At Karlov Manor, which is launching in February 2024.

So Set Boosters and Draft Boosters will still be released – alongside other booster types, which aren’t going to change anyway – for The Lost Caverns of Ixalan and Ravnica Remastered sets.

While you’re here, check out our best MTG accessories guide – and get yourself prepared for the influx of cool cards, whether you’re a player, a collector or both, when Play Boosters arrive in 2024!

If you’re a new or lapsed player, your first port of call should be our guide on how to get started with Magic: The Gathering.

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