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New Pokemon TCG Pocket App Announced, Launching in 2024

pokemon tcg pocket

Announced today as part of the Pokemon Day celebrations, The Pokemon Company have revealed Pokemon TCG Pocket.

Though the current digital app, Pokemon TCG Live, recreates the battling and collecting of the physical card game perfectly, Pokemon TCG Pocket seems to offer a streamlined and digitally enhanced version of the game that’s perfect for newcomers as well as longer term fans.

The video, shown during the Pokemon Presents presentation via YouTube, shows cards being opened from booster packs, which drop into your app twice a day, free of charge.

It also demonstrates how cards can quickly be traded and even used in ‘Quick Battles’.

pokemon tcg pocket trade
Image Credit: Pokemon

Yuji Kitano, President and CEO of Creatures, states in the video that they have “…developed streamlined game rules, based on our existing battle system, so you can enjoy a quick battle during the free moments in your day.”

A joint venture between three companies including Creatures and DeNA, one of the showcase features of Pokemon TCG Pocket is the development of digitally enhanced cards, exhibiting 3D effects or even immersive art cards, demonstrated with a card’s art being expanded and explored on screen.

It’s unclear at this point whether Pokemon TCG Pocket will be replacing the Pokemon TCG Live app or if it will exist alongside it, but given that it uses simplified rules for the game and seems to be more focused on collecting and viewing cards, it’s definitely more likely that the Pokemon TCG Live app will continue as is.

pokemon tcg pocket immersive cards
Image Credit: Pokemon

Though no release date is set for Pokemon TCG Pocket, during the presentation it was mentioned that it’s heading for launch in 2024, and will be available on iOs and Android devices, via their respective app stores.

We will of course be on hand with more updates on Pokemon TCG Pocket as soon as further details are revealed.

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