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Cowboy Bebop And Trigun Stampede Are Coming To UniVersus CCG

Cowboy Bebop and Trigun Stampede UniVersus Decks

Originally known as the Universal Fighting System (or UFS), which launched back in 2006, the UniVersus Collectable Card Game rebranded to its current name in 2021.

Since then, UniVersus has been primarily releasing My Hero Academia card sets, which have proven popular among fans of the anime/manga, card game players and collectors too.

However, one of the key strengths of UniVersus – carried over from its origins as the UFS – is that it’s designed to bring different franchises together, with decks and cards from a multitude of different anime, manga and even video game properties all cross-compatible with each other.

If you wanted to pit Mega Man or Street Fighter characters against those from Mortal Kombat – or even against each other – UniVersus made it possible!

So, despite the fact that My Hero Academia has been the primary focus since launching a few years ago, UniVersus is now preparing to open the door into other universes once more.

First up on the 2024 release schedule for UniVersus are the Cowboy Bebop and Trigun Stampede – which each have their own, themed Challenger Series Deck – are set for launch on January 19th, 2024.

Let’s take a look at the new decks!

Cowboy Bebop Challenger Series Deck

Cowboy Bebop Universus

Originally a manga series that launched in 1997 in Japan, Cowboy Bebop – a neo-noir, sci-fi space western (now there’s a proper genre mash-up!) – is perhaps best known thanks to its superb anime adaptation, which originally ran from 1998-1999.

More recently, Cowboy Bebop re-entered the pop culture discussion thanks to a live action Netflix series, which has helped new generations of fans are continuing to discover its offbeat, ice-cool style, though this is still best represented by the 90s anime.

The UniVersus Cowboy Bebop Challenger Series Deck takes its aesthetic cues from the anime too, its timeless and iconic visuals beautifully translating to the tabletop.

Cowboy Bebop UniVersus Characters

The Cowboy Bebop Challenger Series Deck also offers a choice of two different characters, allowing players to play the way they want; either using series protagonist Spike, Bounty Hunter or Faye, Queen of Hearts, each with their own strategies to make use of.

It’s important to note at this point that Challenger Series Decks are very different to the Clash Decks found as part of My Hero Academia releases; whereas Clash Decks are built to ease players into UniVersus, Challenger Series Decks feature cards and synergies that utilise more advanced techniques.

The character cards are both foil treated and are beautiful, full art cards. These should definitely appeal to fans of the anime, as well as fans already familiar with UniVersus thanks to My Hero Academia.

Each Challenger Series Deck of 60 cards (which has several more cards with a spectacular foil treatment) is also packaged with a card gallery booklet, as well as – most excitingly – a Collector’s Booster pack, which contains 6 random, alt art, all foil cards. 

Cowboy Bebop Collector Booster Cards

Though the intention with these is to customise your deck, I’m certain that these will prove to be highly sought after for collectors and fans of the show; just check out the cards we found in our Cowboy Bebop Collector’s Booster pack!

Trigun Stampede Challenger Series Deck

Trigun Stampede UniVersus Deck

Just like Cowboy Bebop, Trigun was originally a manga series, though it’s even older, first debuting in 1995!

Also like Cowboy Bebop, Trigun can be classified as a space western , though it’s less space-faring and has a more post-apocalyptic tone.

The original Trigun anime dates back to 1998, though Trigun Stampede, which the Challenger Series Deck is based on, is a newer reboot and retelling of the series; this debuted in 2023. 

Trigun Stampede Characters

Included in the Trigun Stampede Challenger Series Deck box is a 60 card deck along with two foil character cards – series protagonist Vash the Stampede and Nicholas D. Wolfwood, a heavily armed Priest and useful ally to Vash. So, players can choose which strategy best suits their play-style and use their favourite character accordingly.

Trigun Stampede Collector Cards

As with the Cowboy Bebop Challenger Series Deck, the Trigun Stampede box is packaged with a card gallery booklet and its own Collector’s Booster pack containing 6 alt art, all foil cards from the Trigun Stampede set. You can take a look at which ones we got in our Collector’s Booster above!

When Can I Buy The UniVersus Challenger Series Decks?

Both decks are available from the 19th of January, with an RRP of $34.99/£34.99.

You can purchase each deck from Gamer’s Guild in the US or from The Other Games in the UK.

More crossovers and Challenger Series decks are coming throughout 2024 – and Card Gamer will be ready to give you the lowdown on all of them as they emerge!

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