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All Upcoming Sets In Dragon Ball Super Card Game

upcoming dragon ball super card game sets

Somewhat unbelievably, the Dragon Ball saga has been around in various forms for 40 years, as of 2024.

The first ever Dragon Ball manga was released in 1984, in Shonen Jump, where it continued until 1995.

There’ve been numerous spin offs, sequels and even reboots since then, with an absolutely astonishing 21 animated movies!

So it’s fair to say that Dragon Ball is here to stay; the same is true of its presence on the tabletop, where it’s currently best represented by the Dragon Ball Super Card Game.

It’s worth noting that, as of 2024, there will be two distinct versions of the Dragon Ball Super Game.

Fusion World will join the already established (but newly renamed) Masters, with Fusion World intended to be a friendlier, simpler experience for new or younger players and the Masters products continuing to offer a more complex, strategic experience for more serious players and collectors.

So what do fans have to look forward to during Dragon Ball’s 40th anniversary year, in terms of the card game’s releases?

Let’s find out, as we check out all upcoming sets for the Dragon Ball Super Card Game!

1. Fusion World – Awakened Pulse (FB01), February 2024

Dragon Ball Super Card Game - Fusion World - Awakened Pulse Booster

The very first set to launch for Fusion World is Awakened Pulse, with boosters arriving on the 23rd of February 2024.

Ahead of the booster set’s release, however, will be four Starter Decks, each themed around a specific character: Son Goku, Vegeta, Broly and Frieza.

Fusion World takes a lot of cues from the One Piece Card Game, in that it’s very easy to get into, yet still offers a decent amount of strategy and, of course, collectability in terms of its cards.

Dragon Ball Fusion World Digital Code Card

Taking a cue from the Pokemon Trading Card Game, each Fusion World booster pack will also include a code card to unlock digital cards, which you can add to a collection and use in the digital version of the Fusion World game.

Which means that each booster will contain 1 digital code card and 12 physical cards.

The set itself will feature 140 cards overall. 

It’ll have 8 Leaders, 52 Common cards, 36 Uncommons, 30 Rares, 12 Super Rares and 2 Secret Rare cards.

Twenty three cards will have alternate art variants, though it’s not clear at this stage which rarities they will fall under.

Though it’s a different game, Fusion World shares a lot of mechanics and concepts with the original Dragon Ball Super: Masters game.

Dragon Ball Fusion World Leader Cards

For example, check out the double sided Leader card above; you can see for yourself that Fusion World cards cards do feel a lot less busy in terms of their visual design.

Given that they do share some design elements, it’s likely that Bandai hope for Fusion World to continually bring in and sustain its own dedicated player base; then, once players have familiarised themselves with the basics, if they do want a more in-depth and challenging experience, they can move on to Masters.

It remains to be seen whether there’s room in the market for two Dragon Ball Super collectable card games to exist simultaneously, but in theory at least, Fusion World is a great way of attracting players who may be intimidated by the longer-running and more complex version of the game.

2. Masters – Zenkai Series EX Set 07: Beyond Generations (DBS-B24), March 22nd, 2024

Dragon Ball Super Masters - Beyond Generations

The last Masters release of 2023 for the Dragon Ball Super Card Game was Perfect Combination, which arrived in December.

So it’s a reasonably long wait for the next set, Beyond Generations, which hits retail on the 22nd of March, 2024.

While details for the set overall are pretty thin on the ground, we do know that the Beyond Generations set is introducing a new card rarity type: SLR.

This is a variant of alternate art card specifically for Leaders; as Leader cards are double sided, this is likely to lead to some spectacular and highly sought after rare cards, with new artwork on both sides!

Some cards have been previewed for the set already too, giving an insight as to what may be in store for Beyond Generations.

So, only one Leader card has been revealed, with Vegeta and its reverse side, Vegeta, Awakened Feelings showcased above.

Z-Unison card SSB Son Goku, Crimson Guardian Deity and the horizontally aligned Z-Extra card Concentrated Saiyan Power can also both be seen above.

Aura Overflow Diffusion is the only Extra card to be shown; everything else that you can see in the gallery above are Battle cards.

Beyond Generations will be composed of 164 cards in total, with 60 Commons, 30 Uncommons, 29 Rare (silver foil treated) cards, 18 Super Rares, 14 Special Rares, 3 Secret Rares, 1 God Rare and 9 of the aforementioned Special Leader Rare cards.

You can check out our guide to Dragon Ball Super Card Rarities for more information on each card rarity type.

It’ll be interesting to see what else is included in Beyond Generations, especially as it’s the first post-Fusion World set to be released for the newly christened Masters version of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game.

3. Fusion World – Booster Set 2 (FB02), May 2024

Heading further into 2024, it seems that a pattern is being established, with Bandai alternately releasing Fusion World and Masters products over the course of the year.

So, following on from Beyond Generations, there’s a second Fusion World set due to be released in May.

No name has yet been revealed for this set, so we’re slightly in the dark as to what its themes will be or what cards will be included (there’s not even a temporary, work in progress image of a single product from the set), but the number of cards and their rarities will exactly match those found in Awakened Pulse.

Which means there will be 140 cards overall; with 8 Leaders, 52 Common cards, 36 Uncommons, 30 Rares, 12 Super Rares and 2 Secret Rare cards.

This second set will also have the same number of alternate art cards as Awakened Pulse, with 23 to find in booster packs.

We can also expect boosters to feature the same number of cards, 12 per pack, along with each having a digital code card, to unlock the second set’s cards in the digital version of Fusion World.

4. Masters – Zenkai Series EX Set 08 (DBS-B25), July 2024

Dragon Ball Card Game - Zenkai 8 Booster Box

As is the case with the second set for Fusion World, this year’s second Masters set, which is the 8th set in the Zenkai Series EX overall, has not yet had its name revealed.

Similarly, there’s no image of the booster set’s design either.

All we know is that the set will be comprised of 173 cards, broken down into the following rarities:

  • 60 Commons
  • 30 Uncommons
  • 29 Rares (silver foil treated cards)
  • 18 Super Rares
  • 14 Special Rares
  • 9 Special Leader Rares
  • 7 Campaign Rares
  • 4 Secret Rares
  • 2 God Rares

That last rarity, God Rare, is pretty interesting.

Making their debut in Realm of the Gods, there’s usually only one God Rare per set.

There’s only 5 God Rares currently available, though one more is on the way in the Beyond Generations set.

So the fact that this new Zenkai Series EX set will feature two God Rares is very exciting indeed!

That’s all of the information we currently have on upcoming sets for the Dragon Ball Super Card Game, covering both Masters and the exciting new Fusion World products.

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