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5 Most Valuable Dragon Ball Super: Critical Blow Cards

Dragon Ball Super Critical Blow Cards

It’s time to go Super Saiyan once more – as we check out the most valuable Dragon Ball Super: Critical Blow cards!

Despite Dragon Ball itself being around since the early 80s, the Dragon Ball Super Card Game was only launched in 2018 (though, admittedly, more than one Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game have been available in the past).

Since then, like the One Piece Card Game – its stablemate, also created and published by Bandai – the Dragon Ball Super Card Game has quietly amassed a dedicated following of both casual and competitive players, as well as an impressively large catalogue of beautifully illustrated cards.

Its latest set, Critical Blow, launched in September 2023 – and certain cards from the set have already skyrocketed in value.

We’ve already taken a look at the overall most valuable Dragon Ball Super cards – but what about the cards with the highest prices in Critical Blow alone?

Let’s check them out – as we give you the lowdown on the most valuable Dragon Ball Super: Critical Blow cards!

1.  SS Gogeta, Fusion Reborn – V.2, God Rare ($1050)

Gogeta Fusion Reborn V2 - Dragon Ball
Image Credit: Bandai Namco

As this card also makes a prominent appearance on our list of the most valuable Dragon Ball Super cards overall, it’s not surprising to see it take pride of place at the top of the list of the most valuable Dragon Ball Super: Critical Blow cards.

It seems that Gogeta – the fusion of Goku and Vegeta – is a very popular character and subject for a card in general, because he appears more than once on our other list of the most valuable Dragon Ball Super cards too!

So, what’s so special about this card?

Well, it’s the rarest card in the Critical Blow set, for one thing – which means that it’s very likely to hold onto the top spot of this list and see its value rise from its current asking price of $1050 as time passes!

2. SS Gogeta, Fusion Reborn – V.1, Secret Rare ($110)

Gogeta, Fusion Reborn V1 - Dragon Ball
Image Credit: Bandai Namco

That’s not a mistake – the difference between our number one and number two spot in pricing terms really is almost $1000!

Perhaps because Critical Blow is still such a new set and cards are widely available, at present none of them – except the set’s rarest card (the V2 variant of Gogeta, Fusion Reborn) – commands a price that’s any higher than $110.

What more is there to say about Gogeta, Fusion Reborn?

Well, quite a lot as it happens – despite the fact that this $110 variant is the same card as our number one entry, albeit with a closer up image of the character.

Though both cards are mechanically identical, it’s definitely worth checking out exactly what Gogeta, Fusion Reborn can do in-game.

There’s a massive wall of text on this card, thanks to its dazzling array of keywords and abilities.

Alongside Ultimate, Energy-Exhaust and Blocker, this card also has Union Fusion (allowing players to fuse their a Son Goku and Vegeta card under certain circumstances).

As well as those, it has Aegis Blue/Yellow, plus a Permanent and Auto ability.

Oh – and there’s the not insignificant 40,000 Power level too!

So, despite not being as rare as the card in our number one spot, this variant is still desirable for collectors and fans – just not quite on the same level as the V.2!

3. Bursting Rage – Secret Rare ($96)

Bursting Rage - Dragon Ball
Image Credit: Bandai Namco

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game’s illustrations have a well earned reputation for being pretty spectacular – and the Bursting Rage card is no exception!

This Secret Rare card is currently commanding prices of around $96 – artwork aside, it’s an incredibly powerful card in-game too.

Though somewhat convoluted, the Bursting Rage card’s ability allows the player to add 20000 Power to one of their Leader cards – and, in certain circumstances, stops their opponent from attacking with their Battle or Unison cards for the turn as well! 

4. Great Ape Cumber, Golden Wickedness Amplified – Secret Rare ($44)

Great Ape Cumber - Dragon Ball
Image Credit: Bandai Namco

Across our lists of the most valuable Dragon Ball Super cards, it’s very unusual to see many characters beyond Goku and Vegeta, or their fusions.

So it’s quite refreshing when another character from the overall saga’s extensive cast makes an appearance – as is the case with this card featuring Cumber.

Cumber is one of the main antagonists in more than one Dragon Ball story arc – including the Prison Planet Saga, which this card is drawn from – but also becomes an ally to our heroes in the New Space-Time War Saga.

He’s able to transform into a Golden Great Ape – which is the outcome of a Saiyan in Great Ape form becoming Super Saiyan.

Which of course means that it’s an immensely powerful form!

As for the card itself, it has an impressive array of abilities and keywords, as well as a very impressive level of 40000 Power.

Alongside Ultimate and Double Strike, Great Ape Cumber also has two strong Permanent abilities, one of which stops damage if it’s in Rest Mode.

It also has two Activate abilities, both of which give this card an obvious desirability for players – thus going some way to explaining its current average value at $44!

5. SS3 Son Goku, Premonitions of a Fierce Battle – V.1, Special Rare ($14)

Son Goku, Premonitions of a Fierce Battle - Dragon Ball
Image Credit: Bandai Namco

Though significantly lower in value than other cards on this list, it’s still impressive to see a  single card at $14 in value – considering that the Dragon Ball Super: Critical Blow set has not been available for very long.

Though, after the excitement of seeing Cumber pop up on this list in Great Ape form, it is perhaps disappointing to see yet another variation of Goku make an appearance.

However, this card is far from a slouch in terms of its in-game functionality.

It’s worth noting that it features a strong selection of keywords and abilities – including Energy-Exhaust, Deflect, Double Strike, a Permanent ability, a triggered Auto ability and even an Activate ability too.

It’s pretty loaded, in other words – more than ready for battle!

Though it’s not the highest in the game, it also has a pretty high Power level of 25000 too.

If you’re a fan of anime and manga, you might want to check out our coverage of the One Piece Card Game, which seems to be bringing in fans old and new to the tabletop!

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