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MTG Outlaws Of Thunder Junction Card List

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Despite the fact that Magic: The Gathering has been around for more than three decades, its jaunts across a seemingly endless multiverse has never taken the game to a Wild West-themed Plane.

That is, until now.

Planeswalkers, say howdy to Outlaws of Thunder Junction.

In the wake of last year’s huge Phyrexian invasion sets and the familiar characters and planes it took MTG players to, we’re heading to pastures new in 2024 and Outlaws of Thunder Junction seems to really be capitalising on its fresh, new setting.

There’s a hugely imaginative pairing of Western imagery and themes with fantasy tropes; though this is a fairly common mashup in pop culture in general, it is the first time we’ve seen not just Wild West, but ‘Weird West’ (as supernatural and fantasy-themed Westerns are often called) adapted and depicted on lavishly illustrated, cleverly designed Magic: The Gathering cards.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at MTG Outlaws Of Thunder Junction card list

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Card List

Interestingly, there are numerous set codes within Outlaws of Thunder Junction, with different format legality for each.

Which is why we’ve split our galleries and lists into cards from each Outlaws of Thunder Junction subset.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction: The Big Score (Set Code: BIG)

The characters in Outlaws of Thunder Junction are, with Planeswalker Oko as the mastermind, getting together to plan a massive heist. Cards in The Big Score subset appear to be the valuable, powerful treasures that Thunder Junction’s eponymous miscreants are after!

So far we have, as you can see above, The Sword of Wealth and Power and the Nexus of Becoming cards, in a variety of different card treatments including cards with Vault Frame artwork.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction: Main Set (Set Code: OTJ)

As you’d expect, this is where you’ll find the bulk of the Outlaws of Thunder Junction cards.

Alongside standard art cards with the OTJ set code, you’ll also see above that there’s extended art variants, gorgeous full art Land cards and even Wanted Poster variant cards, which really play into the set’s Wild West theme!

Outlaws of Thunder Junction: Commander Set (Set Code: OTC)

This is where you’ll find the Commander format cards.

So far, no cards with the OTC set code have been revealed, but we’ll be updating this list as soon as we have further details!

Outlaws of Thunder Junction: Breaking News Set (Set Code: OTP)

OTP is the code for the Breaking News subset; this features special, old West newspaper style frames and colour schemes, as well as some spectacular treatments using the same visual aesthetic as the unique, Western style frames.

Here you can see the Thoughtseize and Crime/Punishment cards in two different card variants.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction: Special Guests Set (Set Code: SPG)

The SPG code type has been used for numerous sets at this stage, but as yet the Special Guests cards for Outlaws of Thunder Junction have yet to be revealed.

We will update this list as soon as cards have been shown for this Outlaws of Thunder Junction subset.

What Cards Can I Find In Outlaws of Thunder Junction Play Boosters?

MTG Outlaws of Thunder Junction Play Boosters

Play Boosters have simplified the way that MTG players can delve into different formats, with the packs suitable for both Draft and Sealed play, as well as offering an exciting experience for fans looking to check out a new set in general. 

However, it does seem that Outlaws of Thunder Junction’s different card and set code types have perhaps made things a little more difficult to understand than is necessary.

That said, we’ve taken a look at what you’ll find in Play Boosters; this type of booster pack will contain cards with the OTJ, OTP, BIG, and SPG set codes.

As befits the purpose of Play Boosters, the cards they contain will all be fully legal and playable in Outlaws of Thunder Junction Draft and Sealed format games.

Where Can I Find Cards With The OTC Card Code?

MTG Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander Decks

The Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander cards have the OTC set code cards will be found in the set’s Commander Decks; these, along with the BIG and SPG coded cards, will be legal in Commander, Legacy and Vintage formats.

What Unique Card Types Are In The Outlaws Of Thunder Junction Set?

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Thoughtseize Newspaper Card

In keeping with the Western theme of Outlaws of Thunder Junction, newspaper style cards such as the Thoughtseize above can be found in the set.

There are also Wanted poster style cards, such as the Oko, The Ringleader Planeswalker card below.

Outlaws of Thunder Junction Oko Wanted Poster card

You’ll also find the unique Vault Frame cards in The Big Score subset, such as the Nexus of Becoming card below.

Nexus of Becoming MTG Outlaws Of Thunder Junction Card

Lastly, the full art land cards have a unique Western flavour too; notice in the example of the three cards below how each cleverly incorporates the Mana symbol into the landscape as well. We’re big fans of these special, Western Landscape Land cards!

MTG Outlaws of Thunder Junction Land Cards

All of these card types, along with the vibrant, colourful imagery, help to give Outlaws of Thunder Junction a unique ambience that makes it stand apart aside other Planes in Magic’s vast multiverse.

When Will Outlaws Of Thunder Junction Be Released?

MTG Outlaws of Thunder Junction Pre-Release Pack

Due to launch on April 19th, Outlaws of Thunder Junction’s pre-release events will take place the week beforehand, from April 12th to April 18th.

You can find your local pre-release events, where you’ll get to open boosters, get hold of a special Spindown Life Counter, promo card and deck box, as well as participate in casual tournaments and potentially win more promo cards and booster packs, by checking out the official MTG event locator here.

If you want some more insight as to what’s on the cards (no, I’m definitely not apologising for that pun) for MTG this year, beyond Outlaws of Thunder Junction, check out our MTG 2024 Release Schedule guide!

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