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Pokemon TCG Live Adds Battle Log Feature

Pokemon TCG Battle Log News

In a surprise update to the Pokemon TCG Live app, The Pokemon Company have added an exciting new feature: the Battle Log.

Pokemon TCG Battle Log News

Opening the app, you’ll be greeted by the above image, which explains what the Battle Log is.

Battle Log Button

Once you’ve finished a match, a ‘Battle Log’ Option appears underneath the results of the match, just above the Continue button. We’ve circled this in the image above, so you can clearly see where it is.

Pokemon Battle Log Screenshot

If you press this, it takes you to a detailed, turn by turn breakdown of everything that happened in the match, such as what abilities were used, what cards were played and how much damage was dealt.

It’s incredibly useful; newcomers to the game, who may sometimes be a bit blindsided by all of the different abilities and tactics used by more experienced players, can now see exactly what transpired at every stage of the game.

Even players with a good deal of Pokemon TCG experience may find a lot of use in these breakdowns; decks based around the Lost Zone, for example, or even cards that accelerate energy, such as the Tera Charizard ex, can be inspected to see how players use them, which isn’t always apparent in a fast paced game of Pokemon, especially if you’re not familiar with what each card does when used or played.

You can also copy Battle Logs to your device’s clipboard, then paste this into a Word or equivalent document.

Battle Log Export Example

This can be done by pressing the export button in the top right of the screen, which we’ve circled in red in the above image.

Pressing that button will copy the entire contents of the Battle Log to your clipboard, for you to use and refer back to any time!

Perhaps the most surprising thing about this addition is that it took so long to be added, but it’s definitely a welcome new feature; one that should prove very useful in fine tuning your decks and dealing with opponents who utilise more complex tactics against you and your Pokemon!

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