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New Pokemon TCG Set, Night Wanderer, Coming To Japan In June

Pokemon TCG Set Night Wanderer cards on the Card Gamer background

The newest set for the Pokemon TCG, Night Wanderer, has been revealed at the Champions League tournament in Japan. Thanks to the Pokemon Masters over at Pokebeach, we know that the Night Wanderer set is due to be released in Japan in June 2024, with the cards from the set making their way to the West in a special set in August 2024.

The set is another, like Twilight Masquerade, focusing on elements from the Scarlet & VIolet’s DLC, The Teal Mask. Whereas Twilight Masquerade features Ogerpon and the different forms it takes on when masked, in Night Wanderer, the focus is on Pecharunt and The Loyal Three.

Pokemon Pecharunt Japanese Card

The gang, consisting of the aforementioned leader Pecharunt (shown above), plus Okidogi, Munkidori and Fezandipiti (all three can be seen in the image below), steal Ogerpon’s masks after dark, which explains the Night Wanderer title of the set.

Pokemon: The Loyal Three

Ex versions of all four of the thieving Pokemon will be available; all four of the gang are Dark type Pokemon, so be prepared to see lots of decks making use of all four of these Pokemon! Night Wanderer will consist of 64 cards (plus Secret Rares); this number of cards is similar to the other, smaller sets that have released in recent years (such as Crown Zenith, for example).

No English card images have been shared as of yet, but there’s already been some exciting reveals, even though the cards we’ve seen so far are all Japanese. For example, check out the first ever Ace Spec Stadium card: Neutral Center!

An image of a pink Pokemon card with Japanese writing on it - Ace Spec Stadium card: Neutral Center

With thanks again to Pokebeach, the translation of Neutral Center reveals that it blocks all damage done to Pokemon that don’t have Rule Boxes, if they’re being attacked by an opponent’s Pokemon ex or Pokemon V. It also states that the card cannot be retrieved from the discard pile using Trainer card or Pokemon abilities; once it’s left play and in your discard pile, Neutral Center is gone for good.

As it’s an Ace Spec card, you can only have one overall in your deck; that’s right, not just one Neutral Center, one single Ace Spec card in general. That’s because their effects are so powerful that they can really change the course of a game.

As soon as we have English language cards to share, we’ll have a card list and gallery for you to check out; in the meantime, why not take a look at our Twilight Masquerade card list?

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