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Pokemon Twilight Masquerade Card List (Full List)

Pokemon Twilight Masquerade Card List (So Far) arranged on the Card Gamer background

Following on from the release of Temporal Forces in March, Twilight Masquerade will be bringing more Tera Pokemon, more ACE SPEC cards and even the mysterious Legendary Pokemon, Ogerpon, in four different, masked forms, to the Pokemon TCG.

What cards can you expect to find in this exciting, unusual set?

Well, alongside the aformentioned cards, you’ll also find some excellent full art, illustration rare cards, new gold rare cards and much more.

Let’s take a look at every card in the Twilight Masquerade Pokemon set!

Twilight Masquerade: Base Set Card Gallery

Here we have cards from the 167 that form the base set of Twilight Masquerade. This gallery features all of the cards numbered 1-167, in numerical order:

Twilight Masquerade: Secret Rare Card Gallery

Here’s where you’ll find all of the cards that go above the 167 card number; these are known as Secret Rares, due to the fact that their numbers exceed the ‘official’ number of cards in the set. So for example, the Pinsir card at the start of the gallery is numbered 168 of 167, and the card numbering goes all the way up to 226 of 167 with the Luminous Energy card!

It’s worth noting that none of these cards are unique; they’re all found in ‘standard’ art form in the 167 card base set for Twilight Masquerade. However, these Secret Rare cards, will full art and, for the latter cards on the list, textured foil treatments, are the ones that collectors always hunt for, and will be the cards that become the most valuable in any given set!

Secret Rare cards have different rarity levels and can feature different types of illustration or foil treatment; you can check out our guide to Pokemon Card Rarities here for a closer look at the different types of secret rares.

Importantly, there’s no mechanically new cards here; for example, each of these cards does appear within the 167 cards in the ‘base’ Twilight Masquerade card collection. So these cards are here for collectors; players can use the less valuable, more readily available cards from 1 to 167 in their decks, without the risk of damaging or subjecting a more valuable card to wear and tear during play!

What’s New In Twilight Masquerade?

TWM Four Ogerpon Cards

One of the Pokemon that’s sure to shake up the meta when Twilight Masquerade launches is Ogerpon.

Ogerpon is a Legendary Pokemon that was introduced in the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet video game’s DLC content, The Teal Mask.

Ogerpon has four different forms, depending on what mask it wears, and each one is represented in the Pokemon TCG, with different card for all four of Ogerpon’s masked forms!

The masks are as follows: Teal Mask, Hearthflame Mask, Wellspring Mask, and Cornerstone Mask.

So from the cards above, you can see that Teal Mask Ogerpon is a Grass type Pokemon, Hearthflame Mask Ogerpon is Fire type, Wellspring Mask Ogerpon is Water type and, finally, Cornerstone Mask Ogerpon is a Fighting energy type Pokemon.

Each are Tera ex Pokemon; this gives them a certain level of protection, as they cannot be harmed by attacks while on the Bench.

TWM Ogre's Mask Card

Additionally, the Ogre’s Mask Trainer card is an Item that specifically makes use of Ogerpon cards; you can choose a Pokemon ex from your discard pile to switch with one of your in-play Pokemon that also has Ogerpon in its name.

Though anything that’s on the Ogerpon that’s being switched into the discard pile will remain on the new Pokemon that’s coming into play, including damage, special conditions, effects and attached energy cards, it can be really useful if you’re finding yourself up against an energy type that you’re weak against with your current Ogerpon, or if you need to take advantage of your opponent’s weakness!

Or perhaps you want to make use of Hearthflame Mask Ogerpon’s increased damage when it’s got numerous damage counters itself; alternatively, there’s always Cornerstone Mask Ogerpon’s ability to stop all damage from attacks if your opponent’s Pokemon has an ability.

It’s a way of introducing a bit of clever play and unpredictability; if you come up against a player using multiple types of Ogerpon and strategically discarding them using, say, Professor’s Research or other cards or effects, you may well be in trouble!

Ace Spec Legacy Energy Card

More ACE SPEC cards, which were reintroduced in the Temporal Forces set (after being away for a decade!), will also be making an appearance. Though not the first ACE SPEC Energy card (that honour goes to NEO Upper Energy in Temporal Forces), Legacy Energy is part of the Twilight Masquerade set.

This card provides 1 of any type of Energy, but where its power truly lies is with what happens if the Pokemon its attached to is Knocked Out. When that happens, the attacking player takes one fewer Prize Card, which can, of course, really slow them down!

When Were The Twilight Masquerade Cards Released?

Bloodmoon Ursaluna

The Twilight Masquerade set’s release date is the 24th of May, 2024.

With pre-release events having taken place in the week beforehand, the cards have already been in the hands of eager players, and no doubt the meta is evolving right now. That’ll be thanks to Ogerpon, the new Ace Spec cards and even the slightly less prominent cards, such as the above pictured Bloodmoon Ursaluna.

Don’t worry if you missed the Twilight Masquerade pre-release events. These are held for almost every new set release, so you can find pre-release events, in your local area, using the official locator on the Pokemon TCG website, here, and make sure you get involved in the events for upcoming set, Shrouded Fable!

How Do I Get Started If I’m New To The Pokemon TCG?

Pokemon Cards In Hand

Pokemon TCG (Trading Card Game) sets, card and mechanics are released and updated at a rate that can be a bit overwhelming, and off-putting for players who might be interested in getting involved.

However, if you (or your child!) have become interested in playing or collecting Pokemon cards, it’s actually not that difficult once you know where to start, and we’ve put together a handy guide to help you with all aspects of the game.

You can check out our parents guide to the Pokemon TCG for lots of handy tips on where to begin, how to play and even how to get involved with local Pokemon groups!

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