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Pokemon Trick Or Trade 2023 Card List (Full List)

pokemon trick or trade 2023 card list

It’s time to find out if you’ve got something nasty or something nice in that special Halloween-themed booster pack – let’s check out the Pokemon Trick or Trade 2023 Card List!

In 2022, an entirely new type of Pokemon booster pack was released, known as Trick or Trade.

This year’s Trick or Trade set has just been released – and contains 30 cards, each of which we’ve seen in recent sets.

However, they do have a spooky Pumpkin Pikachu logo in the corner of the illustration, to differentiate each one from the original printing of the card.

Here’s a look at the Pokemon Trick or Trade 2023 card list!

How Many Trick or Trade Cards Are There In The Set?

There are 30 cards in the 2023 Trick or Trade set.

These are as follows – in alphabetical order – with each card’s original set code and number also denoted in the list accompanying the images:

  • Banette (LOR 073)
  • Chandelure (LOR 026)
  • Dhelmise (VIV 019)
  • Drifblim (SVI090)
  • Drifloon (SVI 089)
  • Dusclops (VIV 070)
  • Dusknoir (VIV 071)
  • Duskull (VIV 069)
  • Galarian Runerigus (RCL 102)
  • Gastly (LOR 064)
  • Gengar (LOR 066)
  • Greavard (SVI 104)
  • Haunter (LOR 065)
  • Houndoom (SVI 034)
  • Houndstone (SVI 106)
  • Lampent (LOR 025)
  • Litwick (LOR 024)
  • Lycanroc (VIV 095)
  • Marshadow (EVS 080)
  • Mimikyu (PAL 097)
  • Mismagius (PAL 088)
  • Murkrow (PAL 131)
  • Phantump (LOR 016)
  • Pikachu (PAL 062)
  • Polteageist (SSH 090)
  • Shuppet (SVI 087)
  • Sinistea (SSH 089)
  • Spectrier (LOR 081)
  • Trevenant (LOR 017)
  • Zubat (SIT 103)

When Did The First Trick or Trade Set Launch?

The original Trick or Trade set launched in 2022 – and was sold as a bulk pack, containing 40 boosters – with each booster containing three cards. 

This was called the Trick or Trade BOOster Bundle – sticking to the spooky season theme.

As you may have guessed, Trick or Trade boosters launch in time for Halloween.

They’re intended to be used as handouts for Trick or Treaters on October 31st; ever more health conscious parents will no doubt be delighted to find their kids choosing Pokemon cards over tooth destroying candy on All Hallows Eve!

What’s Different In The 2023 Trick or Trade Set?

Trick or Trade Booster 2023

The 2023 set is available in a BOOster Bundle pack of 50, 3-card boosters, thus containing 150 cards overall.

Just like the 2022 set, the cards themselves are a mini set, comprised of cards from recently released sets. 

Why Do These Pokemon Appear In The Trick or Trade Sets?

Due to the Halloween theme, the Trick or Trade mini sets are mostly themed around spookier types of Pokemon – there’s lots of Psychic and Dark type cards, for example (why not check out our guide to Pokemon energy types for a bit more insight into those?).

Pokemon Trick or Trade 2023

One notable exception is Pikachu – who is part of the set likely just because it’s Pikachu!

As we’ve previously mentioned, there’s also a pumpkin Pikachu symbol in the corner of each card’s illustration, to more easily identify the Trick or Trade card reprints in comparison to their original versions.

That’s also helpful as each card retains its original set code, symbol and number, so if that symbol wasn’t there, it would be impossible to tell the difference between the Trick or Trade cards and the originally released versions!

Where To Buy Trick or Trade Pokemon Cards

The best place to buy Pokemon Trick or Trade cards is on Amazon, but stores such as Walmart, Target and others sell them too.

Are Trick or Trade Pokemon Cards Worth Collecting?

Intended as a fun bonus for kids on Halloween, given the fact that these cards are reprints of existing Pokemon cards, they’re unlikely to ever hold significant value for collectors – there’s no super rares, full art or Trainer Gallery cards here.

Incidentally, you can check out our full list of all Trainer Gallery Pokemon cards if you want to see some beautifully designed, full art Pokemon cards.

It’s just a neat collection of no nonsense cards that provide a good glimpse at the lightly scary side of Pokemon.

They are definitely a fun set to collect – with the unique Halloween-themed symbol and spooky collection of Pokemon (and Pikachu!).

Not only that, but with only 30 cards in the set and each one available for pennies on websites such as Cardmarket and eBay, you can collect the entire set for a very low price.

As a way of piquing interest in Pokemon, they’re a great gateway product too – you may avoid your child destroying their teeth, but just know that their pocket money could instead be going towards collecting Pokemon cards once they have a few of these packs in hand!

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