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Star Wars Unlimited Pre-Order Bonuses Announced

Star Wars Unlimited Rulebook Art

As if the trading card game scene hasn’t seen enough excitement in the last year, with Lord of the Rings making its presence felt in Magic: The Gathering in a big way, huge new developments occurring in the Pokemon TCG and Disney Lorcana launching to huge critical and commercial success, yet another big TCG is on the way.

Star Wars Unlimited is the latest game to bring the galaxy far, far away to to the tabletop; it’s arriving in March 2024.

With a simplified, straightforward style and product range, it looks like Star Wars Unlimited will provide an accessible and enjoyable experience for players of all skill levels, without it breaking the bank or being difficult to know where to start.

Though most Trading Card Games release sets with a wealth of different packs and collections, Star Wars Unlimited’s stripped back approach really is admirable.

Star Wars Unlimited - Spark of Rebellion Products

Beyond a Pre Release box, intended for players to get a taste of the game ahead of its official launch and containing six booster packs, tokens and promo variants of the Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader Leader cards, the only other products available for the release of first set, Spark of Rebellion, are a two player Starter Set and the booster packs themselves.

It’s incredibly refreshing, both as a Star Wars and TCG fan, to know that there’s not a million different products to get hold of in order to get into Star Wars Unlimited.

What’s more, publisher Asmodee have just announced a bonus for customers who pre-order their Star Wars Unlimited cards from retailers who have signed up to their Hobby Next program.

Hobby Next is a way for Asmodee to provide extra incentive for players to use local, independent stores – the pre-order bonus for Star Wars Unlimited is a good example of that.


The bonus is in the form of a branded initiative token, along with a full art deck box, featuring Luke Skywalker vs Darth Vader meeting for their iconic first lightsaber fight, in the depths of Bespin’s Cloud City.

It couldn’t be any easier to get your hands on these neat little accessories either.

To receive the token and deck box when Star Wars Unlimited: Spark of Rebellion launches on the 8th of March, simply pre-order the two player Starter Set and six boosters from a Hobby Next store.

You can find your local Hobby Next stockist using the store locator on Asmodee’s website here.

If you want to get your hands on the exclusive deck box and initiative token, don’t wait to pre-order your Starter Set and 6 booster packs, as they’re only available while stocks last!

For further information on the first set’s range, check out our Star Wars Unlimited: Spark of Rebellion product list.

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