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Yu-Gi-Oh Card Size And Dimensions In 2023

yugioh card dimensions

When it comes to buying equipment for Yu-Gi-Oh, it’s important to know the common Yu-Gi-Oh card size and dimensions.

It’s important to know this so that you can properly prepare for any rare cards that you get and that you want to keep safe. You see, there are a lot of card sleeves and binders out there for cards of all different sizes since they’re designed specifically for different trading card games.

You can’t use the same sleeves for Magic The Gathering, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Disney Lorcana after all, and they’re only the really major trading card games. Learning the correct size and dimensions of your Yu-Gi-Oh card can allow you to easily pick up the correct items without wasting money.

It is notable, though, that certain Yu-Gi-Oh cards have variants of differing sizes. Normally these cards aren’t actually playable in a match, though, so you shouldn’t worry about needing to get sleeves for them, but you may become concerned with finding a way to actually store the cards. 

Some people choose to double-sleeve cards, which is also seen as something acceptable within the Yu-Gi-Oh community. It’s worth noting though that you can’t just double-sleeve one card in your deck, as that would make it extremely clear where a certain card is, so you’ll need to make sure you double-sleeve everything in your deck. 

How big is a Yu-Gi-Oh Card?

yugioh cards

A standard YuGiOh card is 3.25 x 2.25 inches or 8.6 x 5.9 centimeters.

Now, it’s not only sleeves you’ll need to pick for your collection, it’s also binders, specifically binders that actually fit your cards. The best thing that we can recommend is that you take a couple of cards with you to the store when you buy a binder and check to see if they actually fit.

The basic conceit of Yu-Gi-Oh is that you need a minimum of 40 cards in your deck, with an overall maximum of 60. This means that you’ll need to buy enough sleeves to cover that, and you should also consider the fact that there’s also the extra deck and the side deck to think about.

The side deck can be a maximum of fifteen cards, and the extra deck can also be a maximum of fifteen cards, so overall you’re going to have a minimum of 70 cards and a maximum of 90 to sleeve up, so make sure that you get the sleeves that suit your deck the best and actually fit your cards.

I personally have made the mistake several times of buying sleeves that I thought looked really cool, only to open them and then discover that they were designed for a completely different TCG and that they don’t even fit my Yu-Gi-Oh cards at all.

How thick is a Yu-Gi-Oh Card?

A Yu-Gi-Oh card has a thickness of 0.022 inches or 0.5588mm.

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