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Yu-Gi-Oh Maze of Millennia Card List [Full List]

Yu-Gi-Oh Maze of Millennia Card List - sample selection of cards on the Card Gamer background

The first Yu-Gi-Oh set release of 2024, Maze of Millennia is pretty exciting, as it is bringing some very famous cards into the game for the first time!

Hang on, I hear you say; if these cards are so famous, how come they’ve not actually been featured in the Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game before?

Well, that’s because they initially featured in the Yu-Gi-Oh anime, despite not being ‘real’ cards from the game.

In the case of the Eye of Illusion card, its history goes as far back as the second episode of the original Yu-Gi-Oh anime series, which originally aired way back at the turn of the 21st century.

So what other cards can you find in the Maze of Millennia set?

Let’s take a look!

Yu-Gi-Oh Maze of Millennia Card List

The list of card names and numbers from the Maze of Millennia set are as follows:

  • MZM-000 Junk Warrior
  • MZM-001 Fighting Flame Swordsman
  • MZM-003 Salamandra, the Flying Flame Dragon
  • MZM-004 Mirage Swordsman
  • MZM-005 Ultimate Flame Swordsman
  • MZM-006 Fighting Flame Dragon
  • MZM-007 Flame Swordsrealm
  • MZM-008 Salamandra Fusion
  • MZM-009 Fighting Flame Sword
  • MZM-010 Salamandra with Chain
  • MZM-011 Flame Swordsdance
  • MZM-012 Eye of Illusion
  • MZM-013 Kaitoptera
  • MZM-014 Horned Saurus
  • MZM-015 Clorless, Chaos King of Dark World
  • MZM-016 Arcana Force XV – The Fiend
  • MZM-017 Bonfire
  • MZM-018 Combat Wheel
  • MZM-019 Ashoka Pillar
  • MZM-020 Cabrera Stone
  • MZM-021 Triangle O
  • MZM-022 Totem Pole
  • MZM-023 Earthbound Release
  • MZM-024 Number 1: Infection Buzzking
  • MZM-025 Photon Delta Wing
  • MZM-026 Armored Xyz
  • MZM-027 Ring Announcer
  • MZM-028 Earthbound Prisoner Ground Keeper
  • MZM-029 Earthbound Prisoner Stone Sweeper
  • MZM-030 Earthbound Prisoner Line Walker
  • MZM-031 Earthbound Servant Geo Kraken
  • MZM-032 Earthbound Servant Geo Grasha
  • MZM-033 Earthbound Servant Geo Gremlin
  • MZM-034 Earthbound Servant Geo Gryphon
  • MZM-035 Earthbound Prison
  • MZM-036 Harmonic Synchro Fusion
  • MZM-037 Phoenix Gearblade
  • MZM-038 Drastic Draw
  • MZM-039 Transaction Rollback
  • MZM-040 Code Hack
  • MZM-041 Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast
  • MZM-042 Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts
  • MZM-043 Berfomet
  • MZM-044 Doppelwarrior
  • MZM-045 Jet Synchron
  • MZM-046 Satellite Synchron
  • MZM-047 De-Synchro
  • MZM-048 Synchro Chase
  • MZM-049 Earthbound Immortal Aslla piscu
  • MZM-050 Earthbound Linewalker
  • MZM-051 Earthbound Greater Linewalker
  • MZM-052 Hundred Eyes Dragon
  • MZM-053 Earthbound Geoglyph
  • MZM-054 Full Armored Crystalzero Lancer
  • MZM-055 Full Armored Black Ray Lancer
  • MZM-056 Supreme King Gate Zero
  • MZM-057 Supreme King Gate Infinity
  • MZM-058 Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm
  • MZM-059 Supreme King Dragon Odd-Eyes
  • MZM-060 Supreme King Dragon Clear Wing
  • MZM-061 Supreme King Dragon Dark Rebellion
  • MZM-062 Supreme Rage
  • MZM-063 Altergeist Marionetter
  • MZM-064 Altergeist Silquitous
  • MZM-065 Altergeist Meluseek
  • MZM-066 Altergeist Multifaker
  • MZM-067 Altergeist Hexstia
  • MZM-068 Altergeist Primebanshee
  • MZM-069 Altergeist Protocol
  • MZM-070 Ancient Chant
  • MZM-071 Millennium Revelation
  • MZM-072 Sun God Unification
  • MZM-073 Majespecter Raccoon – Bunbuku
  • MZM-074 Majespecter Crow – Yata
  • MZM-075 Majespecter Toad – Ogama
  • MZM-076 Majespecter Cyclone
  • MZM-077 Rescue-ACE Hydrant
  • MZM-078 Rescue-ACE Turbulence
  • MZM-079 RESCUE!
  • MZM-083 CONTAIN!
  • MZM-084 ALERT!
  • MZM-085 Triple Tactics Thrust

What’s So Special About Eye Of Illusion?

Eye of Illusion Card
Image Credit: Konami

As mentioned above, Eye of Illusion made an appearance in the second episode of Yu-Gi-Oh.

In the episode, the evil Maximillion Pegasus uses Eye of Illusion to place series protagonist Yugi into a television – keeping him away as he steals Yugi’s grandfather’s soul.

To add to the card’s mystique and power even further, it seems that the Eye of Illusion has many more tricks up its sleeve, as Pegasus goes on to control Yugi’s Dark Magician with it!

Of course, these effects aren’t necessarily the easiest to replicate within the game itself, so it’s hardly surprising that it’s taken so long for Eye of Illusion to make it into tangible, physical form in the real world.

The card text on Eye of Illusion reads as follows:

If you control an Illusion or Spellcaster monster: Activate 1 of these effects;

● Your Illusion and Spellcaster monsters cannot be destroyed by battle this turn.
● During your opponent’s turn: Target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; take control of it until the End Phase.
● When an opponent’s monster declares an attack: Target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls, except the attacking monster; change the attack target to it and perform damage calculation.

It’s powerful and does allow its owner to take control of an opponent’s character, but sadly there’s no way to remove your opponent from the game and place them inside a television.

Though there are more anime-originated cards in Maze of Millennia, there’s also plenty of reprints too; in fact, all cards from MZM-040 onwards are reprints of cards previously seen in the game!

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