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Quiver Card Case Review

quiver card case

8.7out of 10

Build Quality9
Card Protection8

If you’re a big card gamer, and one that likes to travel with lots of cards, then a decent card case is mandatory for any enthusiasts collection.

The world of accessories features lots of card cases, both big and small, some built with quality in mind, some with design at the forefront of their strategy and others with protection as their unique selling point.

Quiver were nice enough to send over a few of their accessories for us to test, and to supply our readers with an honest, non-biased review.

One of those accessories was the Quiver Card Case, a premium card case made in the United States of America which offers storage for up to 1,000 cards.

Yes, you read that right, you can take 1,350 cards on the go, slightly less at around 770 cards if you have all of them sleeved up, 625 double sleeved or even 6 – 8 Pro Deck boxes.

Out Of The Box

quiver card case red open

The Quiver Card Case came with well presented and professional packaging, and was even stored in a thick plastic bag for extra protection upon delivery.

Once removed from the packaging, you get a real sense of size and quality as soon as you touch it.

The Quiver Card Case comes in at 17.5″ long and 3.5″ with an added shoulder strap should you want to feel like some kind of wizard with your wand case on your shoulder. The strap isn’t anything to shout about, but its all you need seeing as the card case with cards is still fairly light.

The straps attach to very high quality metal connectors on the side, which hang off the sides with leather tabs that keep it all together.

In the case Quiver add a wide number of accessories for you. This includes 100 Apollo sleeves, which is their premium penny sleeves, and are very well made.

quiver card case inside open

You will also get four plastic branded dividers, which I have to admit are a little sharp around the edges so I have been wary about placing them next to any rare cards, especially if they are not sleeved.

Finally Quiver also add five padded velcro dividers which I advise using over the plastic ones, these feature more protection, and can be moved wherever you want up and down the Quiver Carry Case, combined with their corner pads it offers superb protection.

You’re not just buying the case here, there’s a boat load of extra that come with it, including three years of warranty, which gives you an insight into how much the Quiver team believe in their products.

Design & Build Quality

quiver card case close ups

The Quiver Card case is one of the most stunning card cases we have ever tested, and you’ll know exactly what we mean if you are lucky enough to get one in your hands.

The case itself is wrapped in a high quality artificial polyurethane leather, which is very durable and typically found in high end shoes, so it’s a great protective material for a card case that you travel with.

It’s hard to miss the logo thanks to it being made out of a high gloss metal that is located on the top of the lid, making it obvious who created this masterpiece.

The same goes for the zips, they are made of a high quality, thick metal that features two rings allowing you lock your cards away should you be transporting any rare cards. It also comes with zip protectors, which is basically a small sleeve that goes over both zips when closed.

quiver card game case

This is a lovely feature but because its not attached to the box it can easily fall off and be lost for good, I wish they attached to a corner with a bit of leather so that card gamers won’t lose it because its such a lovely accessory that consciously makes you not want to keep the card case in top notch condition.

One of the most obvious features you will find on the Quiver Card Case is the high quality zips, the metal zips are attached to rubberised, water resistant seem that is a little tough to glide the zip through but offers many protective benefits.

It adds to the premium quality of the card case and gives you peace of mind when travelling in unpredictable weather, of protection against spillages in the game space.

On the inside lid you will find a netted section with a zip that allows you to add coins, dice, dividers and thin accessories.

In the main compartement you will find your velcro dividers and your stored cards. THe velcro is strong enough to keep cards contained should you not fill the card case, and the protector corners add some padding to the ends should you need it.

The interior is wrapped in a soft cloth that gives it some minor padding, however i would have liked more padding in here for my sleeved cards. Toploaded cards are fine, but if you have some loose sections in the card case there is some minor movement in the case.

To help with that, some extra padding on the interior would have been nice. Admittedly this would have made the case a bit bigger, but its hard not to notice how hard the inside is, this would also help with noise, not that its a “loud” carry case.

Card Protection & Transportation

quiver card case close up inside

That previous issue brings me onto the overall card protection and transportation quality of the Quiver Card Case. Yes, it looks stunning but can it protect your cards over the long term?

This case performs best when its full with cards, and is primarily aimed at those who want to carry their bulk cards around with them, as much as protection is good its not one I would transport my expensive or rare cards in.

That’s because there is some minor movement inside the case with sleeves, or loose cards. To combat that I used all of my dividers, and added in deck cases to fill it out.

The dividers are padded nicely supplying good protection, but as mentioned before, the interior of the case could have done with some extra padding, even it was an extra cm or two!

On the outside the card case is protected by a thick layer of hard leather and platic on hte inside, so scratches or heavy bumps will not damage your cards at all.

Something seriously heavy would have to hit or run over this to cause any damage to your cards. Exterior protection on this product is top tier, especially when you combine it with its weather resistant zips and leather.

Overall Opinion

red quiver card case

Hands down, the Quiver Card Case is one of the best card game carry cases on the market. It’s visually stunning with a wide selection of colours to choose from to match your cards.

The attention to detail in the logo, the zips, the quality of leather and the straps is top tier, something I don’t see many companies doing in this niche.

It allows you to card a wide number of cards and comes with a bunch of accessories, and even though it could have extra padding in areas, and maybe a softer interior material such as microfibre could have been used it still does the job of protecting and storing your cards incredible well.

It’s our go to carry case as of writing this review, there’s very little to criticise here, it’s a superb product that I highly recommend.

You can view the Quiver Card Case on Amazon here.

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