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6 Best My Hero Academia Booster Boxes of 2024

My Hero Academia Booster Boxes

Though it had been around for many years as the Universal Fighting System CCG (or UFS), UniVersus underwent a relatively recent rebrand and relaunch with My Hero Academia as its primary, initial focus.

Though other franchises are now being brought to UniVersus, one of the coolest things about UFS/UniVersus is that characters, actions and settings from any series are cross-compatible with each other.

Want to pit a My Hero Academia deck against a Cowboy Bebop cards? Or even mix and match what you take into battle against your opponent?

UniVersus allows you to do that; take a look at our Cowboy Bebop and Trigun Stampede UniVersus CCG article for more on just a few of the exciting new series that have been brought to the game.

Despite the new franchises being brought into the CCG, My Hero Academia is going to remain a big part of UniVersus going forward.

If you haven’t jumped aboard yet, however, which booster boxes are the best to get hold of, in order to get yourself an instant selection of cards to choose from?

Let’s find out, as we check out the best My Hero Academia Booster Boxes!

1. My Hero Academia CCG – Base Set (MHA01, 2021)

My Hero Academia - Base Set Booster Box

Normally, when a CCG or TCG (that’s Collectable Card Game or Trading Card Game, terms which are pretty much interchangeable) expands and new sets are released, older booster boxes are phased out, becoming difficult to find and, as a result, much more expensive to acquire.

The My Hero Academia CCG seems to be a very rare exception in that area, with booster boxes from older sets not only being readily available, but also dropping in price rather than rising!

Which makes it incredibly easy to make the very first My Hero Academia CCG set release our top choice for the best booster boxes to buy.

Not only will you be grabbing yourself a great selection of cards, given that 24 booster packs are included, each containing 10 cards, but you’ll be giving yourself the best chance of getting hold of very rare cards too.

You can check out our guide to My Hero Academia Card Rarities for more information on the different types of rare card to be found in the game.

It’s also worth noting that, if you’re new to My Hero Academia, pairing the purchase of a reasonably priced booster box with a 2 Player Rival Box is a great way to both learn the game and have a fantastic selection of cards to deck build with.

Here at Card Gamer, we’re very impressed with how accessible the My Hero Academia CCG is; that doesn’t just go for its intuitive, easy to learn mechanics, but also the cost of buying cards.

The latter point is often a huge barrier to entry for most younger players; with the My Hero Academia’s Base Set booster box, if you don’t mind using older cards or your intention is only to play casually against friends, it’s not going to cost the earth to get involved.

2.  My Hero Academia CCG – Jet Burn (MHA06, 2023)

My Hero Academia - Jet Burn Booster Box

If you’re not a beginner, for example if you’re already au fait with the mechanics of UniVersus and you’ve been playing My Hero Academia already, you’re naturally going to want to jump in with the most recent set; that’s Jet Burn.

It’s important to keep up with the current meta – that is to say, the top strategies, combos and features – in any CCG, so getting hold of a booster box, that contains a selection of the most up to date cards, is definitely the best way to do that!

So, what is new in Jet Burn, the sixth My Hero Academia booster set?

Well, the main selling point of Jet Burn is that it focuses on the Pro Heroes; within the set, characters such as Pro Hero Hawks, Best Jeanist and Ryukyu are making their debuts.

Jet Burn also features the return of characters such as Endeavor, Mt. Lady, Kamui Woods and even All Might (True Form), alongside several others.

Of course, Students are well represented too (it won’t surprise you that series protagonist Izuku Midoriya is here!), so there’s a great selection of both heroes and villains to build a deck around!

Naturally, getting hold of a Jet Burn booster box is far costlier than buying most of the older releases, but if you’re looking to stay competitive, this is definitely the box to get!

3. My Hero Academia CCG – Undaunted Raid (MHA05, 2023)

My Hero Academia - Undaunted Raid Booster Box

The fifth booster set for My Hero Academia is Undaunted Raid, which focuses on the police’s attempt to rescue Eri from the Shie Hassaikai compound, as well as take down the devastatingly powerful master of matter, Overhaul.

Undaunted Raid booster boxes are a great choice, as the rate of Secret Rare cards was increased with this set; given that they’re found at an average rate of 1 per box, getting hold of a booster box feels like a no brainer for collectors!

Do note, however, that this doesn’t guarantee a Secret Rare in every single box, though the chances are high that you’ll get one if you do manage to purchase a sealed booster box!

Of course, where would we be if we didn’t get another Izuku Midoriya card? Of course, he’s in Undaunted Raid, alongside the debuts of Pro Hero characters Sir Nighteye and Fat Gum.

There’s also serialized Chrome Rare Attack cards to find in Undaunted Raid; these are so scarce that only 100 copies of each card have been printed worldwide, so your chances of finding these are significantly lower than getting a Secret Rare in your box.

With these Chrome Rare Attack cards being so rare and highly sought after, Undaunted Raid booster boxes are a fantastic choice if you want to try your luck; you never know, you may end up getting hold of some very rare cards indeed!

4. My Hero Academia CCG – Heroes Clash (MHA03, 2022)

My Hero Academia - Heroes Clash Booster Box

Heroes Clash was the third booster set release for the My Hero Academia CCG, as well as being the first set to introduce serialized Chrome Rare cards.

In Heroes Clash, there are five Chrome Rare cards to find; unlike in Undaunted Raid, the Chrome Rares here are all Characters.

Once more, there are only 100 copies of each Chrome Rare card in existence, so naturally they’re very valuable and highly sought after by collectors and My Hero Academia fans.

Student Koji Koda and Pro Hero Thirteen make their debuts in Heroes Clash too, alongside other characters who return from previous sets.

Many cards in Heroes Clash also feature artwork from mobile game My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero.

Perhaps because of the chance to find Chrome Rare Character cards, Heroes Clash booster boxes tend to be a bit pricier than others; it’s definitely a very popular choice for collectors, but it does mean that this set may feel out of reach to many fans, from a cost point of view.

5. My Hero Academia CCG – Crimson Rampage (MHA02, 2022)

My Hero Academia - Crimson Rampage Booster Box

Featuring the debut of numerous fan favourite heroes and villains, Crimson Rampage was the second booster set to be released for the My Hero Academia CCG.

Heroes such as Mei Hatsume and Gran Torino made their first CCG appearances in Crimson Rampage, alongside villains such as Stain, Dabi and Himiko Toga.

Though there’s no serialized Chrome Rares in Crimson Rampage (those didn’t make an appearance until the third set, Heroes Clash), it’s a good choice if you like to play less aggressively, with plenty of cards included that make it easier to build defensive strategies into your decks.

6. My Hero Academia CCG – League of Villains (MHA04, 2022)

My Hero Academia - League of Villains Booster Box

Though League of Villains, the fourth booster set for the My Hero Academia CCG, does introduce a new keyword (Echo), it strangely doesn’t feature any Chrome Rare cards at all.

It feels a little bit like a step back after Chrome Rares debuted in Heroes Clash; the removal of this highly scarce card type does remove some of the excitement from opening booster packs.

Even if the chances of getting Chrome Rares is incredibly low, any CCG fan will tell you that just the potential of finding one is thrilling, each and every time you unwrap a booster!

The aforementioned new keyword, Echo, is great however; it’s an attack keyword that allows players to pay one momentum, in order to repeat their attack.

So those are our recommendations for the best My Hero Academia booster boxes!

If you do get hold of any of these booster boxes, you’re going to want to protect your cards; we’d highly recommend checking out our best trading card sleeves and best trading card binders guides, so you can see our recommendations for the best ways to keep your cards safe, whether you’re using them in decks, storing or displaying them!

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