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A Conjuring At Curdle Cove, The Latest Achroma Chronicle Is Now Available

Achroma - Curdle Cove Sets

Despite only having launched a few years ago, evolving card game Achroma has been making quite a name for itself, and is one of the best card games for teenagers and adults on the market.

The game has seen great increases in popularity, thanks to its clever mechanics, beautifully designed cards and – here’s where the innovative, ‘evolving’ part of the experience comes in – ongoing lore that develops according to the outcome of all games played. 

Its latest set – or Chronicle – release, has just launched, with the fifth Chronicle named A Conjuring at Curdle Cove.

Each Chronicle – and A Conjuring at Curdle Cove is no exception – functions as an ideal jumping on point for new players, as well as a great continuation of the ongoing storyline for existing fans.

Unlike games that promote themselves as Collectable or Trading Card Games (CCGs and TCGs), Achroma isn’t sold using a blind booster model, despite there still being a deck building aspect that players can choose to involve themselves in.

Instead, each Chronicle is made up of a number of ‘Palettes’, which are pre-constructed decks comprising of cards from numerous factions. 

These can be picked up in sets of two Palettes – enough for two players to play together – which are randomised in terms of which Palettes you receive, aside from the fact that you’re guaranteed to get Palettes from two different factions.

Achroma - Curdle Cove Box Set

A Conjuring at Curdle Cove brings 60 new cards to the game, along with three new factions.

In A Conjuring at Curdle Cove, the faction Palettes are as follows:

• The Veil Chaser Voyagers – Captain Cassius

• The Veil Chaser Voyagers – The Veil Chaser

• The Moonveil Coven – Eldoris of Culuda

• The Moonveil Coven – Pearl of Culuda

• The Freefolk of Luxmorn – Asa

• The Freefolk of Luxmorn – Lord Eldrich Willard

There’s also the option to pick up a Limited Edition collection of all six Palettes, along with a promo card.

Achroma - Curdle Cove Collection

In story terms, A Conjuring at Curdle Cove returns players to the realm of Salum Planum, where villagers have started to go missing amidst sightings of weird creatures. 

The coastal setting allows for an almost Lovecraftian theme – albeit in the appealing, Studio Ghibli-esque aesthetic style that Achroma is known for – which, of course, includes mysterious sea creatures along with coastal towns and nautical characters.

Jack Constantine – CEO of Achroma’s publisher, Realm Runner Studios – said the following in the press release for the latest Chronicle: “A Conjuring at Curdle Cove’s enticing lore, spellbinding illustration, captivating characters, thrilling sea creatures and advanced game mechanics makes it our most promethean and unputdownable TTCG yet.”

He also goes on to reveal that the set was created with input from Achroma’s players. “I’m so thankful to our devoted community for continually inspiring us. We play tested A Conjuring at Curdle Cove with teams from Discord to improve the game design and developed more creative play styles. Thematically, the new game mechanics reflect the narrative more than ever before. A Conjuring at Curdle Cove plays as it would if you were actually reading this riveting story.”

You can purchase the complete A Conjuring at Curdle Cove First Edition Collection at the Achroma store here, for £80.00. As it’s limited, you’ll have to be quick – stock is already low on this particular collection.

If you’d rather test out the new mechanics and uncover the new story for yourself with a random selection of two decks, you can purchase the standard first edition box at the Achroma store using this link.

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