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10 Most Valuable Flesh & Blood Cards of 2024

Most Valuable Flesh and Blood Cards

Choose your Hero and kit them out with the finest equipment and attacks, but make sure you pack a lot of gold too, as we venture into the world of Rathe and check out the most valuable Flesh and Blood cards!

As a relatively new game, launched in late 2019, as well as being an entirely new intellectual property, Flesh and Blood doesn’t have the pull of nostalgia that games such as Magic: The Gathering or Pokemon have, which often contributes to the value of many cards in those games.

Yet despite this, publishers Legend Story Studios have done a spectacular job with increasing the audience for their trading card game, thanks not just to its unique mechanics and feel, but also because of an impressively detailed, compelling in-game universe and some genuinely stunning card art.

As such, you may be surprised by the value that some cards have reached in such a short space of time; there are numerous rare, highly sought after cards that have absolutely skyrocketed in value. We’ve used TCG Player to find out the current average selling price of all Flesh and Blood cards, in order to find out which ones are changing hands for the most money right now.

Which are the most expensive right now? Let’s find out, as we check out the most valuable Flesh and Blood cards!

1. Emperor, Dracai of Aesir – Marvel ($725)

FAB Emperor Dracai of Aesir Marvel

The 2022 Flesh and Blood set Dynasty had lore and an overall aesthetic that was deeply inspired by Asian history and mythology. An elaborately designed, lavish palace formed the backdrop of this visually spectacular (aren’t they all, when it comes to Flesh and Blood?) set.

This particular card, Emperor, Dracai of Aesir, has proven to be one of the most popular in the Dynasty set, mostly because it has so many classes, making it incredibly versatile. If you look at the bottom of the card, you’ll see that Emperor, Dracai of Aesir is a Royal Draconic Warrior Wizard Hero; quite a mouthful, I’m sure you’ll agree!

This particular variant of the card is at the Marvel rarity level; though Marvel cards aren’t mechanically unique (they’re always alternate art versions of other cards in any given set), their themed artwork, which always matches the setting of the expansion they’re a part of, make them highly desirable.

As does their overall rarity, with Emperor, Dracai of Aesir being one of the rarest, non-promo or prize cards in Flesh and Blood; its pull rate is estimated to be around 1 in 10,000 booster packs (thanks to The Realistic Collector for that information). So it’s no surprise that this card sits at the top of our most valuable Flesh and Blood cards list, with a current average selling price of $725.

Even the non-Marvel, standard variant of Emperor, Dracai of Aesir will set you back around $24 at the current average selling price, so if you want this Hero in your deck, be prepared for it to be pretty costly to put together!

2. Command and Conquer – Fabled ($705)

FAB Command and Conquer Fabled

It’s perhaps a surprise to see a Fabled card ranked so highly; after all, despite Fabled cards being rare (they’re the rarest cards in Flesh and Blood aside from Marvels), they’re nowhere near as scarce as Marvels.

Yet the eagled eyed amongst you may have spotted something that makes this card’s popularity much more obvious. If you take a closer look at the Emperor, Dracai of Aesir card, you’ll notice that one of its abilities names the Command and Conquer card specifically.

The relevant Action text on Emperor, Dracai of Aesir states that, for 3 resources, you can search your deck for Command and Conquer, attack with it and then shuffle your deck. Part of the text on Command and Conquer reveals why this might be an especially attractive proposition too; that’s because when it hits a hero, you destroy all cards in their arsenal.

Just like Emperor, Dracai of Aesir, there are variants of Command and Conquer that are less costly and more common, but the cheapest version of Command and Conquer will still set you back nearly $80 on average. We weren’t kidding when we said that putting together an Emperor, Dracai of Aesir deck would prove to be a costly endeavour!

3. Levia, Redeemed/Blasmophet, Levia Consumed – Marvel ($550)

FAB Levia and Blasphomet

You could be forgiven for thinking that we’ve got two cards occupying the same spot here, but in fact Levia, Redeemed and Blasmophet, Levia Consumed are two sides of the same card. There’s an awful lot of text on this card, especially by Flesh and Blood standards, but the short version is that you can transform Levia, Redeemed into Blasmophet, Levia Consumed if you turn all of the cards in your banished zone face down.

Given how much text there is on this card, there are of course more stipulations. You can only do this if Levia, Redeemed is in your inventory and you have 13 or more cards with blood debt in your banished zone.

Oh, and you’re only allowed to have one of these in your deck too (and only if you’re using Levia as your Hero)! So, what’s the benefit of transforming? Well, Blasmophet has 13 Life, for one thing, but also their own abilities, which allows them to play blood debt cards from the banished zone and stop Life loss from blood debt cards, instead banishing the top card of your deck.

It’s no wonder that this card’s Marvel variant sells for an average of $550, with its Legendary rarity version also being relatively pricey, at $38 on average.

4. Scar For A Scar – Promo ($537)

FAB Scar for a Scar Promo

Though this Promo version of Scar for a Scar is the most expensive, selling for an average of $537, it’s far from the only version of this card available. In fact, that’s a real understatement, as Scar for a Scar keeps coming back for more, with an astonishing 13 prints of the card, across numerous Flesh and Blood sets, currently being available.

What makes Scar for a Scar such an enduringly popular card? Well, as a Generic Attack, it’s usable by any Hero in Flesh and Blood, so it’s incredibly versatile. Plus, while its ability is incredibly simple, it’s also versatile, and useful, in its nature: when you play Scar for a Scar, you can use it as an attack, but if you have less Life than your opponent, it gains go again.

Of course, given how many variants of Scar for a Scar are available, you can pick up numerous variants for pennies; there’s a certain prestige to having this incredibly rare promo variant, however, which of course is reflected in its price!

5. Sink Below (Red) – Promo ($530)

FAB Sink Below Promo

The Sink Below card has some striking similarities with Scar for a Scar. Firstly, it’s a hugely popular and versatile card which has been reprinted in numerous sets; though not quite as many times as Scar for a Scar, there are still 8 versions of Sink Below in Flesh and Blood overall, many of which can be purchased for less than a dollar!

It’s also a Generic card, so it can be used by any Hero, and will have a place in many decks. This particularly expensive variant is also a Promo card, and it sells for an impressive average of $530!

A Defense Reaction, Sink Below allows you to put a card from your hand onto the bottom of your deck, then draw a card. It also has a Defense Value of 4 (and a Pitch value of 1), so there’s more to it than just that nifty ability!

6. Singularity/Teklovossen, the Mechropotent – Marvel ($530)

FAB Singularity Marvel

Again, you’re not seeing double; well, you are, but this is another double-sided card, rather than two separate cards! Singularity is another card with the caveat that you can only have one of these in your deck, and then only if your Hero is Teklovossen.

You can transform your Hero, their weapon and 4 equipped Evos into the other side of Singularity, which is Teklovossen, the Mechropotent. It enters play with Health equal to the Hero it transformed from. When in Teklovossen form, it gains numerous new abilities that make the perhaps convoluted process worthwhile.

This version of the card is a Marvel rare, and sells for an average of $530. However, there’s also a Legendary rare variant, which is more commonplace; this will still set you back around $37 on average though!

7. Brutus, Summa Rudis – Promo ($400)

FAB Brutus Summa Rudis Promo

Another Promo card, this one’s interesting because there doesn’t seem to be another Brutus, Summa Rudis available in Flesh and Blood at all right now. So if you do want to use Brutus as your Hero, you currently have no other option than this costly promo.

Brutus seems to be a pretty powerful Hero too, allowing players to have Clash cards of any class or talent in their deck; additionally, if all Heroes involved in a Clash would fail to win, the Brutus player may choose the winner of the Clash.

Players keen to take Brutus for a spin might want to wait for this Adjudicator Hero to be reprinted, as it’s currently selling for an average of $400!

8. Kassai of the Golden Sand – Marvel ($345)

FAB Kassai of the Golden Sand Marvel

Double sided cards are becoming more prevalent, even in games such as Magic: The Gathering; of course, as you’ve already seen, they’re also making their presence felt in Flesh and Blood. However, in this instance, the card in question only has one ‘functional’ side; the other is a gorgeous, full art variant with only the card’s title and classification at the bottom of the image.

This is a very neat concept from Legend Story Studios, allowing both players and collectors to make use of a card, depending on the side they choose. The in-game side of Kassai of the Golden Sand looks exactly like its non-Marvel version too, making it easy to decipher for any Flesh and Blood player.

A Warrior Hero card, Kassai of the Golden Sand is able to reduce the cost of sword attacks if you’ve drawn a card on the same turn, but also has an ability that allows you to create Gold tokens by banishing cards; additionally, this also allows you to go again. Gold tokens have an ability; if you destroy them, you can draw a card and go again. So they’re definitely useful to have in play!

Though this spectacular Marvel variant of the card has an average price of $345, its Majestic rare version can be purchased for around $0.65.

9. Suraya, Archangel of Knowledge/Invoke Suraya – Marvel ($344)

FAB Suraya/Invoke Suraya Marvel

Not just a double sided card, but also another double sided card at the Marvel rarity level, this Suraya, Archangel of Knowledge/Invoke Suraya card is currently selling for an impressive $344. If you have a Spectral Shield in your possession, you can use the Invoke Suraya side of the card to transform it into Suraya, Archangel of Knowledge (and go again too!).

An Light Illusionist, Angel Ally, Suraya blocks 4 points of damage to your Hero, though she’ll be dstroyed in the process. However, once per turn she can also deal a point of Arcane damage to any target, for the cost of 2 resources (and the banishment of 1 Light card from your Hero’s soul).

It’s worth noting that the same card at the Legendary, rather than Marvel, rarity level can be purchased for around $17 on average, if you can’t find (or afford) the rarest variant!

10. Great Library Of Solana – Fabled ($325)

FAB Great Library of Solana Legendary

Landmark cards work in a similar way to Stadium cards in Pokemon, or Location cards in Disney Lorcana, though perhaps slightly less so than the latter. They come into play and remain there unless another Landmark is played, at which point the original Landmark is replaced.

In the case of Great Library of Solana, it bestows a bonus upon each Hero (1 Intellect) at the beginning of each end phase, if they have 2 or more cards with yellow coloured strips in their pitch zone. It also has an Action, which any Hero can make use of (regardless of who owns the card): if they discard 2 cards with yellow strips, they may destroy the Great Library of Solana itself.

A Fabled rarity card, unlike most other cards on this list there are no other variants available. So if you want to add a Great Library of Solana to your deck, you’ll need to pay around $325 on average to get it!

What Are The Flesh and Blood Card Rarity Levels?

We’ve discussed a few of these, but it’s definitely useful to have a bit of insight as to which levels correspond to the rarest or more sought after cards in Flesh and Blood, so here’s the full list:

  • Common (C)
  • Token (T)
  • Rare (R)
  • Super Rare (S)
  • Majestic (M)
  • Legendary (L)
  • Fabled (F)
  • Marvel

Note that Marvel cards are special alternate art versions of pre-existing cards, usually made to fit the design or setting of a particular set – the stunning, Renaissance-era medical illustration style cards in the Outsiders set, for example.

It’s also worth noting that Super Rare cards are no longer part of Flesh and Blood; they only appeared in Welcome to Rathe and Arcane Rising before being removed.

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