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All Disney Lorcana TCG Card Rarities Explained

disney lorcana rarity symbols

Disney have revealed their upcoming trading card game called Lorcana, and although the card game isn’t out yet, they have revealed information regarding the card rarities alongside rules, accessories and art.

If you’re a collector like myself, then you are likely interested in how to read a cards rarity, to determine whether or not it holds value both in and out of the game.

Just like other card games Lorcana has symbols that indicate which rarity a card sits under, so let us simply explain what each symbol means in the Disney Lorcana TCG.

Disney Lorcana Rarity Symbols

disney lorcana rarity symbols

Disney has chosen easy to understand symbols for their card’s rarity. Each with a unique shape and colouring, making it easy to identify when you pull cards from a booster pack or when playing the official card game.

They are calling this the “rarity key”, and the rare, super rare and legendary symbols will be holographic on the cards (or some kind of shiny gradient), to make it even easier to differentiate.

Common and Uncommon have “flat” colourings.

The rarity symbols are technically number from one to five, depending on how many “sides” the symbol has. For example the common symbol has one side because it is circular. Uncommon has two “sides” of the page, the triangle has three “sides”, the shell has four “sides”, and the pentagon five.

Another approach is to assess the underlying number of each symbol reflected by edges. Sphere/rock is just ONE round thing. The open book has TWO pages. The triangle has THREE corners, while the shell reflecting a square has FOUR. The gemstone is a pentagon which leads to the number FIVE. I, personally, find this theory less convincing and accurate than the first mentioned, but both lead to the same ordering.

Disney have located the rarity symbols on the bottom center of each card, situated along the border and slightly bigger than the other borders text/symbols to make it easy to see and understand.

There will also be foil and non-foil types of ever card within the set, for those wanting to complete master sets, where every card is a foil!

Common Rarity

disney lorcana common rarity

The most popular rarity in the Disney Lorcana TCG is “common”, in every pack common cards will be the majority, featuring a wide number of less powerful (but still useful) cards.

The common symbol is a grey circle with ink like droplets and curved lines, making it feel on trend with the “ink type” mechanic used within the card game.

This common symbol is not holographic, and is located at the bottom of the card.

Uncommon Rarity

Another popular rarity within Lorcana is “uncommon” cards. These are, as you can guess, slightly rarer than common cards, and you’ll typically find 2 or more in each booster pack.

The uncommon symbol resembles a book, or a shield that is located at the bottom of the card.

This rarity symbol is white and is not holographic.

Rare Rarity

disney lorcana rare rarity

Now this is where we start to explore much rarer cards, cards which hold value and cards which many Lorcana gamers will want to obtain, not only because they are powerful in game, but because they are tricky to find in packs.

Each booster pack of Lorcana will feature at least 1 rare card, which is found by the triangular symbol at the bottom of the card.

This symbol features a bronze like colouring, and features curved lines through a triangle to give it a “magical” look, as if it was a pendent of some kind.

Super Rare Rarity

disney lorcana super rare rarity

Super Rare cards are not guaranteed in every Lorcana Booster pack. These are the first rarity types to not feature in every pack and are wanted by lots of players.

These are not necessarily stronger than other rarities (although they can be) when it comes to the card game, but they are harder to come by when opening packs.

These super rare cards often come as holographic, with stunning artwork, powerful attacks and unique quests.

The rarity symbol is holographic on the bottom of the card, and omits a shine.

Legendary Rarity

disney lorcana legendary rarity

The rarest cards in Lorcana TCG have the “legendary” symbol, a gold shiny five sided symbol that is located at the bottom of the card.

These are the rarest cards that can be pulled from packs and products, with a very low pull rate.

These cards often have very strong abilities that can be played in the card game, so finding them to insert into your deck is the best way to win games.

Collectors are also after legendary cards, for obvious reasons!

Enchanted Rarity

stitch enchanted card

The rarest… rarity, in Disney Lorcana is called “enchanted”.

These cards featured the 6 sided rainbow shape at the bottom of the card and are alternate arts of the legendary variants.

These cards are also borderless, alongside full pieces of art that fill that card from top to bottom.

The enchanted cards use a unique holofoil treatment too.

There’s no extra power boost, or advantage to having an enchanted card in play but it will undoubtedly make you look twice as cool.

These are the cards that collectors will go for, and will likely feature the most valuable Disney Lorcana cards on the market.

Promotional Rarity

The promo rarity cannot be found in booster packs, and can instead be found in promotional products throughout stores and shops for example special edition boxes or starter packs etc.

They can still be played in the official card game, but some players may want to remove the ability to play with promotional cards to keep gameplay “more official”.

Some of the rarest cards throughout the Lorcana TCG are promo cards that have a very limited print, but also some of the most common or also promo cards, so it all depends on print quantity.

So, there’s a quick look at the Disney Lorcana TCG card rarity symbols. It’s already a very popular card game, and could be one of the best trading card games out there in the coming years!

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