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What’s In A Disney Lorcana Secret Victory Pack?

Lorcana Secret Victory Card Pack

Disney Lorcana has taken the Trading Card Game (or TCG) world by storm since it launched in 2023. Despite supply outstripping demand for several months after release, publishers Ravensburger haven’t rested on their laurels with subsequent sets after the launch of The First Chapter; instead, they’ve continued to innovate and, in some cases, have put decades-old TCGs to shame with how they’ve handled adding new features to Lorcana, without sacrificing accessibility.

One very good example of that is the Illumineer’s Quest: Deep Trouble box set, released to accompany the launch of the fourth booster set for Lorcana, Ursula’s Return. With the Deep Trouble set, you get everything you need to play solo and co-op, but you can even use its contents to play the standard, competitive, 1 vs 1 format of Disney Lorcana if you want, too!

There’s no major TCG on the market right now that allows you to play alone or co-operatively against the game itself; though this has been achieved with numerous card games in the past, and is a feature present in several Living Card Games (or LCGs; check out our guide to those here), Lorcana is now pretty unique when it comes to having flexible, replayable solo and co-op options that are still compatible with all of your existing Disney Lorcana cards.

If you’ve checked out the Illumineer’s Quest set for yourself, you’ll notice from the contents that it contains something called a Secret Victory Pack. It’s listed on the contents, but not even mentioned in the rules included in the box (there’s a few oversights in the rules sheet; this is one of them!).

So what is it? Let’s take a look at the Lorcana Secret Victory Pack; note, however, that the contents of the pack are intended to be a surprise, and that players are supposed to discover what’s inside it without first knowing what it is. So be warned that spoilers abound from here; if you’re ok with that, keep reading!

What Is The Disney Lorcana Secret Victory Pack?

Disney Lorcana Illumineer's Quest Deep Trouble box contents

As you’re sorting through the contents of the Illumineer’s Quest: Deep Trouble box, you’ll find all sorts of exciting stuff; two decks (enough for two players), a deck for Ursula herself, Battleground cards, tokens and then, a shiny, golden, sealed booster pack.

The latter is the Secret Victory Pack, which is adorned with the text ‘Only the victors shall unseal this packet and claim the prize within, or this treasure becomes property of the sea witch Ursula, for all eternity’, as you can see below.

Disney Lorcana Secret Victory Pack

The idea of this, which isn’t clear from the Illumineer’s Quest: Deep Trouble rules, is that you get a reward when you defeat Ursula for the first time. So once you’re victorious, you can go ahead and open the pack to find your prize! Though we made sure to let you know not to read any further if you didn’t want spoilers, this really is your final warning. Don’t read or even look beyond this point if you don’t want the contents of the pack to be spoiled. Still here? Then let’s open up the Secret Victory Pack and find out what’s inside!

What Card Will I Find Inside The Lorcana Secret Victory Pack?

Lorcana Half Hexwell Crown Card

So here it is: the very card you’ll find inside the Secret Victory Pack. Half Hexwell Crown is a textured foil Item card at the Rare Rarity level. It has the Amethyst Ink type and costs 6 Ink to put into play. Lacking the Ink symbol around the cost in the top left, it can’t be used in your Inkwell.

It has two abilities: An Unexpected Find, which allows you to draw a card if you Exert (that is, to turn sideways) Half Hexwell Crown and pay two Ink, and A Perilous Power, which, for the cost of exerting this card, paying two Ink and discarding a card, allows you to Exert a chosen character.

There are other really interesting aspects to the Half Hexwell Crown card, which we’ll cover here for you!

Lorcana Hexwell Crown Card front and back

The significance of the card being Half of the Hexwell Crown is huge; check out the card The Hexwell Crown, from Ursula’s deck in Deep Trouble, which we’ve pictured above. It has the card back which is unique to the Sea Witch’s deck, and on the front it is a somewhat different card to the Half Hexwell Crown.

In terms of differences, it has the following: The Hexwell Crown has a cost of three Ink, it can be used in Ursula’s Inkwell and it only has one ability, Perks of Power. To use this, Ursula just Exerts The Hexwell Crown to draw a card.

The card’s flavour text reads: ‘When she placed it on her head, Ursula felt a rush of power as the crown unlocked a deeper magic’. It’s not hard to deduce what this means; the crown is the source of Ursula’s increased power, which has led to the showdown you’ll enact when you play through Deep Trouble against her!

So defeating her splits the crown in half and, with power still coursing through it, clearly it has become even stronger than it was when Ursula first used it; the flavour text on the card states: ‘The broken crown holds dark and mysterious powers’. There’s even one more, very tantalising detail on the Half Hexwell Crown that we noticed too.

Lorcana Half Hexwell Crown Card Highlighted

If you take a close look at the image above, we’ve circled the number 5 in green. Why is this significant? Well, that number shows which Disney Lorcana set the card is from. The First Chapter is set 1, so all of the cards have a 1 where that 5 is shown above. Rise of the Floodborn is set 2, Into the Inklands is set 3 and Ursula’s Return is set 4.

The Illumineer’s Quest: Deep Trouble set was launched alongside Ursula’s Return, the fourth Lorcana set. The cards it contains are either exclusive to the set or plucked from the first four sets, with set codes on cards in the player decks ranging from 1 to 4, as you’d expect.

Details for the fifth Lorcana set have yet to be announced, so the Half Hexwell Crown card isn’t just a clever narrative device; it’s also a sneak peek at the fifth set for Disney Lorcana! As its existence implies a defeated Ursula, it means that we’re likely to see the rise of another empowered villain as we head into the next series of Lorcana sets. Naturally, we here at Card Gamer will be on hand with all of the details on more Lorcana sets and cards as they are revealed, so watch this space!

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