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What Is An Ace Spec Pokemon Card?

Ace Spec Pokemon Cards

With the 2023 Pokemon World Championships coming to a close, a slew of announcements for the Pokemon TCG have been made.

One of the most exciting of these announcements was the news that Ace Spec cards would be making a return to the game in 2024, but if you’re a new or even lapsed player of the Pokemon Trading Card Game, you may not be aware of what these cards are – as they were limited in number and only around for a very specific, very short amount of time!

So us dedicated Pokemon fans at Card Gamer are here to give you the lowdown on these very special cards!

What Are Ace Spec Pokemon Cards?

Making their debut in the Pokemon TCG set Boundaries Crossed, Ace Spec cards are incredibly powerful Trainer cards with some heavy restrictions on their use and inclusion in decks.

What Restrictions Are There On Using Ace Spec Pokemon Cards?

Crystal Wall Ace Spec Pokemon Card

Normally, you’re able to use up to four of any card with the same name in a Pokemon deck – so if you have four Ultra Balls for example, you can include them all in your deck.

Not only that, but if you have four Nest Ball cards, you can include those too – even though they’re a type of Poke Ball and a Trainer card, the rule of the four per named card means you can add up to four of each if you choose.

That’s a well known rule, but the reason it’s important to explain this is that it’s definitely not  the case when it comes to Ace Spec Pokemon cards.

With Ace Spec Pokemon cards, you’re allowed one per deck only.

Let me elaborate on that: that isn’t one per differently named Ace Spec card, that means one Ace Spec card overall!

So if you want to add a Master Ball and a Scoop Up Cyclone – well, you’re out of luck.

That’s right: these cards are seen as so powerful that you’re only allowed to add a single Ace Spec card in an entire deck!

Despite their power, they tend to have a specific drawback in the card’s ability too; for example, some of the cards only work with very specific Pokemon, such as Crystal Wall only able to be used with Black Kyurem EX (though if you do attach it to that Pokemon, it will raise its HP to 300!).

How Do I Know If I Have An Ace Spec Card?

Scoop Up Cyclone Ace Spec Pokemon Card

That’s easy; these don’t look like any normal Pokemon TCG Trainer cards!

Likely due to their power and the restriction on their use, these cards make their status as Ace Spec cards very obvious – their visual design and the words ‘Ace Spec’ themselves definitely stand out.

Ace Spec cards have a holofoil treatment on various elements of the card: the border, the strip behind the card’s name, the Ace Spec text on either side of the card, the ability text box and the card art background too.

Additionally, the text of ‘Trainer’ also appears in red text, unlike any other type of Trainer card.

List Of Ace Spec Cards Cards

Master Ball Ace Spec Pokemon Card

At present, just 13 different Ace Spec cards are available – but of course, that’s likely to change when the new cards, as yet unrevealed, make their appearance in 2024.

The Ace Spec Pokemon cards previously released are:

Card NameSet
Computer SearchBoundaries Crossed
Crystal EdgeBoundaries Crossed
Crystal WallBoundaries Crossed
Gold PotionBoundaries Crossed
Dowsing MachinePlasma Storm
Scramble SwitchPlasma Storm
Victory PiecePlasma Storm
Life DewPlasma Freeze
Rock GuardPlasma Freeze
G BoosterPlasma Blast
G ScopePlasma Blast
Master BallPlasma Blast
Scoop Up CyclonePlasma Blast

As they debuted in 2012 and saw the last additions to the range in 2013, Ace Spec cards have been away from the Pokemon TCG for a decade at this point. 

So it seems their return is long overdue – and likely highly anticipated too!

If you are a new or lapsed Pokemon TCG player, why not give yourself a heads up – by checking out our handy guides to Pokemon Energy types and Pokemon card back design? Or even our explanation of the term ‘god pack’ – in our article that gives you the lowdown on what is a Pokemon God Pack?

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