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10 Most Valuable Cards In Star Wars Unlimited: Spark of Rebellion

Star Wars Unlimited Valuable Cards

With Star Wars being such a phenomenally popular franchise, it’s no wonder that it keeps returning to the tabletop for players to head back to battle in a galaxy far, far away.

As our History of Star Wars CCGs shows, Star Wars Unlimited is definitely not the first collectable card game to be set in the Star Wars universe, but it’s arrived at one of the most exciting times for the genre since Magic: The Gathering arrived in 1993 and changed the card game world forever.

Hot on the heels of Disney Lorcana, which has proven to be a huge critical and commercial success that’s been able to easily sit alongside the ‘big three’ CCGs (Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh), Star Wars Unlimited’s first set, Spark of Rebellion, has proven itself to be an incredibly solid game.

Just check out my Star Wars Unlimited review for more insight into just how good it is!

Though my review notes that Star Wars Unlimited has definitely been built with play in mind, rather than collecting, there are still numerous cards that seem to have caught the attention of fans, driving their value up.

1. Boba Fett, Collecting The Bounty – Showcase Rare ($800)

Star Wars Unlimited Boba Fett Leader Side A

Despite only having two minutes and four lines on screen in the original Star Wars trilogy, not to mention an embarrassingly terrible ‘death’ scene, Boba Fett’s popularity and legendary status among fans grew enormously over the years. Which led to his death being retroactively changed; in 1991’s Dark Empire, Fett turns up alive, claiming that the Sarlacc found him indigestible. 

Though this was removed from official continuity by Disney when they launched the new sequel trilogy in 2014, Fett has also been resurrected in official continuity, thanks to an appearance first in The Mandalorian and then in his very own streaming series, The Book of Boba Fett.

Why is this important when it comes to Star Wars Unlimited? Well, it certainly goes some way to explaining why Boba Fett, Collecting The Bounty sits atop our most valuable Spark of Rebellion cards list. This card is currently selling for an astonishing $800 for its Showcase variant, according to the average market price shown on TCG Player’s website

As Showcase rares are the most difficult in the set to pull overall (check out my Star Wars Unlimited card rarities guide for more details), it’s not a surprise that this list is comprised solely of Showcase cards, with Fett being the most popular.

In game terms, Boba Fett is an excellent Leader, with the Cunning and Villainy Aspects (you can learn more on these in my Aspects in Star Wars Unlmited guide). His standard action allows him to exhaust in order to ready a resource when an enemy unit leaves play, which can prove very powerful over the course of the game. His Epic Action, as with all other Leaders, allows him to deploy to the Ground Arena as a unit; it’s one of the cheapest ones, requiring only 5 resources in play to activate.

Star Wars Unlimited Boba Fett Unit Side

Once in play as a unit, Fett has 4 Power and 7 HP, as well as an action that can be used once he completes an attack; if an enemy unit left play during the same phase, he can ready up to 2 resources. All of this makes Fett a huge difference maker. 

With the availability of resources being so vital to success in Star Wars Unlimited, along with Boba Fett’s popularity in general, it’s easy to see why this is the most valuable card overall in Spark of Rebellion. It’s worth noting that if you are specifically looking to use Boba Fett in game, you’re better off getting hold of his standard variant, which is a Common card. 

The current average price of Boba Fett’s standard card variant is just $0.07, which is an incredible contrast when compared to the Showcase card; even its Hyperspace Rare variant is selling for just $0.19, making that sky high price for the Showcase Rare even more jaw dropping!

2. Leia Organa, Alliance General – Showcase Rare ($630)

Star Wars Unlimited Leia Leader Side

Shown on this card in her Hoth gear from The Empire Strikes Back, Leia Organa is a Common Leader using the Command and Heroism Aspects. This, however, is the Showcase variant, which is much rarer. 

Though we’ve covered numerous Showcase cards already, we haven’t addressed just how rare these are; if you take a look at my Star Wars Unlimited: Spark of Rebellion Pull Rates guide, you’ll see that they’re found in one in every 288 packs. That’s one in every 12 booster boxes!

So it’s no wonder that this card, with its average price of $630, and other Showcase Rares, are so valuable; in fact, when we first put this list together, Leia’s card was worth almost $250 and she was in 6th place on this list. Of course, that’s changed dramatically now!

In gameplay terms, what sets Leia apart as a Leader? Her standard ability is fantastic; if you exhaust Leia, you may attack with a Rebel unit and then attack with another Rebel unit! In a game in which you can generally only take one action before your opponent reacts, this is pretty useful.

Star Wars Unlimited Leia Unit Side

She can also deploy once you control 5 resources; this brings her to the Ground Arena as a 3 Power, 6 HP unit. Leia has the Raid 1 keyword, which grants her 1 additional Power when attacking. She also mirrors her Leader ability somewhat, as once she’s completed her attack, you may immediately attack with another unit!

With her standard variant selling for around $0.05 for the standard variant or just $0.18 if you want the Hyperspace Rare, she’s not an expensive card to get hold of if you want to actually use the card in-game, rather than show off its fanciest treatment!

3. Emperor Palpatine, Galactic Ruler – Showcase Rare ($525)

Star Wars Unlimited Palpatine Leader Side

The biggest villain of the Skywalker Saga, Emperor Palpatine’s Star Wars Unlimited Leader card has the Cunning and Villainy Aspects.

Though this Showcase variant of Palpatine is extremely hard to find, thus justifying its current average value of $525, its standard art variant is also a Rare card. Even though it’s a Rare, the standard card’s average value is just $0.23, or $2.14 if you want to splash out on the Hyperspace Rare, so if you’re looking to use Palpatine in a game, rather than seek out its most spectacular version, you’ll likely want to opt for that instead!

So why would you want to use Palpatine as your Leader? Well, his standard action allows you to deal one damage to an enemy unit and draw a card, though this comes at the high cost of 1 resource, defeating a friendly unit and exhausting himself.

Star Wars Unlimited Palpatine Unit Side

Once you have 8 resources in play (which, incidentally, makes him the slowest Leader in Spark of Rebellion) Palpatine’s Epic Action allows him to deploy to the Ground Arena as a unit, with 4 Power and an amazing 10 HP. When deployed, you can take control of a damaged non-Leader unit, and when attacking, you can defeat a friendly unit in order to deal 1 damage to another unit and draw a card. Though very powerful in the right hands, Palpatine’s deadliness even to his own units must be used very wisely indeed.

4. Han Solo, Audacious Smuggler – Showcase Rare ($458)

Star Wars Unlimited Han Leader Side

This Showcase variant is quite the glow up for Han Solo; his standard variant card art is one of the few illustrations that, personally, I feel doesn’t really work. So it’s great to see the Showcase card absolutely knocking it out of the park in terms of its art. That’s got to be a factor when it comes to this card’s value, which is currently sitting at an average of $458.

Not that Han Solo is a slouch in terms of its gameplay though. Han has Cunning and Heroism as his Aspects, and can be deployed after six resources are in play. His Epic Action requires Han to exhaust, then you can play a card from your hand immediately as a resource, ready to use..

Though you must defeat 1 resource at the start of your next action phase, this nonetheless allows for a sneaky bit of acceleration, perhaps to deploy Han earlier than would otherwise be possible, as well as using that extra resource to play a card, or cards, from your hand, that you wouldn’t otherwise have been able to do.

Star Wars Unlimited Han Unit Side

Once deployed, Han has 4 Power and 6 HP. His unit ability kicks in when he attacks, whereupon you use the top card of your deck as a resource. Then, as with his Leader side, you must defeat a resource at the start of your next action phase.

Though interesting in terms of the way it allows you to constantly make use of more resources than you technically have, it’s a little risky, as you’re also potentially losing access to cards that could well prove useful to your plans.

His standard art variant, even though Han is a Rare card, can be found for an average price of $0.19, or $1.21 for the Hyperspace Rare; so if you do want to use Han’s thematically risk-taking abilities, you won’t end up indebted to Jabba the Hutt when you buy it.

5. Sabine Wren, Galvanized Revolutionary – Showcase Rare ($382)

Star Wars Unlimited Sabine Leader Side

Aggression and Heroism are the Aspects used by Mandalorian Rebel, Sabine Wren. Like Boba Fett, Sabine is a Common card in her standard variant, but with this being her Showcase Rare card, it’s worth an awful lot more.

Her illustration reflects her roots in the animated series, Star Wars Rebels, featuring a more cartoony look than the Showcase cards which feature more a realistic, painted aesthetic for characters who originated in live action. Sabine’s Showcase Leader card is worth $382, though her Common card is only priced at an average of just $0.07, or $0.16 for the Hyperspace Rare variant!

Like Palpatine, her ability will damage herself too, but it can still make the difference between winning and losing; for the cost of just exhausting, she will deal 1 point of damage to each Base (yes, including her own!). Sabine’s most useful facet is her speed; just four resources need to be in play for her to be deployed to the Ground Arena as a unit.

Star Wars Unlimited Sabine Unit

From here, her stats are fairly average, with just 2 Power and 5 HP. However, she can deal one damage to enemy Bases whenever she attacks; this will of course make her quite a target while deployed, but she’ll likely be on the field before your opponent has a chance to ready their most powerful units. 

6. Chewbacca, Walking Carpet – Showcase Rare ($349)

Star Wars Unlimited Chewbacca Leader Side

Poor Chewbacca. Rescued from slavery by Han Solo, he then travels the universe alongside the smuggler, due to fulfilling a Wookiee Life Debt as thanks for his liberation. Assisting with the destruction of the first Death Star, he’s overlooked for a medal and then has the indignity of being called a walking carpet by an angry Princess Leia.

She calls him that once, yet the nickname is what gets used for the loyal, heroic Wookiee on his Leader card. The absolute indignity. In any case, Chewbacca (also known as Chewie to his friends) is still a highly sought after card in its Showcase Rare variant, with the current average selling price being $349. Not bad for a walking carpet, eh?

As a Leader, you can exhaust Chewbacca to play a 3 cost or less unit from your hand, and it gains Sentinel for the phase. When a unit has Sentinel, it forces opposing units in the same arena to target the one with Sentinel when attacking, thus handily diverting attention from a Base or other precious unit. He’s slow to deploy, needing at least 7 resources in play before he can enter the Ground Arena.

Star Wars Unlimited Chewbacca Unit Side

When he does deploy, however, he’s a bit of a beast. Though he starts of with only 2 Power, he has 9 HP and the Grit keyword, Grit gives Chewbacca 1 additional point of Power for each point of damage he has. Given that he has a massive 9 HP, that extra Power will soon mount up, especially as he also has Sentinel as a keyword when deployed, forcing him to be targeted by other units!

With his standard variant selling for around $0.04 on average and his Hyperspace Rare at an average of $0.13, you don’t have to take on a dangerous trip through the Kessel Run to be able to afford a playable version of Chewbacca’s Leader card!

7. Grand Moff Tarkin, Oversector Governor ($342)

Star Wars Unlimited Tarkin Leader Side

Played by the wonderful British actor, Peter Cushing, who until Star Wars was most famous for a long run of Hammer Horror films opposite Christopher Lee (who also eventually appeared in Star Wars, as Count Dooku), Grand Moff Tarkin is ruthless and dictatorial, willing to extinguish the lives of billions to demonstrate the power of the Galactic Empire.

As a Leader, you may pay one resource and exhaust Tarkin in order to give an Experience token to an Imperial unit; though due to the fact that Tarkin must exhaust, this is generally restricted to once per turn (unless you have a clever card combo up your sleeve), dishing out +1 Power and +1 HP to units can build a lethal force, pretty quickly. He’s also able to deploy relatively fast too, after just 5 resources are in play.

Star Wars Unlimited Tarkin Unit Side

Though not exactly the strongest unit, with just 2 Power, any time Tarkin attacks he can give an Experience token to another Imperial unit. With 7 HP, he’s pretty resilient too!

As one of the most popular and enduring characters in the Star Wars saga, having appeared in Rogue One, very briefly in Revenge of the Sith and in numerous animated shows too, it’s perhaps no surprise that the excellent Showcase Rare version of Grand Moff Tarkin sells for $342 on average.

You won’t have to destroy Alderaan to get your hands on the standard variant though, with that version selling for just $0.06, and even the Hyperspace Rare variant going for around $0.15 on average!

8. Iden Versio, Inferno Squad Commander  – Showcase Rare ($317)

Star Wars Unlimited: Iden Versio Leader Side

It’s great to see Iden Versio making an appearance in Star Wars Unlimited, despite being a character that has never appeared in a film or TV show.Iden Versio originated in EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront II game, as the main playable character in the story mode. She has proven to be incredibly popular, turning up in plenty of different media, including novels, comics and even other tabletop Star Wars games, such as the miniatures game, Star Wars Legion.

Her most valuable card in Star Wars Unlimited is, of course, her Showcase variant, which is currently selling for around $318; you can, however, find this Rare card for around $0.09 in its standard form, or $0.21 as a Hyperspace Rare. Iden Versio uses the Vigilance and Villainy Aspects, and if she exhausts on the same phase you defeat an enemy unit, you can heal 1 damage from your Base.

Star Wars Unlimited Iden Versio Unit Side

She can deploy as a 4 Power, 4 HP unit once you have 6 resources and even deploys with a Shield token equipped.

She carries over her Leader ability too, so when an enemy unit is defeated, you can heal 1 damage from your Base. Interestingly, when deployed this happens any time an enemy unit is defeated, making Iden Versio incredibly useful!

9. Director Krennic, Aspiring to Authority – Showcase Rare ($315)

Director Krennic Showcase Rare - Leader Side

Orson Krennic was a Director for the Empire, in charge of Advanced Weapons Research. His ambition and desire to take credit for the dreaded superweapon, the Death Star, proves his undoing in the story he was introduced in (the superb movie, Rogue One), and he’s sacrificed as the Imperials use their own weapon against themselves, in an attempt to stop the burgeoning Rebellion.

In game terms, Krennic has a great, passive ability as a Leader; he gives each friendly, damaged unit a +1 bonus to its Power, which can soon add up across multiple units. If you’re playing against Krennic, you’re going to want to make sure you outright destroy his units, rather than just wound them!

Director Krennic Showcase Rare - Unit Side

He can deploy once you have at least 5 resources in play, giving him decent speed in-game too. When he is deployed, he’s a 2 Power unit with an impressive 7 HP. He retains the ability to passively give each friendly damaged unit +1 Power when in unit form, but he also has Restore 2, allowing him to heal your Base for 2 points every time he attacks!

Currently selling for $315, this Showcase Rare card didn’t even make it onto this list when it was first put together, which really shows how valued Krennic is as a Leader. With his standard variant selling for just $0.07 and the Hyperspace Rare going for an average of $0.17, you won’t have to break into an Imperial base to get the funds for this card, as long as you don’t want the rarest version!

10. Hera Syndulla, Spectre Two – Showcase Rare ($294)

Star Wars Unlimited Hera Leader Side

At the bottom of our list is yet another Rebels-originated character: Hera Syndulla.

Hera uses the Command and Heroism Aspects, but has an incredibly useful ability, which allows players to ignore the Aspect Penalty on any Spectre (the name of the ship that the protagonists of Rebels travel in) cards they play.

This can lead to players using Spectre crew members in their decks which otherwise may not have been feasible due to their cost, making for an unpredictable and somewhat flexible deck build.

Star Wars Unlimited Hera Unit Side

She can deploy as a Ground Unit once you have 6 resources in play and has 6 Power, along with 4 HP.

Her unit ability allows her to give another unique unit (denoted by a diamond symbol next to their name) an Experience token when she attacks, as well as still enabling the Aspect Penalty to be ignored on other Spectre cards.

Though her Showcase variant costs around $294 on average, her Hyperspace variant is around $1.79 and the standard, Rare card can be bought for around $0.23.

So that concludes our list of the most valuable Star Wars Unlimited cards. Why not check out our Star Wars Unlimited card list for a full overview of what’s available in the first set, Spark of Rebellion? With the second set, Shadows of the Galaxy, having now been released, you can also check out our card list, two player starter review and the list of the most valuable cards from the follow up set!

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