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Most Valuable Dragon Ball Super Cards To Add To Your Collection

Most Valuable Dragon Ball Cards

Here at Card Gamer, we’re frequently amazed at just how long certain anime and manga series have been running – as well as how deeply they’ve become embedded in popular culture.

Manga and anime such as One Piece have been massively popular since the late 90s, for example – but that’s nothing compared to the longevity of creator Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball.

Incredibly, Dragon Ball’s first ever manga was published way back in 1984 – with the anime based on the comic strip serial debuting in 1986!

Since then, various spin offs, sequels and prequels to the original series have emerged 0 with the current trading card game being based primarily on one of the more recent prequel/sequel (depending on where you look in the huge timeline!) series, Dragon Ball Super. 

With Dragon Ball Super being so popular both within and outside of Japan, it stands to reason that the card game itself is also a pretty big deal.

Numerous sets have been released with cards at a variety of different rarity levels – with some being extremely valuable and highly sought after.

Which are the most expensive cards for the game, however? Let’s find out, as we check out the most valuable Dragon Ball Super cards!

1. SS4 Gogeta, the Ultimate Fusion – Promo ($2650)

Gogeta Ultimate Fusion - Dragon Ball

At the very top of our list, we have Gogeta, the Ultimate Fusion.

In the crazy and expansive universe of Dragon Ball, Fusion is the process of two separate beings combining – it’s exactly what it sounds like!

When this happens, the Fusion being created as a result is far more powerful than either individual is on their own.

So that’s what we have here with Gogeta, the Ultimate Fusion – with Gogeta being the result of Goku and Vegeta fusing, using the ‘Fusion Dance’.

Given that, individually, Goku and Vegeta are two of the most powerful characters in the Dragon Ball universe, naturally Gogeta is also regarded as one of the strongest of all beings in the saga!

So perhaps it’s no wonder that this promo variant of the card – with an absolutely astonishing 100,000 Power level – is so highly sought after.

Not only is the card itself spectacular from an art perspective, but it features one of the most powerful characters in the saga – and is definitely no slouch in gameplay terms either.

However, at a cost of $2650, it’s unlikely that you’ll see this specific variant being used in any decks!

2. SS3 Son Goku, Universe at Stake V.3 – Super Rare ($2600)

Son Goku, Universe At Stake - Dragon Ball

The main protagonist of the Dragon Ball saga, Son Goku – also known as simply Goku – is an extraterrestrial (of the ‘Saiyan’ race) raised on Earth, who has become one of the universe’s most prominent and powerful protectors.

Though this variant of the card doesn’t look particularly impressive in a static image, it does feature a hologram, making it pretty impressive in motion!

It’s a card with 30,000 Power – and, though that doesn’t come close to the Gogeta card’s Power, it’s certainly no slouch!

This card also comes complete with an almost bewildering array of abilities – including Deflect, a choice of Auto abilities and even two Activate abilities that can be used during the Main Phase.

So it’s no surprise to see this holographic, Super Rare card being valued so highly at $2600!

3. SSB Vegeta, Unbridled Power V.2 – God Rare ($1650)

Vegeta Unbridled Power - Dragon Ball

As the rarest card in the Realm of the Gods set, this ‘God Rare’ card features the aforementioned Vegeta – so we’ve gone from the fusion of Goku and Vegeta to featuring cards depicting both characters individually!

So, at a price of $1650, what – besides rarity – does this Vegeta card offer?

Well, as you can see – there’s an awful lot of text on this card!

That’s because it has Deflect, Dual Attack, two Main Phase Activate abilities and even more besides.

Oh – and a massive 40,000 Power too!

So it’s another card that’s not only rare and impressively illustrated – but also one that’s great in gameplay terms as well.

4. Bardock, Origin of the Legend V.2 – God Rare ($1200)

Bardock Origin of the Legend - Dragon  Ball

Casting our net beyond Goku and Vegeta, we find the next spot on our list occupied by Bardock.

So, if you’re not familiar with the Dragon Ball saga – who’s Bardock?

Well, we clearly haven’t cast our net that wide – because Bardock is actually Goku’s father!

Which is obvious when you look at him – the resemblance is definitely uncanny.

So this Bardock card variant from the Dawn of the Z-Legends set – is another extremely rare card; just like the Vegeta card before it, its rarity level is noted as ‘God Rare’.

At $1200, it’s a bit of a drop in value from our previous entries – though of course, that’s still a very high value for a single card! 

5. SSB Kaio-Ken Son Goku, United Divinity V.1 – Secret Rare ($1060)

Kaio-Ken Son Goku V1 - Dragon Ball

This card isn’t just another variation on Son Goku – it’s a card that focuses on the character using one of the most powerful attack techniques in the universe.

Kaio-Ken (roughly translated as ‘World King Fist’) is so powerful as an energy amplifying technique that it can only be used for a short time – or it’ll cause the user significant and sustained injury!

In its card form, the Kaio-Ken Son Goku boasts 40,000 Power and depicts the perennially popular hero in rather stoic fashion.

A Secret Rare card, this particular variant is also stamped and identified as one of only 600 in existence, given out to winners of a specific tournament.

Which makes it pretty clear why it can command a price of $1060 at present!

6. SS Gogeta, Fusion Reborn V.2 – God Rare ($1050)

Gogeta Fusion Reborn - Dragon Ball

It certainly seems that there are a small number of Dragon Ball characters who command the most popularity and, perhaps arguably, the most spectacular and highly sought after cards in the Dragon Ball Super game too.

Given that Gogeta also occupies the top spot on our list, it’s perhaps unsurprising to see another card featuring the fusion of Goku and Vegeta – especially as it’s another at the God Rare level of rarity.

So perhaps it’s no surprise to see this card selling for an average cost of around $1050!

7. Son Goku, Peace Resolution V.2 – God Rare ($800)

Son Goku Peace Resolution - Dragon Ball

Yes, it’s another Goku card!

As the protagonist of multiple Dragon Ball sagas, is it really a surprise to see Goku appear so many times?

Another God Rare card, this alternate art variant of Son Goku, Peace Resolution is currently selling for a pretty high value of around $800.

It features Goku with angelic wings – which isn’t actually presented in any specific story, but instead appears in the credits of episodes of Dragon Ball Z; specifically the episodes which used the ‘We Were Angels’ theme.

Yet the image of Goku with wings prevails – as it’s even possible to buy figures and statues of Goku with angelic wings!

8. SSB Son Goku, Evolved Defender V.2 – Super Rare ($620)

Son Goku Evolved Defender - Dragon Ball

This alternate art variant of Son Goku, Evolved Defender fetches a pretty high price, likely because of its status as a promotional card from the Zenkai Cup 2022 tournament.

The current average cost of this card is around the $620 mark; it depicts Goku in his Super Saiyan Blue, or Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, form.

With two Automatic abilities, plus Deflect and Barrier keywords, it’s no slouch from a gameplay point of view either.

Oh – and there’s the fact that it also has an impressive 25000 Power too, which obviously adds to the desirability of this particular card.

All of that in combination with a classic illustration of Goku in action – no wonder fans and players are keen to get their hands on this card!

9. SSB Kaio-Ken Son Goku, United Divinity V.2 – Secret Rare ($490)

Kaio-Ken Son Goku United Divinity V2

The European Exclusive variant of the card in the number five spot on this list, it’s odd that it’s so different in value – because there are far less of these in existence than the non-European version. 

Functionally and visually identical to the other Kaio-Ken Son Goku, United Divinity card, the difference here is that it’s stamped to say ‘Europe Exclusive’ and numbered X of 200.

Despite the fact that the non-European version has 600 copies in the wild and sells for around $1060, this version is much cheaper at around $490.

10. Meteoric Energy SSB Vegito V3 – Special Rare ($315)

Meteoric Energy Vegito - Dragon Ball

If you’re not familiar with the Dragon Ball saga, you may be forgiven for thinking that we’ve finally reached a point in the list where we’ve got another entirely new character away from Goku, Vegeta or their fusions (Bardock being the only notable exception until this point, of course!).

However, Vegito is also a fusion of Goku and Vegeta! 

Unlike Gogeta – who’s the result of Goku and Vegeta combining via the Fusion Dance – Vegito emerges from the use of the Potara Earrings.

You can see these pretty clearly on this card, which has a pretty impressive 30000 Power too!

Add that to the fact that this is a signature variant card at the Special Rare rarity level – and it’s no wonder that it’s selling for around $315!

The publishers of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game, Bandai, are also responsible for another manga/anime-based game: the One Piece Card Game, which we’ve covered extensively here on Card Gamer.

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