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Pokemon TCG Set Shrouded Fable Launching In August

Pokemon Shrouded Fable Logo

Japanese Pokemon TCG set, Night Wanderer, is due to launch in June 2024, and it already looks like it’s going to be a very exciting set.

With Pecharunt and The Loyal Three featuring heavily, it’s another set that takes advantage of the new stories and Pokemon that feature in the DLC for the Nintendo Switch game, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

With details of that set emerging, it’s no surprise that the Western release of these cards has now been announced. Nintendo themselves have revealed some tantalising information about what we can expect when the English language expansion, titled Shrouded Fable, launches in August.

What Do We Know About Shrouded Fable?

Pokemon Shrouded Fable Pecharunt Promo

As is often the case when sets head West from Japan, we don’t get exactly the same cards that are found in the original set; Japanese Pokemon expansion sets have a different release rate and number of cards to ours, so we usually end up with a mixture of cards from different sets. So far, however, all of the cards we’ve seen are from the Night Wanderer set, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see cards from other sets make an appearance.

So, we know that we’re going to see the aforementioned Pecharunt (the Promo, full art variant of which is shown above) and The Loyal Three, who consist of Okidogi, Munkidori and Fezandipiti.

We also know that there’ll be three new, rare Ace Spec Trainer cards, five new Pokemon ex and a Tera Pokemon ex, plus rare, alternate art and special foil variants of those cards too.

In fact, there will even be a new, special foil treatment on some cards; as an extra way of identifying these, the expansion code at the bottom left corner of the card will be a white box with black text, when it’s usually the reverse (as you can see in the above Pecharunt image).

There will also be full illustration, alternate art cards in the Japanese ‘woodblock’ style, which you’ll soon see an example of!

What Products Will Be Released For Shrouded Fable?

Pokemon Shrouded Fable Boosters

Alongside boosters, which will feature Pecharunt and The Loyal Three (as you can see above, with three examples), there’ll be the usual range of products that you expect from any new Pokemon set.

Pokemon Shrouded Fable ETB

The Elite Trainer Box contains the usual assortment of accessories and booster packs, with the Pecharunt, which we’ve pictured already in this article, being the promo card that’s included with this product. Along with this, there will be three collection boxes, each themed around a specific Pokemon in the Shrouded Fable set.

Pokemon Shrouded Fable Collection Boxes

As you can see from the image above, these boxes are themed around Greninja, Kingambit and Kingdra. Though you can catch a glimpse of the cards included in both the Greninja and Kingambit boxes, with a look at the Japanese woodcut-style illustrations they feature, the Kingdra cards are currently being kept under wraps, and have not been revealed as of yet.

Pokemon Shrouded Fable Greninja ex

As you can see from the above image, Greninja ex’s woodcut-style image isn’t the only spectacular thing about this card; it also has a very sparkly, textured foil treatment! Each of these boxes also contains the cards to ensure that you have a full evolution chain for the Pokemon it features too.

Pokemon Shrouded Fable Pecharunt Triple Booster Pack

Mini Tins containing two boosters, an art card and sticker (each to match the illustration on the tin itself) will also be released, along with packs that contain three booster packs and a single, featured foil card (with the Pecharunt version of this pack featured in the image above). Lastly, a booster bundle, containing six booster packs, will also be released as part of the set’s product range.

When Will Shrouded Fable Be Released?

Pokemon Shrouded Fable Booster Bundle

The Shrouded Fable set will officially launch on August 2nd, 2024. The booster packs, Elite Trainer Box, Collection Boxes, Three-Booster pack and Mini Tins will all be available on that date. You’ll have to wait a bit longer if you want to get your hands on the booster bundle, which won’t be available until September 6th, 2024.

Note that, if you’re a Pokemon TCG Live player, you can begin playing with Shrouded Fable cards, as well as purchasing them in-game, from August 1st, 2024. If you want to check out pre-release events, though these have yet to be announced, they typically take place a week before a set’s launch; you can find events local to you using the official Pokemon Event Locator, here.

Of course, as soon as more cards and details are revealed for the set, we’ll be covering them right here on Card Gamer, so stay tuned for further details as they’re released!

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