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New Star Wars Unlimited Set Plans Revealed

Star Wars Unlimited Cover

In a galaxy far, far away, Fantasy Flight have been working tirelessly on their Star Wars Unlimited set plans, and by the looks of it, the Force is definitely strong with them!

This year, we’ve seen Lord of the Rings and Doctor Who come to Magic: The Gathering, as well as the absolute behemoth of Disney’s Lorcana arriving on tabletops worldwide (if you could get your hands on it, of course!).

It’s been arguably the biggest year ever for Trading Card Games and Collectable Card Games – see the difference between TCG and CCG for more details on those terms – but there’s even more to come on the horizon.

Though there have been numerous Star Wars CCGs (and even an LCG – check out our ‘what are Living Card Games?’ article for a quick primer on those!) over the years, the unique, Force-infused galaxy has been far, far away from our tabletops for a little while.

That all changes next year, when Star Wars Unlimited is launched by Fantasy Flight Games.

An entirely new CCG, Star Wars Unlimited is due to hit retail in March 2024.

With Star Wars being such a perennially popular franchise, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Star Wars Unlimited bringing new players to the tabletop – who’ve never even considered playing CCGs before – in the same way that MTG’s Lord of the Rings and Disney Lorcana have.

Fantasy Flight have some incredibly ambitious Star Wars Unlimited set plans – and have confirmed that they’re currently mapping out nine sets for the game, way in advance of the first set’s launch!

When Is The First Set For Star Wars Unlimited Due To Release?

Star Wars Unlimited Cards

The first set for Star Wars Unlimited – Spark of Rebellion – is set to be launched on March 8th, 2024.

You can check out our list of the currently revealed Star Wars Unlimited cards for Spark of Rebellion on our Star Wars Unlimited Card List!

What Products Will be Released For Spark of Rebellion?

Star Wars Unlimited - Sparks of Rebellion Boosters

The product line up has also been revealed for the first Star Wars Unlimited set; there’s nothing especially revolutionary, but keeping it simple is important – considering that the Star Wars licence and the game itself is designed to bring in new players to CCGs, as well as tempt existing CCG fans and collectors over to the dark side!

Take a look at our list of the Star Wars Unlimited: Spark of Rebellion products for more details.

We’ve also done a deep dive into what you can expect to find in booster packs, so take a look at our Star Wars Unlimited: Spark of Rebellion Pull Rates article for some insight!

Every CCG player will know the thrill of pulling unusual and rare card variants from a booster too – and we’ve taken a look at Star Wars Unlimited Card Rarities, so you know exactly how to identify the cards you find when you open a pack of the game’s cards!

What Sets Will Follow Spark of Rebellion – And When?

Star Wars Unlimited Starter Decks

Despite the fact that Fantasy Flight have confirmed work is ongoing on nine Star Wars Unlimited sets, currently just two more set names are confirmed.

First up, Shadows of the Galaxy will be the second set – and will launch in July 2024.

Then the third set of Star Wars Unlimited is due to follow in November 2024, with Twilight of the Republic’s launch.

Going forward, sets for Star Wars Unlimited are planned to be released every three to four months – and Fantasy Flight’s plans cover them right through to 2027!

Why Have Fantasy Flight Revealed All Of Their Plans Before The First Set Has Launched?

One of the reasons that Fantasy Flight Games are so keen to reveal their commitment to Star Wars Unlimited is the fact that so many Star Wars themed CCGs (and that aforementioned LCG, from Fantasy Flight themselves) have come and gone over the years.

If players don’t get the sense that a game will be supported beyond its initial releases, they’re unlikely to jump on board at all – so it’s great to hear that Fantasy Flight are determined to set the record straight and fully commit to supporting Star Wars Unlimited for the foreseeable future.

After all, if Disney can come along and challenge the decades-long dominance of games such as Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon, surely Star Wars has a shot, right?

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