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Ultimate Guard Announce New Range Of Official MTG Accessories

Ultimate Guard MTG News

Having long been one of our favourite brands for deck boxes and binders, with solid, reliable products such as the Boulder Deck Box as part of their wide range, it was music to our ears to hear that Ultimate Guard have partnered with Hasbro/Wizards of the Coast for an official line of Magic: The Gathering accessories.

This means that you’ll soon see official art from Magic: The Gathering appearing on a variety of Ultimate Guard products, starting in August 2024.

The first Magic set to be represented in Ultimate Guard’s range will be Bloomburrow, which takes players on a charming, if still deadly, trip through a plane filled with anthropomorphic animals going on big adventures.

So, what products can you expect to see from Ultimate Guard as part of this new arrangement?

MTG Lumra Field Notes Variant

First up are Sidewinder 100+ Xenoskin deck boxes; these Commander deck compatible boxes will feature art of several ‘Calamity Beasts’ from Bloomburrow. The art on these boxes will specifically be taken from the special ‘Borderless Field Notes’ variant cards, an example of which you can see above, with the Lumra, Bellow of the Woods card.

If you look carefully, you can see this exact image on the single photo released by Ultimate Guard so far, at the top of this very article!

Additionally, Ultimate Guard will also be adding Bloomburrow themed Zipfolio 360 Xenoskin binders to their range, an impressively huge Omnihive 1000+ Xenoskin for deck storage and a sustainable RTE Boulder 100+, with the RTE standing for ‘Return to Earth’, and the box itself made from 97% renewable resources.

Finally, there will also be a Play Mat, though the design for this is being kept under wraps, as the artwork if features contains details about Bloomburrow’s main storyline, which is still under wraps!

In a press release announcing the new products, Patrick Hildebrant, General Manager of Ultimate Guard, says: “We are so excited to forge this relationship with the beloved and storied brand of Magic: The Gathering. This amazing opportunity opens the door to a wealth of creative possibilities.”

Hildebrandt also mentions that Ultimate Guard “…can’t wait to show you what we have in store.”

We here at Card Gamer can’t wait to see these products either, and we’ll be sure to share more details once they’re revealed; we’re also keen to bring you reviews of the products themselves, as soon as we’re able to get our hands on them!

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