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10 Best Commander Deck Boxes of 2023

best commander deck boxes
Best Quality
Quiver Deck Box
Quiver Deck Box

Quiver creates products with superb build quality, and the deck box is one of their best products to date.

Most Affordable
Card Guardian Deck Box
Card Guardian Deck Box

An affordable deck box for those new to the scene that want something that works well and lasts a long time.

The Coolest
Ultra Pro Mythic Deck Box
Ultra Pro Mythic Deck Box

The most official deck box there is, a collaboration between Ultra Bro and Magic The Gathering, it’s hard to get cooler than this.

It’s time to take care of your carefully constructed Commander deck – as we check out the best Commander deck boxes!

A fan created format of Magic: The Gathering (MTG), Commander was first played back in the mid 90s – and was originally known as ‘Elder Dragon Highlander’, or EDH.

The Highlander part of the name was a cheeky reference to the film of the same name, the tagline of which was ‘There can be only one’. As the EDH format allowed only one copy of any given card in a deck, the Highlander part of its original name was, of course, a fitting one.

When MTG publisher Wizards of the Coast began officially supporting the EDH format back in 2011, potential issues with intellectual property infringement were avoided by changing its name – and Commander was born!

The 100-card format remains one of the most popular ways to play MTG; naturally, that larger deck size means that players need a larger deck box to accommodate their Commander cards.

We’ve taken numerous 100+ card boxes for a spin – but which ones are the best?

Let’s find out, as we check out the best Commander deck boxes!

1. Quiver Citadel Premium Deck Block

Quiver Citadel Premium Deck Block

Here at Card Gamer, we’re huge fans of Quiver’s CCG/TCG accessories.

They’re clearly premium products, thoughtfully made by card gaming fans, for card gaming fans.

Their Citadel deck box is, in our opinion, an absolute masterpiece of design with a good selection of features to make you wonder how you ever took care of your Commander deck without it!

For a start, you can tell that it’s a solidly made deck box just by looking at it!

Its polyurethane leather cover has no less than fourteen (yes, fourteen!) magnets to protect the contents of the box. 

In case that still doesn’t calm your anxiety about your deck being properly protected, it even has an elasticated strap to further reinforce the cover!

The PU leather cover can be removed entirely too, with the option to draw your Commander deck directly from the box, either flat or horizontally – either way works perfectly.

Inside, the box has a soft, velvet lining to ensure that your sleeved cards stay well protected from damage too, just like their bigger Quiver Card Case that we have reviewed recently.

There’s space to hold dice or tokens, with a hard plastic divider to protect the cards from any accessories you fit in the box – though if you’re using this box for a 100-card Commander deck, you’ll likely only be able to fit the cards in there!

Still, it’s a versatile and fully featured deck box; it’s a great choice for Commander players as well as MTG – or any TCG that uses standard sized cards – in general.

There can be only one top entry for the best Commander deck boxes list – and the Quiver Citadel has fought its way to earning the prize!

Read our full review: Quiver Time Citadel Deck Block Review

2. Card Guardian 100+ Deck Box 

card guardian deck box

By far the cheapest option when it comes to the premium end of Commander-sized deck boxes, the Card Guardian looks and feels the part, for a much lower price point than similar products.

The durable, anti-slip and anti-scratch material on the exterior of the box feels solid and secure, especially given that the lid is also magnetised.

The interior is made of a soft microfiber, which is also perfect for keeping your Commander deck safe and sound as it’s being stored and transported.

The lid opens up flat too, giving you a small microfiber surface to handle cards on or discard to, again ensuring that your cards are kept in the best condition possible!

It may not be the showiest or most fully featured of products, but the Card Guardian deck box offers more bang for your buck than most similarly priced Commander deck boxes.

3. Grinning Gargoyle Ultimate Dragon Hide Deck Box

Dragon Hide Commander Deck Box

Though this Grinning Gargoyle deck box may be fibbing a little with its claim of being made from Dragon hide, it is nonetheless a very good choice for MTG Commander players.

The faux-Dragon scale exterior is thick and protective, but that’s not all this deck box offers.

With three separate compartments – one big enough to hold an entire, sleeved Commander deck with ease – this has plenty of options for carrying both cards and accessories, all in the same storage solution.

One of the other compartments is big enough for a standard, 60-card MTG deck and the third can hold dice and other tokens to aid in playing your CCGs.

Though – much like the Quiver case – this isn’t a cheap product, it’s one that’ll last, as well as one that’s perfect for multiple games too.

4. Ultra Pro Mythic Edition Alcove Flip Box

Ultra Pro Mythic Deck Box

A company synonymous with card game accessories, Ultra Pro have a wide range of officially licensed Magic: The Gathering products on sale.

This Mythic Edition deck box is the perfect size for Commander decks – and with it being adorned with an embroidered Planeswalker symbol both on the outside and the interior pattern, it really looks the part too.

This is another premium product that’s not a cheap option, but for serious Magic players there’s no price on keeping your cards safe and looking good as you do so.

An extra strong magnetic closure keeps the deck box securely closed, with the capacity to hold 100+ double sleeved cards.

The soft interior lining – with those aforementioned Planeswalker logos – is gentle on your precious MTG cards; the lid also unfolds to create a safe, soft surface for cards or accessories.

This is a great choice for MTG players who really want to show their love of the game – what better way is there to do that, than carrying your Commander deck in a box with the instantly recognisable, official MTG logo design?

5. Gamegenic Squire Convertible Deck Box

Gamegenic Squire Commander Deck Box

One of the best things about the Gamegenic Squire box is that it still feels like a premium deck box, yet can be as cheap as half the price of some of the costlier decks on this list.

It’s fairly basic, but extremely well made – for your money, you get a stitched outer, a soft microfiber interior and a completely removable, magnetised cover.

The Squire is available in a range of colours too; if you have multiple colour variants, you can mix and match the covers to customise the look of each deck box.

There’s numerous ways to use the box once opened too, thanks to the sturdiness of the magnetised cover.

You even have the option of tilting it at an angle, making drawing cards from your MTG Commander deck a straightforward and hassle free process! 

6. FXLTSBL Deck Box and Dividers

FXLTSBL Commander Deck Box

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense Commander deck box, look no further than this fairly generic option, from manufacturer FXLTSBL.

Though it’s as barebones as it comes in terms of its packaging, this is a nicely made deck box that does exactly what it needs to do!

The stitched, lightly textured outer has a magnetised cover that opens up flat – which allows players to orient the box horizontally and draw cards directly from the box.

The microfiber interior is also a nice touch – and it’s one that you may have come to expect only in more expensive deck boxes, but this particular option is cheap and readily available.

It’s available in a range of colours too; the same manufacturer even provide a side-loading box for the same price, with many of the same design elements found in the more traditional top-loading box.

These boxes are also packaged with two deck dividers – so if you’re using non-Commander, standard Magic decks with sideboards, you can separate your cards appropriately and for no extra cost!

7. Ultimate Guard Boulder Deck Box

Boulder Deck Box

Though many players and collectors – myself included – prefer a deck box that’s soft, yet sturdy, on the outside and with (preferably!) a microfiber or velvet-style interior, there’s nothing functionally wrong with having a deck box that’s more solid in its overall construction.

The two piece Ultimate Guard Boulder Deck Box certainly earns its rock-based name too, feeling like an absolute brick when it’s filled with cards!

Though it is made of hard, non-flexible plastic, it has a soft-touch coating – so it doesn’t feel too sharp or harsh to hold your precious MTG Commander deck.

It’s easy to take apart and put back together, with the added bonus of being able to use both pieces as card holders; one to draw from and other to discard to, perhaps.

It’s also compatible with Ultimate Guard’s larger storage solutions, so you can store multiple Boulder boxes in their larger trays and archive cases!

8. Vault X Large Deck Box And Sleeves

Vault X Sleeves and Deck Box

As we head to the last few entries on the list, we thought it was worth covering cheap – but perfectly functional – flexible plastic Commander deck boxes.

To kick off the final three entries, we have the Vault X deck box.

It’s not fancy and won’t wow you with any special or hidden features – it’s a deck box with a self locking lid and that’s that.

However, it does have a few value added bonuses that make it worth considering over the other cheap options we look at on this list.

There’s the card divider, for one thing – which you may not need if you’re holding a full Commander deck in this box, but it’s a useful thing to have just in case.

Also – and this is where the value truly lies with this particular deck box – it’s packaged with 150 black deck sleeves, so you don’t have to worry about buying a whole new set of sleeves for your Commander deck – everything you need is included!

Though the sleeves won’t necessarily be the most premium option out there, it’s great that this particular box covers all bases – so you have the accessories you require for that freshly built Commander deck, all in one cost effective package!

9. Gamegenic 100-Card Deck Holder

Gamegenic Basic Deck Box

Though this does look like pretty much any other plastic deck box that you’ll find at the cheaper end of the scale for your Commander decks, this Gamegenic Deck Box – which comes in a wide range of colours – has a couple of features that may well make it worth choosing over other low cost alternatives.

For one thing, the hinged plastic lid opens a lot wider than other, similar deck boxes that are made of similar material to this one. In fact, it opens up to 180 degrees – allowing for much easier and safer access to your cards, reducing the risk of marking or other damage.

A card divider – matching the colour of the box – is included too.

There’s also a wipe-clean panel on the top of the box, which allows you to name or label your deck as required, for easy identification on your gaming shelf!

So yes, this may well be a very basic option – but it’s certainly very cost effective and, as it holds 100+ sleeved cards, it is perfect for Commander decks!

10. Ultimate Guard 100+ Deck Case

Ultimate Guard Basic Deck Box

Pretty much as basic as they come, this particular Ultimate Guard deck box isn’t going to win any awards for fancy features, but it’s perfectly functional – and considerably cheaper than most other products on the best Commander deck boxes list.

This plastic deck box is made of plastic, with no internal lining or other protection – but in all my years of collecting and managing a large CCG/TCG card collection, I’ve never had an issue with cases of this nature.

There’s also a card divider – matching the colour of your chosen deck box – included too, which can be a pretty useful thing to have when organising your cards.

These deck boxes are perfect for storing your less valuable cards – and if you have a Commander deck that’s already sleeved, it’ll definitely get the job done!

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