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10 Most Valuable One Piece OP-02 Cards

One Piece OP-02 Cards

It’s time to grab your straw hat once more, as we cast our eyes over the most valuable One Piece OP-02 cards!

The very first One Piece Card Game set was Romance Dawn – and launched to an awful lot of excitement among One Piece fans.

The second set, Paramount War (coded OP-02), has been similarly popular.

Despite the fact that the One Piece Card Game has only been around since 2022, it’s amassed a lot of interest among players and collectors alike, causing quite a few cards to significantly rise in value.

We’ve already covered the cards that are fetching the highest prices from the very first set – you can check out the most valuable One Piece OP-01 cards here – but what about the second set of cards for the One Piece Card Game?

Let’s take a look, as we check out the most valuable One Piece OP-02 cards!

1. Portgas D. Ace – OP02-013, V.3 ($605)

One Piece Card Game OP02 - Portgas D Ace (1)

Our number one spot features Portgas D. Ace – who also features pretty prominently on our most valuable One Piece OP-03 cards list!

Ace is the son of late, legendary Gol D. Roger – the Pirate King and previous owner of the fabled One Piece treasure!

The value of this particular card is befitting of Portgas D. Ace’s importance to the overall One Piece saga, but it’s also a beautiful, manga-inspired alternate art design and a great card in gameplay terms too.

Game mechanics-wise, it’s a card with 7000 Power that allows you to drop the Power of two of your opponent’s Characters down – by 3000 points – on the turn you play it. 

Plus, if one of your Leader’s types happens to be Whitebeard Pirates, Portgas D. Ace gains Rush – so he can attack on the turn he’s played too!

He’s not easy to get into play in the first place, however – as Portgas D. Ace has a cost of 7; it’s definitely not a card you’ll see hitting the play area early in a game!

So with all of that in mind, perhaps its no wonder that this variant of Portgas D. Ace commands an incredibly high average price of around $605!

With three different versions of this card available, however, other variants aren’t as expensive. 

For example, the V.1 can usually be purchased for less than $1 – and another full art variant is usually priced at around $40.

2. Edward Newgate – OP02-001, V.2 ($80)

10 Most Valuable One Piece OP-02 Cards - Edward Newgate (1)

There’s a huge drop in value as we move away from our number one spot – but this Edward Newgate card is still pretty expensive, with a current average price of $80!

So, we’ve already looked at how Portgas D. Ace gets a bonus when his Leader card is a Whitebeard Pirate – and guess who Edward Newgate is?

That’s right, Edward Newgate is the leader of the Whitebeard Pirates – and, this being a Leader card, it pairs well with the highly sought after Portgas D. Ace!

In gameplay terms, Edward Newgate is pretty straightforward – he has a Power of 6000 and allows you to draw a card to your hand from the top of your Life cards at the end of each turn.

The V.1 Edward Newgate card is very cheap – it can be bought for pennies – so the appeal of the V.2 card, as with many of the most valuable cards, is in its rarity and artwork.

3. Portgas D. Ace – OP02-013, V.2 ($40)

One Piece Card Game OP02 - Portgas D. Ace

Next up in our list of the most valuable One Piece OP-02 cards is… wait, Portgas D. Ace again?

Back in entry number one, we mentioned that there was a full art variant of the Portgas D. Ace Character card that was currently priced at around $40 – and here it is!

So, we’ve already met Portgas D. Ace, we already know what this card does in terms of its in-game abilities and they’re both Secret Rare cards – check out our One Piece Card Game rarities guide for more details on that – so what else is different?

Well, you’ll notice that they both have the same picture of Portgas D. Ace literally on fire.

Which, incidentally, is due to the Logia Devil Fruit – which grants Ace the ability to create and manipulate fire.

It even allows him to entirely become fire. 

So the difference here is in the background; the more expensive variant of the card has panels from the One Piece manga as a backdrop, whereas this lesser value card more naturally extends the fiery illustration.

4. Monkey D. Garp – OP02-002, V.2 ($39)

10 Most Valuable One Piece OP-02 Cards - Monkey D Garp

One of the most important characters in the One Piece saga, Monkey D. Garp is Luffy’s grandfather – and was a major player during the ‘reign’ of Pirate King, Gol D. Roger.

As befits his importance and standing within the One Piece saga, this card is a Leader with the Navy affiliation and the ability of reducing the cost of one of your opponent’s higher cost characters by 1. 

This particular variant is a close up image of the character and currently sells for around $39, but the full art, more action-oriented, standard version of the card can be purchased for just a few pennies.

5. Smoker – OP02-093, V.2 ($38)

One Piece Card Game OP02 - Smoker

A recurring and persistent enemy to Monkey D. Luffy, Smoker is a Marine vice admiral, as well as being the Commander of the G-5 Marine base.

Despite his mission to capture Luffy, Smoker has – on occasion – allied with his target, though admittedly out of necessity for both Luffy and Smoker himself!

This Smoker card is another Leader – which works in a similar way to Monkey D. Garp, in that it reduces the cost of an opposing Character by -1.

If this leads to any Character having a cost of 0, Smoker gains 1000 Power during the same turn.

At a cost of around $38, this close up portrait of Smoker feels similar to many other cards on this list – especially as it has a different variant which can be purchased very cheaply!

6. Kuzan – OP02-121, V.2 ($35)

10 Most Valuable One Piece OP-02 Cards - Kuzan (1)

A former Marine Admiral – and taught by none other than Monkey D. Garp – Kuzan is another major antagonist in the One Piece saga and next up in our most valuable One Piece OP-02 cards list.

A Character card with a very high cost of 10, the difficulty of getting Kuzan into play is offset by a seriously high Power – which sits at an impressive 10,000!

Kuzan’s abilities are equally impressive; on your turn, you can give all opposing Characters -5 to their cost – and on playing Kuzan, you can knock out an opposing Character who has zero cost.

It creates the opportunity for great combos with other cards – also on this list – that reduce character costs, which probably explains why several cards with similar abilities appear as the most expensive!

However, by the standards of the upper end of the list, Kuzan is relatively cheap, with this variant of the card selling for $35 on average.

7. Sanji – OP02-026, V.2 ($31)

One Piece Card Game OP02 - Sanji

Also featured in our most valuable One Piece OP-04 cards list, Sanji is clearly a popular character! 

As the cook for the Straw Hat Pirates and one of the most senior officers in the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, it’s probably no surprise to see Sanji’s cards being so popular in the One Piece Card Game.

This variant of Sanji’s OP-02 Leader card isn’t too pricey, at around $31, with its standard version being incredibly cheap (it’s another that you’ll likely be able to find for pennies!).

Sanji has a pretty useful ability that you can enact once per turn too – if you play a Character with no base effect from your hand, you can make two of your DON!! cards active immediately.

That is, as long as you have three or less Characters in play.

It’s a great card, then – so it’s clear why Sanji, the popularity of his character aside, might be so sought after!

8. Emporio Ivankov – OP02-049, V.2 ($27)

10 Most Valuable One Piece OP-02 Cards - Emporio Ivankov

Queen of the Kambakka Kingdom, Emporio Ivankov will look very familiar to fans of The Rocky Horror Picture Show – because he’s based on Tim Curry’s iconic look (and mannerisms!) for Doctor Frank N. Furter!

This Leader card has a straightforward and very useful ability – at the end of your turn, if you have no cards in your hand, you can draw two cards.

With 5 Life and 5000 Power, Emporio Ivankov is fairly unremarkable on his own – but the brilliantly in-your-face, extreme close up card art clearly makes this one that collectors want to get their hands on!

Following the trend of most other cards on this list, the standard art variant for Emporio Ivankov’s card is extremely cheap – though of course we’ve reached a stage in this list where cards aren’t necessarily going to break the bank, even for their most expensive variants!

9. Kuzan – OP02-096, V.2 ($27)

One Piece  Card Game OP02 - Kuzan (2)

Want to get a Kuzan card into play, but a cost of 10 is too steep and impractical to bring him to the table?

This Kuzan might be the one for you, as opposed to the card featured at number 6 on this list of the most valuable One Piece OP-02 cards.

In fact, it’s also yet another card that can reduce the power of an opponent’s Character too.

With a cost of 4 and -4 to opposing characters when attacking (plus enabling you to draw a card when played), it’s easy to see why this version of Kuzan would prove popular to players.

No doubt collectors are interested in this card thanks to its brilliant, full art illustration – which explains why it sells for $27. 

It’s worth noting that this card reprints a Special Tournament Promo – you won’t find the original card in standard booster packs at all, so this variant is a good option for players and collectors who have been unable to take part in One Piece Card Game tournaments.

10. Edward Newgate – OP02-004, V.2 ($26)

One Piece Card Game - 10 Most Valuable One Piece OP-02 Cards

So here we are with another character we’ve seen before and the last entry in our most valuable One Piece OP-02 cards list: Edward Newgate!

Of course with the previous Edward Newgate card on this list being a Leader, it stands to reason that we would see him again as a Character card – which is what we have here.

This version of Edward Newgate has a high in-game cost of 9 and a massive 10,000 Power, matching the OP02-121 version of Kuzan in terms of his Power.

This card’s abilities are fantastic too – giving your Leader +2000 Power for the turn upon play. 

When Attacking, Edward Newgate can knock out an opposing character with 3000 or less Power too!

So it’s easy to see why this card is so highly valued, at $26 for this variant.

Even its cheaper version is around $1; there’s no penny option for this card!

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