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10 Most Valuable One Piece OP-04 Cards

One Piece OP04 Cards

The One Piece Card Game continues to bring players enticing new treasure, with the fourth set – Kingdoms of Intrigue – finally here. Come with us as we take a look at the most valuable One Piece OP-04 cards!

Despite only being a year old, the One Piece Card Game has carved itself quite a niche in the Collectable Card Game/Trading Card Game arena (check out our ‘the difference between TCG and CCG’ article for more details on those terms!).

Partly, it’s due to the enduring success of the One Piece manga and anime itself; yet interest in the saga has also been bolstered recently by the live action Netflix adaptation.

Of course, this would mean nothing if the One Piece Card Game was a lazy cash grab, but with innovative mechanics and some truly beautiful cards to collect, that’s certainly not the case.

We’ve already taken a look at the most valuable One Piece OP-03 cards and the most valuable One Piece cards overall – but what about the most valuable cards in the fourth set, Kingdoms of Intrigue?

Let’s find out what they are, as we check out the most valuable One Piece OP-04 cards!

1. Sabo, Manga Alternate Art – Super Rare, OP04-083 ($475)

One Piece OP04 - Sabo

Despite the fact that Kingdoms of Intrigue – coded as OP-04, with it being the fourth One Piece Card Game set to release – has not been available for long, there’s already a clear front runner for the most valuable card.

That honour goes to a Manga art variant of Sabo, with a current average selling price of around $475.

Sabo – the sworn brother of One Piece protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy – has an extremely high bounty on his head in the story, so it’s perhaps apt that one of the card’s featuring the character would also be fetching a similarly high price!

A Special Character card, Sabo’s card is no slouch in terms of its gameplay effects either, having the ability to stop any of your characters from being knocked out on the turn it’s played.

As well as this, Sabo functions as a Blocker, able to take damage that’s initially aimed at a different character!

There are four different variants of this Sabo card available, with the cheapest selling for around $5 – so if it’s the card you want for gameplay (rather than collecting) purposes, you don’t have to resort to piracy to be able to afford it.

In fact – keep reading and you will even find one of those more affordable variants on this list!

2. Rebecca, Alternate Art – Leader, OP04-039 ($60)

One Piece OP04 - Rebecca

Just like Donquixote Doflamingo – who you’ll see popping up very soon on this list – Rebecca is an important character in the Dressrosa arc of the One Piece saga – one of two arcs that OP04 focuses on (the other being the Arabasta arc).

However, unike Donquixote Doflamingo, Rebecca is an ally of the Straw Hat Pirates, rather than an enemy!

This alternate art variant of the Rebecca Leader card is currently selling for around $60, but just like the other cards on this list, it also has a much cheaper version available.

The standard art card for Rebecca shows her in an equally revealing outfit – though supposedly ready for battle, that lack of protection suggests otherwise – but in a much more illustrated, less realistic, style.

That standard version can be bought for just a few pennies, so if you’re more interested in this card’s ability – which allows you to add a Dressrosa card from the top of your deck to your hand, at a cost of two DON!! cards – then you may want to seek out the more reasonably priced card instead!

3. Donquixote Doflamingo, Alternate Art – Leader, OP04-019 ($58)

One Piece OP04 - Donquixote Doflamingo

The number three spot on the list of our most valuable One Piece OP-04 cards goes to a variant of the Donquixote Doflamingo Leader card.

This is a character you definitely don’t want to get on the wrong side of; not only is he one of the major antagonists of more than one story arc in the One Piece saga, but Donquixote Doflamingo killed both his father and brother after feeling that he’d been betrayed by them!

So, in terms of the most valuable variant of the card, it’s not one of the most aesthetically arresting cards we’ve seen, but Donquixote Doflamingo’s visual design – with his trademark sunglasses and pink feather coat – is always striking.

In gameplay terms, Donquixote Doflamingo doesn’t do anything particularly fancy – allowing you to set 2 DON!! cards as Active at the end of your turn – but that’s a pretty useful ability.

If you’re not a collector and you want to get your hands on a Donquixote Doflamingo without breaking the bank, there are variants priced for pennies – so the $58 this card currently commands is by no means representative of every version of this card!

4. Rebecca, Alternate Art – Leader, OP04-039 ($58)

OP-04 - Rebecca

As we move onto the next card, we can’t escape the shadow of Donquixote Doflamingo – because it was under his rule that Rebecca, former crown princess of Dressrossa, was imprisoned and forced to fight as a gladiator!

During the Dressrossa Arc of the One Piece saga, Rebecca also became an ally to the Straw Hat Pirates.

This Leader card featuring Rebecca is an interesting one – and not necessarily because of the art depicting her in her gladiatorial outfit!

No, this is a Leader card that can’t attack, which is pretty unusual.

So if she can’t attack, what can Rebecca do?

Well, once per turn, as long as you have 6 or less cards in your hand, you can look at 2 cards from the top of your deck, then reveal 1 Dressrosa type card and add it to your hand – then trash the other card you looked at.

It doesn’t strike me as the most useful or flexible of abilities – and Rebecca’s lack of being able to attack does hamper her appeal somewhat; nonetheless, this alternate art variant is currently commanding prices of around $58 on average, so collectors are clearly interested in getting their hands on this card!

5. Yamato, Alternate Art – Super Rare, OP04-112 ($57)

OP-04 - Yamato

A fascinating character, Yamato was born as the daughter of the fearsome Beast Pirate, Kaidou – yet, thanks to her dedication to emulating famous samurai Kozuki Oden, Yamato has chosen to identify as male.

This has caused Yamato to be in direct opposition with his father – and has seen him imprisoned for the majority of his life.

He’s proven to be a valuable ally to the Straw Hat Pirates, however – though has yet to join Luffy’s crew!

This Yamato card is unusual, as many cards featuring the character allow them to be treated as if they were named Kozuki Oden during gameplay too.

This one doesn’t, though it does have a decent 9000 Power and the ability, which triggers on play, for you to Knock Out 1 of your opponent’s Characters.

You can carry this out as long as the Character you wish to KO has a cost equal to or less than the total of your – and your opponent’s – Life cards.

Though that’s pretty cool in itself, there’s more.

Once you’ve knocked out an opposing Character, if you have 1 or less Life cards, you can add 1 card from the top of your deck to the top of your Life cards too.

So it’s not difficult to see why this card holds a value of $57 on average; not only is it an incredibly useful and capable Character to have in play, but it also has a great illustration of one of the One Piece saga’s most interesting characters too!

6. Nefeltari Vivi, Alternate Art – Leader, OP04-001 ($38)

One Piece OP04 - Nefeltari Vivi

Another drop in value as we head further down the list, the number four spot – featuring Nefeltari Vivi – is currently priced at less than half the cost of the Rebecca card at number three!

Though Nefeltari Vivi – also known as the slightly different Nefertari Vivi, depending on the translation from the Japanese text – debuted long before the arcs featured in Kingdoms of Intrigue, she joined the Straw Hat Pirates during the Arabasta arc.

This full art variant of Nefeltari Vivi’s OP-04 Leader card is currently selling for around $38, but its standard variant sells for around $0.05!

Its in-game ability allows Nefeltari Vivi to draw a card and give a Character the Rush keyword – which allows it to attack on the turn it was played.

7. Sanji, Alternate Art – Super Rare, OP04-104 ($33)

One Piece OP04 - Sanji

The cook for the Straw Hat Pirates, Sanji is also one of the Senior Officers of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.

This Character card is another alternate art variant; currently selling for around $33, its other version is actually not as cheap as other ‘standard’ cards on this list – even this will set you back around $5!

So what’ll it actually do if you use it during play in the One Piece Card Game?

Well, as a Blocker, you can make Sanji the target of an attack instead of the declared target – and you can also trash a card from your hand to get Sanji into play too.

8. Sabo, Alternate Art – Super Rare, OP04-083 ($31)

OP-04 - Sabo (V2)

If you’ve been reading this list in order, you’ll note that I did assure you that you’d See the OP04-083 Sabo popping up again, albeit with a slightly different illustration.

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you when you look at this Sabo card – it’s exactly the same foreground illustration as the card in our number one spot, but instead of the manga comic book panels, the more colourful backdrop shows Sabo in a more natural environment, given the artwork.

With the card in the top spot going for hundreds of dollars, you may well be tempted to instead opt for this variant – which can be found for around $31 on average.

It’s definitely not the cheapest version, but it’s far more affordable than the highly sought after manga variant of Sabo – and, with it being exactly the same card in gameplay terms, it’s definitely a good choice if you’re not simply looking to collect the highest value cards in the One Piece Card Game overall!

9. Capone “Gang” Bege, Alternate Art – Rare, OP04-100 ($28)

OP-04 - Capone Bege

The Worst Generation are 12 pirates who tend to crop up a lot in lists of the most valuable One Piece cards – and here’s another!

Capone ‘Gang’ Bege isn’t just renowned as one of the Worst Generation – he’s also an ex-gangster boss and the Captain of the Fire Tank Pirates.

Bege can transform into a fortress – known as his Big Father form – which is prominently featured on this card, with his human form depicted looming over the castle-like structure in the background.

This card is a fairly straightforward one – it has a Trigger ability, which you can use to stop 1 of your opponent’s Leader or Character cards from attacking during a turn.

Given its decent but unremarkable stats and ability, it’s almost certainly due to the excellent artwork on this variant that has caused its value to rise – it’s currently selling for around $28 on average.

10. Ms. All Sunday, Alternate Art – Super Rare, OP04-064 ($26)

OP-04 - Ms All Sunday

As the archaeologist of the Straw Hat Pirates, Nico Robin also functions as one of the most senior officers in the Straw Hat Fleet.

Nico is also known by a few different names, such as Devil Child, Light of the Revolution and her alias, Ms. All Sunday.

Of course, it’s the Ms. All Sunday alias that features on this Character card – which also has her affiliated with Baroque Works, which is logical given that she was their Vice President under her alias!

When playing Ms. All Sunday, you can add 1 DON!! card from your DON!! deck, then rest it.

If this results in you having 6 or more DON!! cards on your play field, you can draw 1 card.

Ms. All Sunday also has a Trigger ability; if you return 2 DON!! cards from your play field to your DON!! deck, you can immediately put Ms. All Sunday into play – which of course triggers the ‘On Play’ ability too.

Though the ‘standard’ variant of Ms. All Sunday is priced at around $1, this lovely alternate art variant will currently cost you around $26 on average.

So there you have it – the most expensive One Piece OP-04 cards! If you’re a fan of One Piece, but you haven’t yet jumped on board with the card game, check out our guide to the best One Piece Card Game Starter Decks, along with our article looking at One Piece Card Game rarities.

That’ll give you some insight into where best to start – and what to look for when you start picking up booster packs!

Then, if you have a favourite era of the One Piece saga, you can check out our list of One Piece Card Game sets to see where you might want to jump in!

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