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All One Piece Card Game Sets (In Order)

One Piece Booster Packs

Grab your DON!! cards and get ready for battle, as we check out all One Piece Card Game sets!

Considering how long One Piece has been around, debuting as a manga in 1997 and an anime in 1999, it’s surprising that the current One Piece Card Game didn’t arrive until 2022! 

Though there was a One Piece Collectible Card Game in 2003, it failed to make much of an impact on the CCG community and disappeared fairly quickly – which is a fate that the current One Piece Card Game seems to be successfully avoiding.

Despite only having been around for a short time, publishers Bandai have done well to expand and support the One Piece Card Game with numerous, regular releases of new sets.

What sets can you get your hands on, though?

Let’s find out, as we check out the complete list of all One Piece Card Game sets!

1. Romance Dawn – OP-01

One Piece Romance Dawn Booster Pack - one piece card game sets

The first One Piece Card Game set launched in December 2022, having debuted with pre-release events taking place in September of the same year.

Romance Dawn featured 121 cards, and as well as the booster set, four different Starter Decks were also released.

Unsurprisingly, the first Starter Deck (by numbering) featured the Straw Hat Crew, with the other three decks being as follows: Worst Generation, The Seven Warlords of the Sea and Animal Kingdom Pirates.

We still think these are among the best Starter Decks for One Piece – as you’ll see if you check out our best One Piece Card Game Starter Decks article.

Naturally, with Romance Dawn being the very first set for the One Piece Card Game, it has probably the hardest job of any set release. Just like any TCG or CCG (you can find out more in our handy guide to the difference between TCG and CCG article), it has to build a player base from scratch.

So Romance Dawn needed to create the basis for players to try the game and keep coming back, in the knowledge that there’s going to be at least two types of player: existing One Piece fans drawn in by the license, alongside curious, existing card gamers looking for a new experience.

The latter type of player are the hardest to keep hold of, so a debut set has to introduce enough mechanics to keep players interested in the game, but not too many so they’re overwhelmed and revert back to more familiar games.

In our opinion – despite unusual, but clever mechanics such as DON!! cards and the concept of Life cards – it does an admirable job.

The One Piece Card Game could have been a lazy reimplimentation of familiar Trading Card Game mechanics, but to its credit, it does bring some great new ideas to the table.

Plus the cards, including numerous special treatments and alternate art variants, are absolutely gorgeous.

2. Paramount War – OP-02

In the One Piece saga, there was no bigger event during the Great Pirate Era than the Paramount War.

It was a huge, devastating conflict – with surprising losses on both sides. 

With confirmation of the existence of the One Piece itself arising from the war, it’s perhaps one of the most important chapters in the entire saga so far.

So it makes perfect sense to follow up the debut Romance Dawn set with one focusing on the characters involved in the Paramount War.

What’s new here in comparison to the first set though? 

Well, two new Starter Decks were released alongside (or just ahead of) Paramount War – One Piece Film Edition (as ST-05) and ST-06, Absolute Justice.

One Piece Film Edition is a deck themed around characters appearing in the movie One Piece Film Red, using Purple cards.

Purple coloured cards were introduced in Romance Dawn, so this deck felt more like an extension of cards and mechanics already in the game.

Absolute Justice, however, brought Black coloured cards into play – as did Paramount War in general.

These cards lower the cost of an opponent’s cards, then knock out low cost Characters – meaning that this deck – and the Paramount War set – brought some great elements of control to the One Piece Card Game.

3. Pillars of Strength – OP-03

One Piece Pillars of Strength Booster - one piece card game sets

Accompanied by just one new Starter Deck – Big Mom Pirates – the third One Piece Card Game set, Pillars of Strength, introduced Yellow cards.

Just like the Black cards, Yellow cards were another form of control; in this case, they’re good at adjusting Life totals – either yours or your opponent’s!

Pillars of Strength brought together enemies of the Straw Hat Pirates various places in the One Piece saga – being themed around East Blue, Water Seven, and Whole Cake Island.

OP-03 has been a hugely popular set – we’ve even featured it in our most valuable One Piece OP03 cards article, which shows just how sought after some of the cards in the set have become!

Pillars of Strength – given its popularity and the sudden skyrocketing in value of its cards – goes a long way to demonstrating that the One Piece Card Game really seems to have found a willing and eager audience.

Though far from the mainstream success behemoth that Disney Lorcana has become, it’s fair to say that One Piece is a much more niche proposition than a hundred years worth of Disney characters.

It’s also becoming even more popular – and, dare we say it, mainstream – thanks to the live action Netflix series that’s just debuted.

So we here at Card Gamer – having seen plenty of CCGs, TCGs and even LCGs (check out our article ‘What Are Living Card Games’ for more on those!) come and go over the years – believe that the One Piece Card Game is setting itself up to be around for a very long time.

Not unlike the manga and anime it’s based on!

4. Kingdoms of Intrigue – OP-04

Following the release of Pillars of Strength, One Piece Card Game fans were treated to two decks built around specific characters, rather than crews.

These were the Monkey D. Luffy and Yamato Starter Decks; perhaps the most surprising thing is how long it took to get a deck based entirely around series protagonist Luffy himself!

Luffy’s deck is all about control and directing your attacks, whereas Yamato – another deck themed around a specific character – is a more defensive style deck.

Kingdoms of Intrigue as a set – based around the battles of Alabasta and Dressrosa – does something very interesting with the Leader cards in the set, in that they’re all multi, rather than mono, coloured!

Allies and enemies from the Alabasta and Dressrosa arcs of the One Piece saga appear in Kingdoms of Intrigue, which also feature plenty of cards that work well with the Monkey D. Luffy and Yamato decks.

5. Awakening of the New Era – OP-05

One Piece OP-05 Boosters

The OP-05, Awakening of the New Era set is themed around the Skypia Arc and Revolutionary Army characters.

Given that this fifth set also marks the first anniversary of the One Piece Card Game, it has a few special cards too.

One Piece 1st Anniversary Promo Card

One of those special cards is pictured above; it’s a 1st Anniversary card features series protagonist Monkey D. Luffy, which was given away as a free promotional card via Bandai Premium.

5,000 of these were available and they were out of stock pretty swiftly; however, further copies are available as prizes for the winners of One Piece Card Game Tournaments.

Almost unbelievably, OP-05 also marks the first time that One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda has provided original art for the card game.

One Piece Luffy - Signed

Though, as you can see from the above image, it’s an alternate art variant of a previous Monkey D. Luffy card, the fact that it’s illustrated by Oda himself, as well as its rarity, makes this a highly sought after card.

It’s also worth noting that there are two variants of this card; the one we’ve shown above is the rarest, featuring a reproduction of Oda’s signature, printed in a gold finish!

These aren’t the only exciting elements of Awakening of the New Era.

The set has also seen the debut of characters such as the God, Enel and the Revolutionary Army’s No.2, Sabo.

GEAR5 Luffy is here for the first time too, alongside Kaido from One Piece’s Land of Wano arc.

Leader cards from previous sets, Romance Dawn and Paramount War, are returning with Manga illustration variants.

Numerous ‘Super Parallel’ cards are featured in OP-05; you’re likely to find a number of these on our most valuable One Piece OP-05 cards list!

6. Wings of the Captain – OP-06

One Piece OP-06 Wings of the Captain Booster

The English language release of OP-06, Wings of the Captain, was released in March 2024.

Six Leader cards are included: Uta (Red and Purple), Hody Jones (Green), Perona (Green and Black), Yamato (Green and Yellow), Reiju Vinsmoke (Blue and Purple) and Gecko Moria (Black).

Sanji and Zoro will be featured on the set’s booster art, as you can see above; naturally, their Character cards feature in this set.

In fact, even the set’s name refers to these two pirates!

As Sanji and Zoro are Luffy’s left and right hand men, this is where the ‘Wings of the Captain’ terminology comes into play.

7. 500 Years In The Future – OP-07

One Piee 500 Years In the Future Booster

Due to release in June 2024, very little is known at this stage about OP-07: 500 Years In The Future.

We do know that it’ll be covering the Egghead Arc of the One Piece saga, which is also known as the Future Island Arc.

Somewhat astonishingly, the Egghead Arc is the thirty second story arc of the overall One Piece saga, which just goes to show what incredible longevity the narrative has!

In terms of the 500 Years In The Future set, however, no details beyond the Japanese booster pack art, and the breakdown of card rarity and type, have been revealed, so we’ll be waiting a little while longer to see what features on the cards in this expansion.

The card breakdown is as follows:

  • Leader Card x 6
  • Common x 45
  • Uncommon x 30
  • Rare x 26
  • Super Rare x 10
  • Secret Rare x 2
  • Special Card x6
  • Treasure Rare x1
  • DON!! Card x1

You’ll see from the above list that there’s a new rarity type being introduced in OP-07: Treasure Rare.

Bandai are (ahem) holding their cards quite close to their chest with information on what exactly that is, but once we know, we’ll share the details right here.

8. Two Legends – OP-08

One Piece TBC Booster Pack

A set so freshly announced that we don’t even have the cover art for the booster packs yet, One Piece Card Game’s Two Legends booster expansion is arriving in September 2024.

The long awaited Silvers Rayleigh, who was the Pirate King’s right hand, finally makes a proper appearance in the One Piece Card Game, via the Two Legends set.

The White Beard Pirates, Beast Pirates and Big Mom Pirates are all due to be well represented in Two Legends as well; but that, for now, is all we know.

Not only is there no booster pack art, but we don’t even have a breakdown of which card rarities the set will be comprised of, or even how many cards will be in Two Legends!

Of course, when we have further details, they’ll be shared here; so watch this space.

Given that we’ve not long seen the game celebrate its first anniversary, everything we’ve covered so far is just the beginning, so exciting times lay ahead for Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates – as well as their many friends and enemies!

Where Can I Buy One Piece Card Game Products?

one piece starter decks

Despite its popularity, the One Piece Card Game does seem a little difficult to get hold of at retail.

However, under each section we’ve included buttons for each set at different online stores, so you should be able to track down the cards you’re after!

Thanks for checking out our lost of all the One Piece Card Game sets! While you’re here, check out our list of the most valuable One Piece cards – again, just remember that the game has only been around for a year, so it’s amazing that the cards can sometimes command such massive prices!

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