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10 Most Valuable One Piece Cards of 2024

One Piece Valuable Cards

Launching in December 2022 worldwide, the One Piece Card Game’s release brought characters such as Luffy, Shanks, and Big Mom, to the tabletop in spectacular fashion, and the game has quickly amassed an eager and loyal fanbase of players and collectors. Speaking of collectors, they’ve ensured that the prices for some of the game’s cards have gone so high that they could be valued against the bounties of the pirates in the Grand Line.

Obtaining many of these highly sought after and incredibly valuable cards might be a tough quest, but of course that’s one reason that they are so costly. Which One Piece cards are the most valuable of all, however? We’ve used TCG Player to take a look at the current average selling prices, so let’s find out which ones make it to the very top, as we take a look at the most valuable One Piece cards!

1. Roronoa Zoro – Treasure Cup, Promo Card ($6,000)

Roronoa Zoro Promo Card

As this card is a Promo that could only be won by players who placed in the top 8 of the 2023 Treasure Cup tournament, it is of course incredibly scarce, and highly sought after. So it’s no surprise to see this one at the very top of the list of the most valuable One Piece cards; with a current average selling price of $6,000, it’s a card that’s likely to remain out of reach for most fans.

In gameplay terms, we have a Red colour type, 5000 Power Character card with this Roronoa Zoro, who, if you’re familiar with One Piece (and, let’s face it, if you’re checking out this list you probably are!), is known as Monkey D. Luffy’s right hand man and one of the senior officers of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Other versions of this card, which only has a single keyword (Rush, allowing it to attack on the turn it’s played), are available, and will set you back just a few dollars. Though of course they won’t be as visually spectacular or unique as this particular promo version, they’ll leave a far smaller hole in your pocket!

2. Monkey D. Luffy – Awakening of the New Era, Manga Alternate Art ($3,530)

Monkey D Luffy Manga Alt Art

What would a One Piece card list be without the star of the saga, Monkey D. Luffy? This alternate art Manga card is a fantastic variant of a Character card from the Awakening of the New Era set.

It’s a lot more mechanically complex, in-game, than the Roronoa Zoro, with both an On Play effect and a once per turn, main phase ability that Luffy can use. With a cost of 10, it’s a card that might not see a lot of play, but when it does it’s worth it, given that it has a massive 12000 Power; not to mention the fact that its abilities allow you to both protect your other Characters by getting them back into your deck and accelerate your available DON!! cards.

The Manga alternate art rare cards are extremely hard to find, being in roughly one in four booster boxes (that’s right: boxes, not packs) of One Piece cards; of course, that won’t guarantee you a specific Manga rare either. So it’s no wonder this particular card sells for so much, with a current average selling price of $3,530!

3. Shanks – Romance Dawn, Manga Alternate Art ($2,100)

One Piece Shanks Manga Alt Art

This variant of Shanks, a character who first appeared way back in the very first One Piece story, is another Manga alternate art card, which shows again just how highly sought after these are. When we first put together our most valuable One Piece cards list in 2023, this card was valued at around $800; however, the price has skyrocketed, and it’s now worth $2,100 on average!

His play cost may be high (requiring 9 DON!! cards), but Shanks is a Red Character card with 10,000 Power, and has Rush too, so you can use him to attack on the turn he’s played, thanks to the Rush keyword. Another in-game ability that this card has is that it cannot be blocked by any Blocker card with 2000 or less power. 

If you’re only interested in using this Shanks Character card in a game of One Piece, there are cheaper alternatives available. Given this Manga variant’s value, you’re very unlikely to see it being used in a deck!

4. Monkey D. Luffy – Awakening of the New Era, Alternate Art, Signature ($1,933)

Luffy Gold Signature Card

Another Monkey D. Luffy card from the Awakening of the New Era set, this particular Character card is much less powerful than the Manga variant, though it does have Rush (so can be used to attack without waiting a turn) and can also stop your opponent using their Blockers, albeit for the cost of using 2 DON!! cards.

It’s not the in-game utility that gives this card its value though; instead, it’s the stamped, gold signature from One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda, as well as the general scarcity of this card. With a value of $1,933, it’s clearly another card that’s almost as valuable as Gol D. Roger’s treasure!

5. Edward Newgate – Championship 2023, Promo Card ($1,930)

Edward Newgate Championship Promo

Won as a prize for the top 16 players in Championship Regionals in 2023, this Edward Newgate card is another beautiful promo card that’s very difficult to get hold of. Currently selling for an average price of $1,930, it’s another card that has incredible value, especially considering that it isn’t even particularly old (of course, given that the One Piece Card Game only launched in 2022, the same can be said of any card in its various sets).

In game, this Edward Newgate card has a cost of 9, but definitely has some tricks up its sleeve to make it worth the wait. On Play, it can give 1 of your Leaders +2000 power until the start of your next turn, and you can’t add Life cards to your hand (at least, not with your own effects) during the same turn.

For a cost of 2 DON!! cards, when attacking you can Knock Out 1 of your opponent’s Characters with 3000 power or less, which, I’m sure you’ll agree, is pretty powerful!

If you’re looking for this card specifically to use in a deck, rather than just as one of the most valuable cards to add to your collection, there’s a variant from the Paramount War set that will cost you around $16. Which is much more affordable!

6. Monkey D. Luffy – Super Pre-Release Winner, Promo ($1,760)

Luffy Super Pre Release Winner Card

Yes, it’s another Luffy card! This one’s extremely special; not only is it perhaps one of the easiest cards to use on this list (it’s a straightforward, 6 cost Character card with Rush, if you pay 2 DON!! cards), but it’s also one that was given to winners of the Super Pre-Release events, which kicked off the One Piece Card Game’s launch!

So, it’s clear why this card commands an average price of $1,760 at present; seeing as participants, rather than the winner, at pre-release events were awarded with a variant of this card that currently sells for around $7, you don’t have to go on a quest for the One Piece if you want to add it to your deck!

7. Monkey D. Garp – Treasure Cup, Promo Card ($1,125)

Monkey D Garp Treasure Cup Promo

As you may have guessed from the name, Monkey D. Garp is closely related to One Piece’s protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy. You’d have guessed right too, as Garp is Luffy’s grandfather!

This card is another that was won by entrants to the Treasure Cup; in this instance, it’s more recent, having been awarded to the Top 16 players in the 2024 event. So it’s not surprising to see this one shoot up the rankings, with a current average selling price of $1,125!

8. Portgas D. Ace – Paramount War, Manga Alternate Art ($1,100)

Portgas D. Ace Manga Card

It speaks volumes that when we originally put together our list of the most valuable One Piece cards, this was the number two entry on the list, and was selling for around $700. Even though that value has now risen to $1,100, greater interest in other cards has still seen this one drop down to 8th place!

A character card that can weaken two of your opponent’s characters by 3000 Power for one turn, and having a leader with Whitebeard Pirates grants this card the Rush keyword, to attack in the same turn he is played.

Any fan of this character would love to have this card in their possession with its art solidifying one of the impactful moments in One Piece, and its rarity making it very sought after!

9. Queen – Treasure Cup, Promo Card ($1,100)

Queen Treasure Cup Promo

You’ll notice that this is another Treasure Cup card; in this instance, the Queen promo card was given to players who reached the Top 16 in the 2023 event.

In game, Queen is a 5 cost, Purple coloured, 6000 Power Character card with some really useful abilities. First up, it has Blocker, allowing it to become the target of an opponent’s attack. On Play, you can return a DON!! card from the play area to your DON!! deck in order to draw 2 cards, then discard a card.

Given how few of these cards are out in the wild, it’s clear why it’s currently commanding prices of $1,100 on average!

10. Roronoa Zoro – 3 on 3 Cup, Promo Card ($1,095)

Roronoa Zoro 3 on 3 Cup Promo Card

Another Roronoa Zoro card, it’s interesting to see that the character occupies both the first and last spots on the most valuable One Piece cards list.

What’s really fascinating about this card is that it’s not anywhere near as scarce as some of the other cards on this list, as it was awarded to participants of the 3 on 3 Cup; you’d expect another rarer prize card, or a further Manga variant, perhaps, to make it to this list.

Perhaps its the popularity of Roronoa Zoro himself, however, but this card’s current value of $1,095 on average definitely makes it a great investment, especially as no more copies can be found in the wild; like the other promos on this list, this isn’t a card you’ll pull from a booster pack!

So there you have it; the current most valuable One Piece cards. Check out our list of all One Piece Card Game sets to see what’s already been released, and what is (upcoming pun very much intentional) on the cards!

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