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10 Most Valuable Pokemon Cards in Twilight Masquerade

Twilight Masquerade Valuable Cards

It’s time to check out the cards that everyone wants to get their hands on, as we unmask the most valuable Pokemon Twilight Masquerade cards!

Based on The Teal Mask, a downloadable content pack for Nintendo Switch game, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the Pokemon Twilight Masquerade set centres around Ogerpon, whose type and form changes depending on what mask it wears. Consequently, Twilight Masquerade features each of these different types of Ogerpon, as well as a Trainer card that can make unique use of multiple Ogerpon cards in your deck!

That’s not all that Twilight Masquerade brings to the Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG), however; you’ll also see more Ace Spec cards, the introduction of the stunning Bloodmoon Ursaluna and spectacular, Special Illustration Rares that collectors will no doubt be desperate to add to their binders.

Are any of those among the most highly sought after and, therefore, most expensive cards in the Twilight Masquerade set? We checked out the data on TCG Player, to find out the current, average selling price for all cards in the set. What did we discover? Let’s take a look, as we check out the most valuable cards in the set!

1. Greninja ex – Special Illustration Rare ($120)

Greninja ex 214/167

Since their introduction in the Scarlet & Violet base set in 2023, Tera Pokemon have become some of the most popular cards in the current meta. Tera Pokemon are creatures that have been ‘Terastallized’, which transforms them, giving an incredible, crystal gem-style appearance. In the Pokemon TCG, they can’t be hurt by attacks while on the Bench, and their type can often be different to what you’d normally expect too.

For example, Greninja, which evolves from Frogadier (which, in turn, evolves from Froakie), is usually a Water type Pokemon, but its Tera card is Fighting type. Which, as you can see, is exactly what we have here, with the beautiful Greninja ex Special Illustration Rare card.

Currently selling for an average price of $120, it’s definitely become the most highly sought after card in the Twilight Masquerade set. Of course, with it being a Special Illustration Rare, which are alternate art versions of cards in any given set, it does mean that there are other, cheaper options to get yourself a Greninja ex in Twilight Masquerade.

The Double Rare Greninja ex is the cheapest, selling for around $2.50 on average. However, for Pokemon fans desperate to get their hands on the fanciest cards, the Special Illustration Rare is clearly the one to hunt down!

So, in gameplay terms, what can Greninja ex do? Well, with an impressive 310 HP and two attacks, it’s a very capable Pokemon; some may say it’s overpowered, especially considering its Shinobi Blade attack. What’s special about Shinobi Blade, I hear you ask? Well, for the cost of a single Water Energy, Shinobi Blade deals 170 HP damage to your opponent’s Active Pokemon. Given its Energy card cost, that’s an absolutely phenomenal level of damage!

That’s not all though; the cleverly rhyming Mirage Barrage attack deals 120 HP of damage to any 2 of your opponent’s Pokemon. This attack costs 1 Water and 2 Colorless Energy, plus has an extra cost, in that you must also discard two Energy cards from Greninja ex in order to use this attack.

Given its in-game usefulness and strength, along with its amazing card art, it’s no wonder we see Greninja ex at the top of the most valuable Twilight Masquerade cards list!

2. Carmine – Special Illustration Rare ($90)

Carmine 217/167

In any given set, the full art, Special Illustration Rare Supporter cards always make their way onto the list of the most valuable and highly sought after cards. Carmine, then, is no exception, with Twilight Masquerade marking her debut in the Pokemon TCG.

Of the three cards featuring Carmine, with an Uncommon and an Ultra Rare (also full art) completing her trio of cards in the set, the Special Illustration Rare is by far the most valuable, with a current, average selling price of $90.

Gameplay wise, Carmine is as straightforward as they come, but she has a really neat trick up her sleeve. The rules of the Pokemon TCG state that the first player, on their first turn, is forbidden from playing a  Supporter card (on a normal turn, you can only play one Supporter card anyway).

However, Carmine can ignore that rule; her card text clearly states that if you go first, you can use Carmine on your first turn. Her ability allows you to discard your hand and draw 5 cards; though very straightforward and less powerful than, say, Professor’s Research, which allows you to discard your hand and draw 7 cards, it’s that first turn caveat which makes Carmine so appealing.

Her Uncommon variant (check out our guide to Pokemon Card Rarities for more insight) is, to say the least, much more reasonable price-wise, with its current average cost being around $0.24! So if you want to make use of Carmine in your deck, those are the ones to go for. However, her Special Illustration Rare is beautiful, and it’s undoubtedly the best version of the card to have, if you can afford it, or if you’re lucky enough to pull it!

3. Perrin – Special Illustration Rare ($69)

Perrin 220/167

Another Supporter making their first appearance in Twilight Masquerade, Perrin is also another card which has a very in-demand Special Illustration Rare variant! Currently selling for an average of around $69, Perrin’s card is another which has an Uncommon variant that costs much less; in her case, it’s around $0.08 to buy her Uncommon card.

Perrin’s card ability is great, too: when you play her, you can reveal up to two Pokemon from your hand, then search your deck for that many Pokemon and put those in your hand. The two you originally revealed from your hand are then shuffled into your deck, so you don’t have to worry that you’ll lose them to the discard pile. If you’re collecting the amazing Special Illustration Rare Supporter cards, Perrin is definitely one that you’ll want to get for your collection!

4. Bloodmoon Ursaluna ex – Special Illustration Rare ($63)

Bloodmoon Ursaluna ex 216/167

All of the cards we’ve covered so far have card numbers that go above the designated number of cards in the Twilight Masquerade set. For example, the set numbers on each card show that there are 167 cards in Twilight Masquerade, but this Bloodmoon Ursaluna ex card’s number is 216 (making it card number 216/167).

If you’re not familiar with the card numbering system of TCGs, you may be wondering why this is the case. Most TCGs do this, and any cards that go above the set’s ‘official’ numbering are known as ‘Secret Rare’ cards.

Another aspect of Secret Rare cards is that they’re variants of cards in the base set; so, while you can get cheaper versions of these cards, the most desirable variants are the ones designated as Secret Rare; they’ll have full art, alternate art styles or even different foil treatments.

In the case of Bloodmoon Ursaluna ex, it’s yet another Special Illustration Rare card that we have here; these are clearly the most collectable cards for Pokemon fans! With a current price of $63, it’s not a cheap card to pick up, but in the case of Bloodmoon Ursaluna ex, there are four different options when it comes to the Twilight Masquerade set, with the most cost effective variant selling for around $2.20 on average.

5. Teal Mask Ogerpon ex – Special Illustration Rare ($47)

Teal Mask Ogerpon ex 211/167

Given that Twilight Masquerade is a showcase for the different masked forms of Ogerpon, it’s perhaps surprising that Ogerpon’s first appearance is so far down the list of the set’s most valuable cards.

Here we are with the Teal Mask Ogerpon ex card, yet another Special Illustration Rare, as well as being another Tera Pokemon ex too. This Pokemon’s ability, Teal Dance, allows you to attach a Basic Grass Energy card to this Pokemon once per turn, then draw a card. Given that each Teal Mask Ogerpon ex you have in play can attach an Energy card to themselves in this way and give you extra cards back in your hand, you can see why this is the most popular of the different Ogerpon options in Twilight Masquerade!

That’s before we even get to this Ogerpon’s attack, Myriad Leaf Shower, which deals 30 HP damage for each Energy attached to both Active Pokemon. Given that it costs 3 Grass Energy to use, that’s 90 HP damage at a minimum!

Just like Bloodmoon Ursaluna ex, there are four different variants of Teal Mask Ogerpon ex in the Twilight Masquerade set. The Special Illustration Rare variant has a current average selling price of $47, but even the cheapest version still sells for around $13, which shows just how keen players and collectors are to get their hands on Teal Mask Ogerpon ex!

6. Buddy Buddy Poffin – Hyper Rare ($42)

Buddy Buddy Poffin 223/167

Here we have our first Item card and our first card that isn’t a Special Illustration Rare, with the gold, Hyper Rare variant of Buddy Buddy Poffin. Introduced in Pokemon TCG set Temporal Forces, Buddy-Buddy Poffin allows you to search your deck for up to two Basic Pokemon with 70 HP or less, put them on your Bench immediately, then shuffle your deck.

Strangely, there are no Buddy Buddy Poffin variants in Twilight Masquerade; there’s just this gold, textured foil treated card, which sells for a current average of $42. However, the standard, Uncommon Buddy Buddy Poffin card from Temporal Forces currently sells for around $1.75, if you want a cheaper alternative!

7. Eevee – Special Illustration Rare ($38)

Eevee 188/167

Another Special Illustration Rare card, this Eevee features adorable artwork of multiple Eevees, in a cosy domestic setting. Given how popular Eevee is, and has been since the very first Pokemon Game Boy games launched in the 90s, we’re not surprised that this particular card is one that fans are clamouring for.

Though Eevee is ‘just’ a Basic, 50 HP Pokemon (which immediately makes the Buddy Buddy Poffin come to mind), it can potentially deal 40 HP of damage with one attack. It also has Ascension; for the cost of just one Colorless Energy, you can search your deck for any Pokemon that evolves from Eevee and immediately get that Pokemon into play by evolution.

Given Eevee’s variety of different, evolved forms, you can tailor your options to whatever will be of most use in the deck you’re currently using; it’s a very flexible card indeed, which explains why it’s so popular. So, along with its wonderful artwork, we’re not surprised to see this Eevee currently selling for an average of $38.

8. Lana’s Aid – Special Illustration Rare ($35)

Lana's Aid 219/167

Another Supporter card, Lana’s Aid is new as of Twilight Masquerade too. Lana’s Aid is a really powerful card that seems to have, so far at least, gone under the radar. When played, Lana’s Aid allows you to bring any combination of up to three Pokemon (without a Rule Box) and Basic Energy cards from your discard pile back into your hand.

Just when your opponent thinks they’ve got the upper hand, the Lana’s Aid can bring a previously Knocked Out Pokemon and its energy, or a combination of other Pokemon, back to the game!

Of course, once more the card with the most visually pleasing artwork (although that of course is subjective!) is the one that’s worth the most, with this particular variant of Lana’s Aid selling for an average of $35. You’ll notice it’s not just Lana on this card’s art either, with Wooper, Corphish and Surskit all making cute cameo appearances!

9. Wellspring Mask Ogerpon ex – Special Illustration Rare ($34)

Wellspring Mask Ogerpon ex 213/167

The second masked Ogerpon to make it onto this list, the Wellspring Mask Ogerpon ex is a Water type Pokemon. With three variants available as part of the Twilight Masquerade set, the cheapest of Wellspring Mask Ogerpon ex’s cards can be found for around $0.86 on average, but the Special Illustration Rare sells for around $34.

Its Sob attack costs just one Colorless Energy, deals 20 HP of damage and prevents the Defending Pokemon from Retreating on its next turn; Wellspring Mask Ogerpon ex also has the much more impressive Torrential Pump attack, however. 

This deals 100 HP of damage for the cost of 1 Water and 2 Colorless Energy, but if you also choose shuffle 3 Energy cards attached to this Pokemon back into your deck at the same time, you can deal 120 HP of damage to one of your opponent’s Benched Pokemon too!

10. Kieran – Special Illustration Rare ($33)

Kieran 218/167

Finally, here we have yet another Special Illustration Rare that’s also a Supporter card. Kieran’s Special Illustration Rare card is currently selling for $33; his Uncommon variant can be found for around $0.27. Artwork aside, what makes Kieran so interesting as a card is his flexibility, with two options available to players who get him onto the tabletop.

You can either use Kieran as a ‘Switch’ card; that is, to switch your Active Pokemon with one of your Benched Pokemon, or add 30 more damage to attacks used by your Pokemon, if they’re attacking an Active Pokemon ex or Active Pokemon V.

It means that you have options to suit a couple of different situations; as Switch is such a staple (for lots of people, myself included!) in Pokemon decks, this just adds more chance of being able to switch without a retreat cost, as well as offering a completely different function of increased damage if you need it!

So there we have it: the most valuable cards from Twilight Masquerade. Are you getting hold of Twilight Masquerade packs yourself? Have you managed to pull any exciting cards? Take a look at the full Twilight Masquerade card list to see what else is in the set!

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