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Pokemon Stellar Crown Card List (So Far)

Pokemon Stellar Crown Image

As we head towards the end of 2024’s release schedule, The Pokemon Company have another trick up their sleeve, with the upcoming release of the new Pokemon Trading Card Game (or TCG) set, Stellar Crown.

Stellar Crown is going to mostly feature cards from the Japanese set, Stellar Miracle; checking out the Stellar Miracle card list will give you a great look at what to expect from the new English set.

Though details are currently thin on the ground when it comes to seeing the English language cards for Pokemon Stellar Crown, let’s take a look at the card list revealed so far.

Stellar Crown: Base Set Card List

Stellar Miracle Terapagos ex

So far, we haven’t seen any of the base set cards for Stellar Crown; however, we do know that the set code will be SCR, and the base set will have 170 cards. As mentioned, we also know that the majority of the cards in the Japanese Stellar Miracle set, such as the Terapagos ex shown above, will also be making the journey to the West and into English language form for the first time.

Stellar Crown: Secret Rare Card List

Terapagos Secret Illustration Rare

Once more, we don’t have any Secret Rares to show at this stage. However, again we do know that cards such as the Terapagos ex Secret Illustration Rare, shown above, will be part of the set. To identify a Secret Rare card, simply look at the set number in the bottom left of the card. If the number of the card exceeds the number of cards in the set, in this instance the Terapagos ex card is 130/102, then it’s a Secret Rare.

Secret Rare cards are all alternate art versions of cards you’ll find in the base selection of cards in any given set, so you can find them easier (and more cheaply!) if you’re not looking to specifically collect the fanciest looking cards.

Are Other Cards Being Released With Stellar Crown Packs?

Stellar Crown Noctowl Promos

Although they don’t bear the same set code as other Stellar Crown cards, it’s always the case with any Pokemon set that Promo cards can be found in numerous different types of pack, and these are generally accepted to be part of the same set’s release.

Pictured above are the Noctowl promo cards that’ll be included in the Stellar Crown Elite Trainer Box.

When Will Stellar Crown Be Released?

Stellar Crown Logo

Stellar Crown will be released on the 13th September, 2024. It’ll be preceded by pre-release events in the week leading up to the official release. If you’d like to get sneak previews of the cards and booster packs by entering one of those events, you can check out where they’re being held in your local area by entering your details on the official Pokemon website’s Event Locator, here.

As always, as soon as more cards are revealed, we’ll add them to this article, so watch this space!

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