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Pokemon Stellar Miracle Japanese Card List (So Far)

Pokemon Stellar Miracle Japanese card list so far

If you think the release schedule for English language Pokemon sets is relentless, that’s nothing compared to the speed at which sets are often released in Japan. Though we’ve only just begun looking at upcoming Japanese set, Night Wanderer, details of the newest set have now been released.

It is worth noting that we have a bit of breathing room, when it comes to English language set releases, due to the fact that we don’t get the exact sets that are released in Japan. Instead, our sets are renamed and often made up of cards from more than one set. It’s often a great idea to check out what cards are featured in new Japanese sets, however, because you get a very early look at what’s coming up in the next English sets.

In any case, the next set to have been announced for Japanese release is Stellar Miracle. Let’s take a look at the Pokemon Stellar Miracle card list so far!

Stellar Miracle: Base Set Card Gallery

Without including Secret Rare cards (which we’ll explain, and showcase, in the next section), there are 102 cards in the base set for Stellar Miracle. With Night Wanderer, the set code on each card, was sv6a, as it was a ‘special’ smaller set. However, Stellar Miracle is considered a full set, so the set code on the bottom left of the card is sv7. The previous, ‘full’ Japanese set, Mask of Change, released before Night Wanderer, was numbered sv6.

Of coure, as the cards above are all in Japanese, it may be useful to know the English card translations and the card numbers. So, in order (and please note that the card names aren’t always final; some, most likely Trainer cards, may slightly change when The Pokémon Company bring them to English sets):

  • 076/102 Hoothoot
  • 077/102 Noctowl
  • 080/102 Fan Rotom
  • 081/102 Bouffalant
  • 088/102 Terapagos ex
  • 094/102 Sparkling Crystal
  • 097/102 Crispin
  • 102/102 Area Zero Underdepths

Stellar Miracle Secret Rare Card Gallery

Even if you’re a fan of the Pokemon Trading Card Game (or TCG), regardless of whether you play, collect or both, you still might not be aware of what a ‘Secret Rare’ card is. Secret Rares are cards featuring numbers that go above the standard set’s numbering; for example, in Stellar Miracle, that’ll be any card with a number that goes above 102. So if your card has the number 103/102, that’ll be a Secret Rare.

At the Secret Rare level, you’ll find alternate art and special foil treatment variants of cards from the Base Set; though you generally won’t find any unique cards as Secret Rares, in terms of what the card text says, they’ll often be the most visually stunning and highly sought after cards in a set.

No Secret Rares have yet been revealed for Stellar Miracle, but we’ll be sure to update this section once we see them!

What’s New In Stellar Miracle?

Pokemon TCG Crystal Card

Tera Pokemon ex were introduced in the Scarlet and Violet Base Set; since then, we’ve had quite a few cards that have been very prominent in the Pokemon TCG’s meta (if that terminology is new to you, the ‘meta’ refers to the current cards being used in the game, often in the context of what’s most popular in the decks that players put together).

Excitingly, Stellar Miracle is bringing a new type of Tera Pokemon ex to the game: Stellar Pokemon.

Stellar Pokemon, on the evidence of the current card we’ve seen (thanks to Justin Basil for the translation) have the same look and mechanics that Tera Pokemon ex do, which is to say that they have a very crystallised look to the Pokemon themselves, as well as a passive ability that stops them from being damaged when they’re on the Bench (and, therefore, not Active). There’s also a variation in the card’s visual design, in that they have a white background and rainbow border, giving them an arguably even more striking look than ‘normal’ Tera Pokemon ex.

Stellar Pokemon Mechanics

The big difference, in terms of mechanics, is that Stellar Pokemon appear to be similar to Dragon type Pokemon and (going way back now!) Crystal Pokemon from the early 00s e-Series card sets. This similarity comes from the fact that they use multiple types of Energy for their attacks; though powerful, they can be tricky to use, given that you’ll need very specific Energy cards attached to them in order for them to be used.

For example, on the Terapagos ex card that’s been revealed (and shown above), we can see that it requires 1 Grass, 1 Water and 1 Lightning Energy in order to use its Crown Opal attack. However, it’s definitely worth the effort; it deals 180 HP of damage to the opponent’s Active Pokemon, and as a rather impressive bonus, it also blocks all damage to the Terapagos ex on your opponent’s next turn, as long as it’s up against a Basic, non Colorless Pokemon.

Given the popularity of many Basic Pokemon ex cards (the majority of which do have a type that isn’t Colorless), we can see Stellar Cards really shaking up the meta for the Pokemon TCG. All that, and we’ve yet to see any more Stellar Pokemon, which makes the anticipation of more reveals very exciting indeed.

When Is Stellar Miracle Due To Be Released?

Pokemon Stellar Miracle Booster Pack

The Japanese release date for Stellar Miracle is July 19th, 2024. We don’t yet know when the cards in the set will be heading to the West in English language sets, or what set they’ll be a part of, but we’ll make sure to update this information as soon as we know what the situation is.

As for the English sets that these will be a part of, we’re not sure of that just yet; however, we expect that you’re very likely to see these cards heading West before the end of 2024.

We’ll be on hand with more card reveals as soon as they emerge, so make sure to watch this space for further insight as to what’s on the way in Stellar Miracle!

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