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Pokemon Night Wanderer Japanese Card List (So Far)

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It’s time to go on a mischievous adventure in the dark, with Pecharunt and The Loyal Three, as we check out the Pokémon Night Wanderer card list! If you’re not familiar with the Japanese set releases for the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG), they might seem a little confusing.

That’s because, in Japan, they have an entirely different release schedule, and even product range, to the one we see in the West. Though in Japan, they get cards before us, the set names and the number of cards in a set differ quite drastically. Also, booster packs are much smaller in terms of how many cards are in them, as well as what you’re guaranteed to find, too!

When a set does make its way to the West, it’ll often be made up of cards from one or more smaller Japanese sets, with cards from other expansions also making an appearance. They’ll have similar, but not identical names, too; for example when the Scarlet and Violet set Ruler of the Black Flame was translated into English, it became Obsidian Flames.

Japanese set Night Wanderer is due to be released on June 7th, 2024 in Japan; taking a look at the cards in the set is a great way of getting a sneak peek of what cards will be included in the English language set, Shrouded Fable, which releases in August.

So let’s check out what cards have been revealed for Night Wanderer so far!

Night Wanderer: Base Set Card Gallery

Not including Secret Rare cards (which we’ll come to shortly), there are 64 cards in the base set for Night Wanderer. So, it’s a smaller ‘special’ set, which explains why the set code, that you’ll find in the bottom left of the card, is sv6a rather than sv7. Previous Japanese set, Mask of Change, was numbered sv6, and set sv7 has now been revealed as Stellar Miracle.

As they’re in Japanese, it may be useful to know the English card translations and the card numbers, in order as above (and please note that the card names aren’t always final; some, such as Trainer cards, may slightly change when The Pokémon Company bring them to English sets!):

  • 003/64 Rowlet
  • 004/64 Dartrix
  • 005/64 Decidueye
  • 009/64 Iron Moth
  • 010/64 Horsea
  • 011/64 Seadra
  • 012/64 Kingdra ex
  • 018/64 Duskull
  • 019/64 Dusclops
  • 020/64 Dusknoir
  • 025/64 Bloodmoon Ursaluna
  • 026/64 Slither Wing
  • 027/64 Zubat
  • 028/64 Golbat
  • 029/64 Crobat
  • 033/64 Inkay
  • 034/64 Malamar
  • 036/64 Okidogi ex
  • 037/64 Munkidori ex
  • 038/64 Fezandipiti ex
  • 039/64 Pecharunt ex
  • 040/64 Genesect
  • 047/64 Kyurem
  • 054/64 Dangerous Laser
  • 055/64 PokeVital A
  • 056/64 Nightly Stretcher
  • 057/64 Binding Mochi
  • 059/64 Colress’s Obsession
  • 060/64 Janine’s Secret Technique
  • 061/64 Cassiopeia
  • 062/64 Xerosic’s Scheme
  • 063/64 Neutral Center

Night Wanderer Secret Rare Card Gallery

As any Pokemon fan knows, modern sets feature unique cards as part of their ‘base set’, then have more exciting, alternate art variants and fancy foil treatment cards as ‘Secret Rares’. The reason cards are referred to as ‘Secret’ is that their card number goes above the ‘official’ set number of a card; for example, the below cards start at 65 and go up to 90, though there’s said to be 64 cards in the set!

So let’s take a look at what you’ll find beyond the 64 unique cards in Night Wanderer.

Here’s the English names for each of those cards, in number order:

  • 067/64 Horsea
  • 068/64 Duskull
  • 069/64 Dusclops
  • 070/64 Dusknoir
  • 090/64 Pecharunt ex

What Special About ‘Neutral Center’ In Night Wanderer?

Japanese Neutral Center Pokemon Card

Since Ace Spec cards were reintroduced recently, after a short-lived initial run in the Pokémon TCG a decade ago, they’ve become a pretty much essential element of nearly every deck you’ll see in the wild!

The cool thing with Ace Spec cards is that, because they’re extremely powerful, you’re only allowed a single one in your deck overall. Having just one Ace Spec card in a deck means that you don’t always see them, but it is very exciting when you do manage to draw one, particularly when it can add so much to your overall game plan!

We’ve recently seen the very first Ace Spec Energy card, and Night Wanderer is bringing another new Ace Spec card type to the game, with Neutral Center. As Neutral Center is the very first Ace Spec Stadium card, it’s undoubtedly a pretty big deal.

Of course, if you can’t read Japanese, you’re not going to know what Neutral Center even does yet, but thankfully we’ve seen a translation of this card (thanks to With Neutral Center in play, any Pokémon without a Rule Box cannot be damaged by attacks from their opponent’s Pokémon ex and Pokémon V. It’s worth noting this extra rule too: if this card is in your discard pile, it cannot be put into your hand or shuffled into your deck.

Though powerful, it’s also worth noting that it affects both players (so you’ll also have to deal with its ability to block Pokémon ex and V damage!), and t it’s relatively easy to get rid of a Stadium card by simply playing another. This does mean that reserving a spot for Neutral Center in your deck might feel risky, particularly given that it’s impossible to retrieve it from your discard pile once it’s left play.

Of course, we here at Card Gamer will be keeping an eager Decidueye open for further card reveals, and will continue to update the galleries and lists here, so watch this space!

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