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Pokemon Shrouded Fable Card List (So Far)

Shrouded Fable Cards

It’s fair to say that Pokemon has had a great few years, bolstered by incredible releases, such as the nostalgia-fuelled Scarlet & Violet: 151, stunning full art, Secret Rare cards and the introduction of compelling new mechanics such as Tera Pokemon ex.

Having brought numerous players and collectors either back to the game or for the first time, it seems that The Pokemon Company are most definitely not resting on their laurels, as they keep on bringing more and more impressive cards to the tabletop. Upcoming Pokemon Shrouded Fable card set looks very likely to capture the attention of players and collectors alike once more from looking at the list so far.

So what can we expect from Shrouded Fable? With most of the set being comprised of cards from the Japanese Night Wanderer set (as well as some thrown in that didn’t make the cut from other, previous Japanese sets when they headed West), there aren’t too many surprises, but it’s great to see these cards in English and know that we’ll be able to get our hands on them soon!

Shrouded Fable: Base Set Card Gallery

Just like Night Wanderer, Shrouded Fable is a smaller set that’ll tide fans over until the next ‘main’ set release (Stellar Crown, which is due in September). There are 64 cards in the base set, though there are more cards than that overall, thanks to alternate art versions of some cards; these cards are numbered above 64 and are known as Secret Rares; we’ll cover those in a separate gallery. For now, here are all of the cards that have been revealed with the Shrouded Fable set code (SFA) which you’ll see in the bottom left of the card:

Shrouded Fable: Secret Rare Card Gallery

As mentioned above, any cards that go above the numbering of the printed number of cards in a set are known as Secret Rares. For example, let’s check out the cards in the image below. On the left is a Houndoom, a card with the number 066/064. In the middle is a Pecharunt ex, with the card number 093/064, then on the right is the Cassiopeia card, which is numbered 094/064. Each of these cards, therefore, have numbers which go above the ‘official’ number of cards in the Shrouded Fable set, which is 64:

It’s also worth noting that, even though Secret Rare cards are visually different to the cards in a Base set, they are mechanically the same as the standard cards. That is to say that, a Houndoom, Pecharunt ex or Cassiopeia within the base set of cards will have the same stats or abilities as those found as Secret Rares, but the Secret Rare cards will have more spectacular artwork, and will be much rarer finds in booster packs.

This of course makes them highly desirable, and you’ll find that Secret Rare cards will always be the most valuable cards in any set. Check out our guide to Pokemon card rarities for further details!

Are Other Cards Being Released With Shrouded Fable Packs?

Shrouded Fable Pecharunt Blister Triple Pack

As you can see from the image of a Shrouded Fable triple blister pack above, there will be other cards released with Shrouded Fable products, though at present these don’t have the SFA set code; instead, they use Scarlet & Violet coding and numbering, with the black Promo star at the bottom of the card.

Shrouded Fable ETB Pecharunt

However, hidden among these will be some spectacular, full art illustration cards; the Shrouded Fable Elite Trainer Box will contain the above Pecharunt special illustration rare (or SIR), for example. As with all SIR cards, it’s an alternate art variant of an existing card; in this case, it has the same stats, ability and attack as the Pecharunt that’s included with the triple blister pack we’ve shown at the top of this section. Which brings us to the (current) star of the show; check out the card below!

Shrouded Fable Greninja ex Special Illustration Collection

Again, Greninja ex is a card that’s technically part of the Shrouded Fable releases, but doesn’t have the SFA set code, as it’s what is more commonly known as a Black Star Promo. This card has a spectacular foil treatment that, along with its dynamic image, is meant to resemble a Japanese woodcut illustration.

This card can only be found in the Greninja ex Special Illustration Collection box, so you’ll have to pick one of those up if you want to get your hands on this particular version of the card. Alongside the Greninja ex Special Illustration Collection will be Kingambit ex and Kingdra ex boxes too; each of which will have their own, no doubt highly sought after, woodcut-style promo card.

When Will Shrouded Fable Be Released?

Shrouded Fable Booster Packs

The release date for the Shrouded Fable set is August 2nd, 2024. There’ll be plenty more to come with card reveals over the next few months, and we’ll make sure to keep this list updated as we see further images released. For now, check out the products that you’ll be able to buy once Shrouded Fable releases, in our announcement article right here!

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