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Where To Buy Flesh And Blood TCG In 2024

Flesh and Blood Demo Cards

Since launching in 2019, the Flesh and Blood Trading Card Game (TCG) has managed to find a loyal, dedicated fanbase among card game fans, and still seems to be growing at a decent pace too. For those of you who are curious but have yet to take the plunge, Flesh and Blood is a game in which players choose a single Hero, and then engage each other in hard-hitting, combo driven combat to the death.

There’s also an admirable aim of bringing players into physical locations (stores, for example!) to face off against each other while playing the game; as such, Flesh and Blood doesn’t have an app or any official way of playing digitally. This approach has also led to Flesh and Blood having a healthy, growing tournament scene, with numerous initiatives to bring players into stores to pick up their cards and play!

We’ve covered all Flesh and Blood sets in a different article, so you can check out what’s been released for the game, but if you’re here already, the chances are that you’re interested in getting into Flesh and Blood, finding out where can you buy it, and where is best to start with the beautifully illustrated, one-on-one fighting game. So let’s take a look!

Where Can I Buy The Flesh And Blood TCG?

FAB Store Locator Page

There’s no denying that, in a very short space of time, Legend Story Studios, the developers and publishers of Flesh and Blood, have managed to get their product distributed in an impressive number of countries across the globe.

However, your local store may not display their Flesh and Blood products particularly prominently, or may need to be asked if they run tournaments. They may even have other Flesh and Blood related items they can share with their customers, which we’ll come to shortly!

So how can you find out where to buy Flesh and Blood without the hassle of making the effort to visit a store, only to find out that they don’t have it? Well, that’s something that Legend Story Studios have also thought of. On their website, they have a comprehensive store locator tool that’ll let you know which stores near you stock Flesh and Blood. 

Simply enter your location into the store locator and it’ll show you a list of stores in your area where you can find Flesh and Blood; we’ve included a handy image of the website’s page for you above, with the address circled in yellow. To make it even easier for you, if you click here, you’ll also go straight to the locator page.

One thing we’d stress though, is that if you do find a store near you that’s listed as a stockist, send them an email or give them a call before you make the trip there in person; it’s always best to check they have cards in stock before you make the trip, to avoid any disappointment when you arrive!

Where Do I Start With Flesh And Blood TCG?

Flesh and Blood TCG - Classic Battles

If you’re looking to take your first steps into playing Flesh And Blood, you may find, or be pointed in the direction of, other players of the TCG in-store, though staff members at your local game store may well be familiar with the game too.

It should take very little time for someone to help in bringing you up to speed with the game and its mechanics, which, like most trading card games, may look complicated, but are actually pretty straightforward once you get your head around the different concepts, keywords and the overall layout of the cards.

If you’re looking to buy a set that’ll be enough for two new players to get started, we can highly recommend the Flesh and Blood: Classic Battles – Rhinar vs Dorinthia set. This contains two Blitz decks, one per player, and won’t overwhelm you with the more advanced card combos, key words and mechanics that you’ll find on cards from more recent sets. Handily, it also includes a paper play mat, which is also incredibly helpful when learning to play the game; in fairness, even when you’re a veteran, a dedicated play mat, complete with play zones and rules reminders, is a great accessory to have!

What Is A Blitz Deck In Flesh And Blood TCG?

Blitz is a format of Flesh and Blood that’s designed to be fast paced and shorter in terms of game length than a ‘standard’ Flesh and Blood game. That’s another reason the Classic Battles set is a good one for newbies; it allows you to learn and play faster paced games, so even if you don’t have a great deal of time, you should still be able to fit in a game or two per session!

Blitz is also great for getting to know new characters; with new, established and even new versions of classic Heroes available in new Flesh and Blood sets, there’s always more classes, abilities and play styles to try out!

How To Get Free Flesh And Blood TCG Cards

Flesh and Blood TCG - Ira Welcome Deck

What if you’re interested in Flesh and Blood, want to see how it all works and learn it, but you’re not quite ready to commit to a full two player set yet? That’s where the Welcome Decks come in, and these also give you another reason to find and support your local game store.

The Welcome Decks feature the Ninja Hero named Ira, along with a deck of equipment and attacks for her to use. There’s also a card which shows you how to set the game up on the tabletop, and the deck of cards itself is simplified to allow you to learn the game as quickly as possible. 

It’s also worth noting that Welcome Decks are completely free of charge; just to confirm, you read that right: you don’t have to pay to pick up a Welcome Deck at all! If you find a store using the Flesh and Blood store locator, they should also have Welcome Decks in stock, so you can learn how to play and get a real taste for how it works, without spending a penny!

What If My Local Store Doesn’t Have Welcome Decks For Flesh And Blood?

If your local store has run out of Welcome Decks, they should be able to advise when they’ll be receiving more. If they don’t know, they can contact Legend Story Studios, or their local distributor, directly and get hold of more decks; it’s best to check when they will have them in again, so you can return when their Welcome Decks are in stock. Even if they don’t have them, you may still be able to find someone who can teach you how to play using cards they have in-store, or you could pick up an inexpensive Blitz Deck or two, if you really can’t wait!

What If I Don’t Have A Local Store That Stocks Flesh And Blood?

However, there’s also a further option for you, which will come in handy if there are no stores near you at all that stock Flesh and Blood. In fact, if you have a colour printer, you won’t even need to leave home at all to get a Welcome Deck.

It seems that Legend Story Studios really have thought of everything in order to get Flesh and Blood into the hands of eager new players, because you can actually print off your very own Welcome Deck (headed up by Ira, as the ‘normal’ printed version is too) right here at this link.

What Else Should My Local Store Offer For Flesh And Blood Players?

FAB Event Locator Page

Many local stores who stock Flesh and Blood also host events, such as sessions where you can play the game in different formats; the aforementioned Blitz, along with Classic Constructed and Armory events, for example. The Flesh and Blood website not only has the handy store locator that we’ve already shown you, but also an event locator too. This is very useful in showing you what’s going on and where, in your local area and beyond, in relation to Flesh and Blood.

In the image above, we’ve circled the page address in yellow so you can see it for yourself, and know exactly what you’re looking for, but to make it even easier, you can find the event locator by clicking here.

If you do become a fan of the game, it’s well worth getting involved with the local Flesh and Blood community. You’re likely to find plenty of new friends who are all interested in the game, but it’s also definitely worth knowing that Legend Story Studios provide exclusive Flesh and Blood cards and accessories to stores for their events; these are given out to attendees and winners of tournaments and other events, so you may well find yourself receiving some rare and highly sought after promo cards!

Speaking of which, take a look at our list of the most valuable Flesh and Blood cards; despite being a relative newcomer to the world of TCGs, some of the cards in Flesh and Blood are valued at surprisingly high prices. You never know; you may find yourself getting involved both as a player and a collector!

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