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How To Get A Free Teal Mask Ogerpon Ex Card In Pokemon TCG Live

Pokemon TCG Live Teal Mask Card

With Twilight Masquerade’s cards currently shaking up the meta in the Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG), The Pokemon Company are offering one of the set’s standout cards, in its Special Illustration Rare variant, for free via the Pokemon TCG Live app (in digital form, of course!).

So how exactly do you access the free Teal Mask Ogerpon Ex Pokemon TCG Live card, and how long do you have to get it? Let’s take a look, with a step by step guide!

1. Open The Pokemon TCG Live App

Pokemon TCG Live Home Page and Shop

First up, we are of course assuming that you already have the Pokemon TCG Live app installed on your device, but if you don’t, that’ll be your first step! Once that’s installed and you’re signed in with a player account (which is usually automatic once you’ve signed in once), you’ll see the home page shown above.

You’ll need to press the Shop button, which displays the latest expansion’s logo; at present, that’s Twilight Masquerade, which you can also see above. We’ve made sure it’s as clear as possible, with that big yellow arrow pointing at it!

2. Press Redeem And Enter The Code

Pokemon TCG Live Redeem and Code

When you open the shop, you’ll be taken to a page which shows currently available bundles of cards and four options above those; the options are Bundles, Expansions, Currency and Redeem. You’ll need to press the Redeem option.

This takes you to the page on which you can enter your code; though normally you’d use this to scan the QR codes found on cards in Pokemon TCG Booster Packs, you can manually enter a code too. Just click on the white box above Submit Code and then enter the code for your free card.

The code you’ll need in this instance is TEALDANCENAIC24.

Once you’ve entered TEALDANCENAIC24 into the white box using your device’s virtual keyboard, press Submit Code.

3. Collect Your Free Card

Pokemon TCG Live Card Screen

Once you’ve submitted your code, you can then collect your free card. You’ll be taken to the card screen; simply press Collect All to add the card to your collection. Do note that just like any other card in your digital card collection, you can only have 4 copies of this Teal Mask Ogerpon ex card. If you already have 4 of them, it won’t unlock another copy; instead, it’ll be automatically converted to in-game currency for you, which you can use to unlock other cards.

4. What Is Teal Mask Ogerpon ex?

Teal Mask Ogerpon ex Pokemon Card

The Twilight Masquerade set features numerous versions of Ogerpon, each of which is wearing a different Mask; this changes Ogerpon’s type and abilities quite drastically!

In the case of Teal Mask Ogerpon ex, it’s a Grass Type Pokemon with one ability and one attack. Its Teal Dance ability allows it to attach a Basic Grass Energy from your hand once per turn, and when you do so, you draw a card.

Its attack, named Myriad Leaf Shower, costs three Grass Energy to use; it deals 30 HP of damage and an extra 30 for each Energy card attached to both Active Pokemon, making it more effective as your opponent powers up their own Pokemon!

It’s also worth noting that Teal Mask Ogerpon ex is a Tera Pokemon, so it can’t be damaged by any Pokemon attacks while on the Bench. Teal Mask Ogerpon ex is an excellent card, and well worth having in your collection, so grab it for free while you can!

5. How Long Will Teal Mask Ogerpon ex Be Available?

Teal Mask Ogerpon ex 025

Although of course you’ll still be able to pull Teal Mask Ogerpon ex from digital booster packs, or paid for using in-game currency, for the foreseeable future, there’s not long to claim the free copy of the Special Illustration, Double Rare version.

In fact, the last date you’ll be able to claim the card, which is being offered to celebrate the North American International Championships (hence the NAIC in the claim code!), is June 17th, 2024. So don’t hang around if you want to get the card for free!

Given that the physical version of the Teal Mask Ogerpon ex’s double rare variant is one of the most valuable Twilight Masquerade cards, and is so highly sought after by collectors of the physical cards, it’s quite the flex to have this card in your digital collection, so get it while you can!

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