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Most Valuable One Piece OP-03 Cards Ever Printed

One Piece OP03 Cards

It’s time to grab your Straw Hat once again – as we check out the most valuable One Piece OP03 cards!

The One Piece Card Game – which, despite its name, is actually a trading card game – has been amassing quite the fanbase, with plenty of fans of the long running manga and anime jumping on board as soon as they discover it.

Somewhat incredibly, the One Piece Card Game only launched in 2022 – yet it’s found itself a niche so comfortably within the tabletop space that it feels like it’s been around for a lot longer!

One Piece Card Game sets have the product code ‘OP’; the first, OP-01, was named Romance Dawn.

OP-02 was Paramount War, which was followed by OP-03: Pillars of Strength.

With Pillars of Strength containing some great new cards to add to the ever growing selection on offer, it’s no surprise that some of the new additions have skyrocketed in value.

Which are the most expensive though – even if we only check out English language versions of the cards?

Let’s find out, as we take a look at the most valuable One Piece OP-03 cards!

1. Sogeking, OP03-122 ($950)

One Piece OP03 Sogeking

Known as ‘Sniper King’ in the English anime dub, Sogeking is the superhero-esque alter ego of Usopp.

Usopp is the sniper of the Straw Hat Pirates, so it makes perfect sense that his alternate persona would be that of a sniper king!

In the anime, Sogeking’s arrival – and accompanying song – parodies Japanese superhero shows, even going so far as to have a fake logo.

Sogeking’s card is available in three variants, but the most valuable is the one which features the character’s appearance in the manga, with comic panels as a backdrop.

It’s a really striking design, but the card itself also cleverly implements the fact that Sogeking is really Usopp underneath the fancy garb – as well as being able to ‘snipe’ a character, returning it to the owning player’s hand!

That’s not all; Sogeking also allows the player to draw two cards, then discard two cards.

Given its spectacular visual design and brilliant, thematic game abilities, it’s no wonder that this particular OP-03 card has become the highest value card of the set. 

In fact, a graded version of the card – which was graded as a perfect 10 – sold on eBay for around $950, making it by far the most valuable card in Pillars of Strength.

Interestingly, even an ungraded copy of this card was sold for a similar price – and eBay is full of sold listings for this specific card at really high values.

In the wild, you’re likely to be looking at a minimum of $230 as a value for an ungraded copy of this card – which is still pretty phenomenal!

2. Nami, OP03-40 ($465)

One Piece OP03 Nami

One of the longest serving crewmembers of the Straw Hat Pirates, Nami is their Navigator – and one of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet’s Senior Officers.

There are four Nami cards in the Pillars of Strength set, two are different Character cards (one Green, one Blue) and the other two are variants of the same Leader card.

This alternate art card is one of the Leader card variants, which has a particularly interesting ability.

Not only does it allow its owner to win the game if their deck is reduced to zero cards (completely reversing the game’s rules!), but it also allows the player to remove cards from their deck when dealing damage to their opponent’s Life.

Which of course accelerates the speed at which they can get through their deck and win!

Powerful and game-changing abilities aside, Nami is one of the most popular characters in One Piece – so it stands to reason that her card is one of the most valuable.

The card that sold for around $465 was graded at level 10 too – which of course increased its value significantly.

Checking prices on Cardmarket, it seems that the current selling price for a non-graded copy of this card is around $70 – so that grading really did pay off!

3. Portgas D. Ace OP03-001 Alt Art ($240)

One Piece OP03 Portgas D. Ace

Though not blood relatives, Portgas D. Ace and One Piece’s central protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy, were extremely close – having been raised together as brothers.

That said, their relationship was far from perfect when they were younger!

This Portgas D. Ace Leader card is one of two variants; this striking image – black, white and red – is the one that fetches significant prices, however!

The card which sold for $240 was graded highly at 9.5, though ‘normal’ copies of the card usually sell for around $70.

In gameplay terms, it’s got a pretty powerful ability – allowing players to trash Event or Stage cards, in order to gain a +1000 bonus for each one discarded during an attack or defence.

4. Rob Lucci, OP03-076 ($200)

One Piece OP03 Rob Lucci

One of the World Government’s clandestine agencies who carry out investigations and assassinations, Cipher Pol has numerous sub-organisations – with CP0 (Cipher Pol ‘Aigis Zero) being the known as the strongest of these.

One of their very best agents is Rob Lucci – who often worked undercover to fulfil his nefarious missions.

Despite his nature as an assassin, Lucci has a pet pigeon named Hattori, who often perches on his shoulder.

Hattori is just as well dressed as Lucci too – and appears on numerous cards in the OP03 set!

There are three different Rob Lucci cards in Pillars of Strength, with two of them having alt art variants (for a total of five cards).

This particular card is a Leader, which allows its owner to trash 2 cards from their hand once per turn.

Additionally, when an opponent’s character is knocked out, you can set Rob Lucci as active.

This card’s alt art is pretty striking; like the Portgas D. Ace card, it makes good use of black and white, with a single colour to make the image really pop.

At $200 for a graded, 10-rated card, it’s pretty valuable – but if you want to pick up a non-graded version, it should only set you back around $50.

5. Charlotte Katakuri, OP03-099 ($200)

One Piece OP03 Charlotte Katakuri

One of the Three Sweet Commanders of the Big Mom Pirates, Charlotte Katakuri is also part of the Charlotte family.

Alongside two of his siblings, he allied with the Straw Hat Pirates during the events of the One Piece movie, One Piece Film: Red.

Charlotte Katakuri appears as both a Leader and a Character in Pillars of Strength, with each type having two variants – for four cards in total.

The black and white – with single colour – alternate art variant cards seem to be the most valuable, as we’ve seen with Portgas D. Ace and Rob Lucci; the same can be said with this Charlotte Katakuri Leader card!

In gameplay terms, this card allows you to look at a card from the top of your opponent’s Life cards, placing it back at either the top or bottom of their Life cards.

Then, you get a +1000 point bonus during the battle!

This card was sold as ungraded for $200 – which just goes to show how valuable it is.

It usually sells for somewhere in the region of $100 – but it seems that Charlotte Katakuri’s card is rising in value somewhat!

6. Arlong, OP03–022 ($200)

One Piece OP03 Arlong

Fish Man Arlong certainly looks like a very fearsome pirate – and, as a bit of a thug, his appearance definitely reflects his character too.

This alt art variant of the Arlong Leader card is yet another to showcase the minimalist art style that seems so highly sought after by One Piece fans; in gameplay terms, it allows you to get characters into play from your hand for a reduced cost.

This graded card – which received the coveted 10 grading – sold for around $200.

However, it’s worth noting that ungraded versions of the card typically sell for around $40 – which, I’m sure you’ll agree, is a much more reasonable price!

7. Monkey D. Luffy, ST01-012 ($195)

One Piece OP03 Monkey D. Luffy

It’s perhaps surprising that we’ve got so far down the list of valuable One Piece OP-03 cards without seeing the saga’s main protagonist.

Yet here he is – Monkey D. Luffy, with an alt art Character card that looks like a classic, Western style Wanted poster!

Though it sold – ungraded – for close to $200 on eBay, it’s typically available for around $70.

As a card to use during your games of One Piece, it’s no slouch – with the Rush keyword (allowing it to attack on the turn it’s played without any delay) and the ability to stop your opponent from activating ‘Blocker’.

It’s not the most powerful card to use in the One Piece Card Game, but its abilities are decent at the very least.

Plus, it’s Monkey D. Luffy on a Wanted poster. 

Can’t argue with that, right?

8. Charlotte Pudding, OP03-112 Alt Art ($195)

One Piece OP03 Charlotte Pudding

Just like Charlotte Katakuri, Charlotte Pudding is a member of the Charlotte family and one of the Big Mom Pirates.

This particular card is absolutely gorgeous in terms of its art; the holo foil treatment giving the colourful illustration a brilliantly vibrant look.

This is another card that sold for a high price despite being ungraded; however, it’s not difficult to find ungraded versions of this card for $40 at the moment.

It is still selling for a very high price when graded – so your intention for the card, whether it be collecting as a display piece or for using in game, will determine how much you’re likely to be looking to pay for it!

In game, Charlotte Pudding allows you to check the top four cards of your deck when you play her; if any of them are a Sanji or Big Mom Pirates card, you can then add 1 of them to your hand.

9. Nefeltari Vivi, Promo ($190)

One Piece OP03 Nefeltari Vivi

Now this is a very special card – though it doesn’t have the OP03 numbering and isn’t strictly part of the Pillars of Strength set, it was given to tournament winners at OP03 pre-release events.

This particular version was sealed in its plastic wrapper and, given its nature as a promo only given out to specific players, we here at Card Gamer think that there’s a good chance of this card significantly increasing in value, particularly if the new owner does have it graded.

The character it depicts is usually known as Nefertari Vivi, though this does vary in the anime dub of One Piece, where she also goes by the card’s printed name of Nefeltari Vivi.

Despite her somewhat innocent looks, Vivi is – or was – a bounty hunter, though she did join the Straw Hat Pirates at one stage!

10. Charlotte Linlin, OP03-077 ($190)

One Piece OP03 Charlotte Linlin

Leader of the Big Mom Pirates, Charlotte Linlin is the larger than life character that features on the final card on our list of the most valuable One Piece OP-03 cards.

She’s also the matriarch of the Charlotte Family, which is very well represented on this list too!

This alt art card is another showcasing the manga style with a splash of colour, making for a very striking image.

Charlotte Linlin’s in-game ability allows her to add a card to the top of her Life card deck if she has 1 or less left, for the cost of 2 DON!! cards and 1 trashed card from your hand.

Though this ungraded copy of the card sold for a high price, it’s actually a card that can be found for the reasonable cost of $20 at present.

However, it’s likely to hold its value if you happen to find a graded version – and it’s also likely to raise in value as the Pillars of Strength set becomes less common at retail.

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